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  1. Welcome back!! If you'd like, we can help you recover your old account.. just shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to look into it with you
  2. @Sunnilybright We just opened up a new one!! Took us a while but we finally made it We're hoping to get it up on Twitch soon, stay tuned!
  3. how can you attack a problem, when you do not know what the problem is?
  4. There are some purple monkeys here preventing me from viewing the content
  5. Jesse V.

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    Locked per your request, Sunnily
  6. This post has an official BSS seal of approval, in case it's needed or anyone is wondering Thanks Joe! Good luck everyone =3
  7. HI, this is a test Status. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton eye Joe?

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    2. J.Curtis


      I come from PA, I went to a PA school, now I come from Mid-Michigan.


    3. Sunnilybright


      I come from a faraway country. :no1:

    4. Jesse V.

      Jesse V.

      😮 That's awesome! =3

  8. Zion, The amount of time you spent relaying your life experience, you've put an entire journal out here which is really impressive and awesome. If it helps, do keep it up. I love reading these and seeing updates. Hope all is going well with you.
  9. School isn't helping either. My anxiety has been spiking at random times while my mind runs rampant. My counselor said that I should take medicine but I'm not sure...If I take it, I risk a lot... If I take it, I risk side affects and I don't want it to have a negative effects... The last thing I want is for it to get even worse. It's already bone crushing....
  10. But then shes says HES the one being awful! My mom expects me to choose sides and I dont know what to do! Shes always picking fights with everyone and then gets so offended when we defend ourselves Posted by Kaela
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