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  1. 4649~♥ Everyone! Ayyy! :3c

    Yawwwn this week has been exhausting I'm sleep deprived, but I can't fall asleep );
  2. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Thabks for describing it for me *Yawn* I would've done that, but I'm exhausted from school and other stuff today too lol
  3. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    I didnt say say it in an insulting way ); It was suppose to be in a silly way (;
  4. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Because it was my opinion, but then rn I'm too lazy to think of a solution so I said nvm (;
  5. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    I'm not an idiot of course I know that butt and but is another word lol xD I say butt as a joke
  6. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Oh, they can lol Nvm do whatever you want (;
  7. Good to be back

    No problem <33 (;
  8. @MissMalleto @Car1992 @Netto Hikari @Miru
  9. Static Vibe Roleplay

    Yea, lol (; Butt the thing I don't like about it is that it's hard to stick to your personality or the traits you set them to have
  10. Suggestion

    Just some merch ideas (;
  11. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Cool, except I don't understand a single thing they're saying lol xD
  12. @MissMalleto @Car1992 @Netto Hikari @Miru
  13. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Mhm (; Maybe I can move my Idol roleplay to the club I'm making
  14. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    @Miru Ok, hmm... for my OC Lillian you can do anything you want with her butt make sure you make her really hyper and cheery or something. Have a version of her wearing an Idol dress and one with her normal outfit or something <33