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    Any covers of any Criminal Idol episodes post heeeeeeere!
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    Does anyone want to see some of my art, and if so do you want to see with reference, without reference, or both?
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    @Sunnilybright okay! I can show you both! They all have a lot of mistake but I tried. Those are just some of my sketches. I have a few in color art works but I’m not very good with color.
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    This has been something I always used to do and now want to get back into the habit of. I tell bad jokes so people can laugh. Whether you laugh at the joke, or me for how bad my jokes are is irrelevant as long as you can at least snicker(TM). Did you hear about the arrogant trumpet player who always wins music awards? He's always tooting his own horn.
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    Guys! And perhaps gals! It's Tuesday and do you know what that means? Right! Yesterday was Monday and tomorrow is Wednesday! In other news I'm also doing a stream tonight. In which we will discuss choosing the better thing. Ithink imay have covered this topic a bit already but it is worth revisiting. See you there
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    Version 1.0.0


    Karaoke version of Detective Detective (Episode 1 of Criminal Idol). You may download and use this as you please.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy!! 😃


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    Version 1.0.0


    Karaoke version of Life Might Take Us (Episode 2 of Criminal Idol). You may download and use this as you please.


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    Hey everyone reading this small update on what happend well she is actually going to marry her own cousin but I shall be honest I don't mind I found out due to one of her friends she had been keeping me on a leash for the last 2 years from the 3 years we know each other and with that I mean she only kept contact because she knew I'd pay for her flight and such if it was needed she faked loads of stuff that she said at first she actually did like me but her greed got the better from her (wasn't even the first time from what I've heard and seen) and if she thought I wasn't usefull anymore she said herself she'd throw me to the side no problem when I heard this ofcourse I was heart broken but I learned from this thank you guys for your advice it helped me go on for the days needed before I heard this in the meantime I have been a bit stable again starting to eat again etc etc