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    Describing Her Glowing like a fire describes her incompletely Sweeter than a candy describes her imperfectly Stunning as the ocean is only barely true The best words to describe her takes only just a few The words are as certain as the ebb and flow of time Often do you find these words are set to rhyme The best words you can hear when you start to doubt your life They can heal the deepest wounds and help the harshest strife Brighter than mid-day is the smile she does hold The warmth she gives your heart will keep you from the cold You see her face when you have used up all your will You know that you will find you have endurance still Pretty as a sunset describes her faultily Purer than an angel describes her irreverently When describing such a gem three simple words will do She’s best described with the phrase: “I love you” (Little love poem I wrote for my best friend. [Almost girlfriend but circumstance prevented that])