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    Have you ever been caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others? I would imagine every single one of us would say yes if we were honest with ourselves… The whole world seems to be set up in a way that almost forces us to do this. We’re trained through the media to think that we should look like supermodels, live in trendy homes and drive the newest car possible. They tell us that we'll be happy then. WRONG! The truth is, we are all individuals. Each of us has a unique life with unique relationships and circumstances. We have different sets of flaws and struggles to handle as well. The person who thinks they're better than someone else is just as misled as the person who thinks that they're worse. Each of us has infinite value and dignity, and no one can take it away. “There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Now, I certainly don't agree with all of the philosophies of Emerson and the Transcendentalist movement, but I think this statement gives us a big key in how we look at our lives. The point is that each of us is having a one-of-a-kind experience on this planet. You simply cannot compare one life to another--doing so would be grossly unfair. Our job is simply to do the best we can with the life we’ve been given. It is a priceless gift, complete with joy, pain, beauty, love and a countless myriad of complications. Every single one of us has gone through hard times… They’re just different. When we see one another, rather than look with the torment of comparison, we should look upon each other with grace and understanding. With that, some of the deepest wounds can be healed.
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    46 Math is important for calculating groceries in your head to not go over budget
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    43. Sometimes I contemplate coming here and just posting the wrong number.
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    Here are the direct links to the images. Click the link or open the spoilers to see the images Voting will close and a winning design will be chosen when voting slows down, but probably not until after the next Static-P video is uploaded to YouTube. We may also chose more than one design if votes are close! Thank you everyone for participating and providing such awesome entries! Ro: https://bss.studio/uploads/monthly_2018_02/DDlogo.png.b19ad742907119a89bd8bd196ac2884e.png PotatoesSkill: https://bss.studio/uploads/monthly_2018_02/BlusaStatic-p.png.e655ad40ae3ea805e653cb8b7dd73af8.png lunarjade1004: https://bss.studio/uploads/monthly_2018_02/DAA40496-B07A-4A62-971B-B84B4292380C.jpeg.90372726296080a21e71244d304f8689.jpeg Thalia: https://bss.studio/uploads/monthly_2018_02/cutecole.png.9103249ac95fdea30f09b9c27f503e51.png PotatoesSkill 2: https://bss.studio/uploads/monthly_2018_02/5a9611031bd1f_ArtBlusaStatic-pV2White.thumb.png.68578a43f63b86cf5d0b33ce7333b041.png
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    159, I literally just joined so I could contribute to this
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    158 I was waiting for someone to do this. haha.
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    I found this today. https://musescore.com/user/23066631/scores/4992099 I don't know if its right, but it looks pretty good to me.
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    44 I have contemplated using high level math incorrectly to see if anyone would notice.
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    Made a jazz arrangement of a melody from Yuru Camp a while back. Decided to make a video and share it.
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    This right here is fantastic. Having a partner with the same vision and drive towards a common goal multiplies efforts exponentially.
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    I think the lions share of advice has already been said by wiser and more articulate people than myself but I guess i can chip in on one part of your vent. I think it's commonplace for people to end up in situations where you are with someone who ends up feeling they need space from your attention and it can feel awful when all you want to do is be affectionate and having your feelings return the opposite response and i think for a lot of people our natural defense to that is to draw ourselves away drastically in an attempt to "give them space" and this actually just makes you feel worse, because now you feel you cant talk to them and heck why do things have to be this way??? but from my experience attempting to remove yourself just pushes them away further. I don't really know the kind of people you are friends with but i find the best approach is to take it in your stride, still be social but identify which of your actions might be what is smothering the person you care about and try to cut back on that specifically and stay social, they will respect you for it if they are cool. Anyway i hope my advice is still relevant to your life and if you're keen to talk about things or discussing lonely thoughts some time I'm good for it. Good luck
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    The learning of a child... (Apologizes for the length) [2/2/18] As a child you learn, what's right and what's wrong. As a child you learn, how to be strong. As a child you learn, about how to write. As a child you learn, you need to be right. As a child you learn, the importance of friendship. As a child you learn, that you can be friendless. As child you learn, that you should be kind. As a child you learn, that loved ones are blind. As a child you learn, hurt can still heal. As a child you learn, that healing takes years. As a child you learn, you need to grow up. As a child you learn, your best is not enough. As a child you learn, this world can be cruel. As a child you learn, the cruelness of school. As a child you learn, independence is key. As a child you learn, you're not allowed to dream. As a child you learn, that you only lie As a child you learn, that you are a crime. As a child you learn, that you've been wronged. As a child you learn, comforts from songs. As a child you grow, to decipher what's true. As a child you grow, to become you. As a child you grow, from what you know, As a child you grow, from all that woe. As a child you see, the future is bleak. As a child you see, that you seem weak. As a child you feel, hope start to fade. As a child you feel, someone comes to your aid. As a child you turn, to a safe place. As a child you turn, to hear a trace. As a child you trace, to maybe find hope. As a child you trace, for a song to cope. As a child you find, the strength to believe. As a child you find, you're allowed to grieve. As a child you find, someone who inspires. As a child you find, they help when it's dire. As a child you reach, to finally belong, As a child you reach, and find you're strong. As a child you search, and grasp hope. As a child you search, to find resolve. As a child you are shown, that you're not alone. As a child you are shown, you're not on your own. As a child you are shown, friends come from afar. As a child you are shown. they also have scars. As a child you learn, that if you hold on. As a child you learn, your friends bring a new dawn.
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    YAYYYYY IT FEELS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN im so happy to be back here you have no idea