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  1. Inktober

    Alright you've conflicted me and my brain is too lazy to debate it xD It just might be a matter of perspective? :S
  2. Inktober

    Senpai how could you draw something so lewd :O Really cool tho
  3. Inktober

    Thanks hopefully I'll find time to make a few more :P Yeah some of our more theoretical lectures are so so deadly, it is the only way to survive, wtf why you so boring Critical Thinking (┛◉Д◉)┛ Another great drawing, you have basically created a reputation gold mine ;P
  4. Inktober

    Quick doodle during a boring lecture :P
  5. Inktober

    So good :o I'll consider making something in my spare time :P
  6. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Nah we need to pay for the software if we ant to use it on our own computers oh well. That's a shame, I don't really involve myself with twitter :/ Looks like I'll just have to follow what you post here lulz
  7. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Yeah Unfortunately it is mightily frowned upon to use anything but the newest software :T Oh yeah, Miru, throw me some links to deviant art and such if you have any of that :P
  8. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    Yeah I've been really fortunate with some nice stuff, I used to use Sai it's pretty awesome but I had to move to Photoshop due to work reasons, so so expensive∑(゜Д゜;) I mean the respect it mutual xD I really admire your drawings hehe I mean it is true that you can't really fix big mistakes but I suppose the method to the madness is to just not point out mistakes to people so they think your work is 100% perfect lol (゚ヮ゚) but also a Bamboo is much harder to get used to than Traditional, its so freaking weird to try and draw while not looking where your pen is, so don't forget you overcame that hurdle :P
  9. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    praise is a good thing as long as you don't get cocky ;P You get some extra praise for making such good art with only a bamboo :o I use a Intuos Pro but I hardly do digital art so I'm awful at it, intuos or no lul and yes I do draw but Mainly traditional, I really want to draw digitally but I get frustrated because I feel I could do better on paper then I just give up, oh well ●﹏● Basically I can draw real life looking things but my anime game is weak anyway @Miru if you do have any tutorials or videos you'd recommend when it comes to digital stuff do feel free to throw me some links ;D I'd appreciate it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  10. Miru's Art Corner ♥ 'n Requests?

    I'm just low-key here to acknowledge some fine art skills and to see what you post in future, seems like you already have some fans ヅ I don't really plan on throwing any requests at you but whatever. also you can consider adding me to a guest list should you want to RP PPS. Which tablet do you use to draw?
  11. Screw it, I'm doing it

    This thread is un-killable, and neither am I, just popping in to say hi nice to see more faces :D
  12. Favourite Puns/Jokes

    If anyone knows a really good fish pun... let Minnow
  13. I'm Scared

    Hey Ananya I'm really sorry to hear you are going though something so awful, I know It's difficult but please stay strong and try to get rest often. You have the support from everyone here, don't give up hope <3
  14. Did Someone Say "Criminal Idol"?

    I can relate
  15. A good dream

    My suspicions are confirmed @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】 might secretly be the nicest ax murderer you ever meet :O But hopefully if you do meet anyone, there will be more hugs and less axes :P