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  1. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Personality Questions

    Thank you for the replies. They have been interesting, to say the least.
  2. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Personality Questions

    Corgi. Too smart for my own good, but still just another type of person. A slow saunter. I'm not very active, but I'm still going somewhere.
  3. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Joe's Pun of the Day

    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe, no problem. We all know that 7 days without a pun makes one week
  4. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Joe's Pun of the Day

    It's almost a crime that we've gone several days without a pun so, I did steal this one, but here we go. A midget who could speak to the dead broke out of jail. The word went out that there was a small medium at large.
  5. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Personality Questions

    1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? (not what you would want to be, but which animal best suits your personality.) "... and do be honest. This is for posterity." 2. If you had to chose any way of travel to suit you, how would you travel? (This could be flight, or it could be really skilled parkour. This is supposed to reflect how you move through life.) "No. They are trying to fly the tank."
  6. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Is it wierd?

    I think that this community could pull that off. I'm sure there are enough people with a good singing voice. Take it to the discord!
  7. ManaBlood (frog fox)


    Yeah. It sure did. A family friend bought it. He even spent extra on a box insert. The insert he got is produced by Broken Token. I've noticed that you really can get into character. It's really odd how the characters sort of develop despite there being no actual role play element. It just comes in the decisions. Your character has a goal that once they achieve it, they leave the campaign and you make a new one. Making decisions based on that goal and letting it shape you character is one of the most interesting parts in my opinion.
  8. ManaBlood (frog fox)


    One game. It's not my favorite, I just want to know who knows it. Eldritch Horror. However, my current favorite is Gloomhaven. Play it once every two weeks. I play a Cragheart and I picked it because the symbol looks like the windows logo. (Who knew I would end up the healer? Meh. I get to scold the scoundrel for getting too far ahead and dying.)
  9. ManaBlood (frog fox)


    Anything got you really excited? Maybe you saw the nintendo direct. Maybe you've heard of a cool new indie game. Let's talk about it.
  10. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Favorite song?

    Easy question. A Reason For Suffering. Maybe I'm just favoring the one that came out just after I got into the series, but it's really freaking good.
  11. ManaBlood (frog fox)

    Sharing is caring

    Describing Her Glowing like a fire describes her incompletely Sweeter than a candy describes her imperfectly Stunning as the ocean is only barely true The best words to describe her takes only just a few The words are as certain as the ebb and flow of time Often do you find these words are set to rhyme The best words you can hear when you start to doubt your life They can heal the deepest wounds and help the harshest strife Brighter than mid-day is the smile she does hold The warmth she gives your heart will keep you from the cold You see her face when you have used up all your will You know that you will find you have endurance still Pretty as a sunset describes her faultily Purer than an angel describes her irreverently When describing such a gem three simple words will do She’s best described with the phrase: “I love you” (Little love poem I wrote for my best friend. [Almost girlfriend but circumstance prevented that])