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    This is an abstract piece that I created. If looked at in different ways the perspective changes.
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    This was my final for oil painting. The planets each have a word in Japanese characters. Family, Drawing, Music, Friends, Love, Joy, Happiness are all that is said, and on the gateway, it says the way. It took me two weeks to paint this. I am very proud of it.
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    Just maybe letting someone know that I am basically.. right here~ ^^ I'm not good with words, so i will just say: Thank You! What you were saying really helped me and made me underesand some things. uwu
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    This is a short instrumental I made a little while back. Not a lot to it but I think it has a pleasant sound, please enjoy ^^ Spring_can_be_cold.mp3
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    I recently got a new set of water colors and wanted to try them out and decided to draw a new favorite character and paint him! This is my first time I have painted a person with water color and outline with an ink pen.
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    Ello everyone! I hope y'all are having a great day and sleep well tonight. Anyways, Hi I'm an awkward human thing, but you can call me Nina or whatever you want I really don't mind. I'm 18 and almost out of school, extremely excited to get out of it. Most common hobbies are sewing, writing, jamming out to music & reading. I mainly write poems but also short stories sometimes. I love learning new things, And have a odd habit of walking into odd things happening, so I might say a ton of odd stories. So sorry if I come off a little strong or like I know everything, I have a bad way with words a lot of the time. Also sorry for any spelling mistakes, that is a major weak point for me. Well anyways, I hope we all can be good friends. :0)
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    You can always try to just start by playing. Play something that sounds good to you. I feel like that would be the basis.and then you just write what you play. Or something like that I can barely read music
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    Hey Science! Here are some good books that could help: How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People - Les Giblin Success With People - Cavett Robert (powerful stuff - borderline manipulation) Personality Plus - Florence Littauer The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook - Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves Hopefully some of these can help out! I would start with the Les Giblin book if you haven't read it yet... Good Luck!!
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    So.... I finally finished the Idol Bombing cover. I spent over 60+ hours on this stinking thing. So please, ENJOY! Idol_Bombing_WIP.wav
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    Everyone can mix Neon-S, mixing is just adjusting the volume of tracks so that everything sounds good. for instance "my drums are too loud so I'll turn them down to let the piano come through." Mastering is the part where you turn into Golem, hunched over your keyboard muttering to yourself until you lose your sanity.