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    I forgot my pass word for my old account for Kanesaki Hyudou...like i haven't been in touch for some time, maybe years even since the creation of the site. so here I am again! XD Have a Jojo style Meme Wip Kane -Kanesaki Hyudou
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    Here's a cutesy Hareka from Star Blush Girls! I'll probably eventually make one for all members of SBG. Since Hareka is my favorite, I started with her ⭐ Matt/Cwilk
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sigozuWqmlQ Not the best, but i'll get somewhere eventually
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    Since everyone on the last live stream encouraged me to share pretty much everything I have, I figured I'd give you all the poems I've written (only 7 thus far, but I took a year-long break after the first three, and started writing again lately). I'll also provide some background information about what the poems mean, which gets pretty personal in some cases. So yeah, I'm gonna post every day starting from today (fitting as it's World Poetry day today :p). This first one is called "Past" I exist here, silently. In my dim room, surrounded by desaturated floor tiles. Surrounded by darkness and unorganized files. If I'd listen closely, I would hear the past. The past where the brightness still lasts. The past where I'm surrounded by the comforting light. Surrounded by the sweet cyan sky and the crisp white. There I existed, quietly. Waiting for the darkness. Waiting for the floor tiles to turn colorless. But I exist here, silently. I breathe in and listen closely Commentary: So, this poem had a more philosophical motive behind it. It really isn't personal, but it speaks about how things always seem brighter in retrospection. With the lines "Waiting for the darkness" etc, it points out the stupidity of being stuck in the past or just saying "oh things were so much better in the good ol' days", and also doing nothing to make the present feel more enjoyable. This poem was the very first poem I ever composed, and I'm not a huge fan of the wording of it all. As my first poem, I wanted to stuff all kinds of stuff in it that really didn't compliment the over-all picture. The line of "unorganized files" obviously just wants a rhyme for the first line :P. There's also a reference to a song very very very personal to me, "Four Years Gone" by Sleepaways. I'll go more in depth of that in a later post and poem, but in there was a line "And if you listen closely, you could hear the past". Sure, the personal touch was nice, but it felt shoehorned into this poem. Over-all, it's a good first poem, but with a bit of a shabby structure. Let me know what you think! I'll post another one tomorrow, called "The Storyteller". Matt/Cwilk
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    Kanesaki being a supervisor means that he is just a place holder of the spot...kinda like a "needs to be there for the purpose of being there" so he can still do a lot of things he wants to do...its not that he's a regular teacher anyway. If he was a regular...he'd be teaching civil engineering or mathematics.
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    Who knows...maybe its under the table beside the table or hidden in plain sight
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    It is very philisophical, as you said, but I like it! Nice job!
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    Alright, time for chapter three! Chapter Three I decided to go home and grade my papers from there. It was the best option since I was going to head home anyways. I walked out of my classroom into the dark hallway. For some reason, all the other teachers had already left. It was strange since they all normally stayed longer than I did. I walked into the empty parking lot, fumbling as I took out my keys. Opening my car door, I found that there was a pile of papers in my seat along with a few red pens. What was going on? Swearing, I put the papers and pens in the passenger seat along with my folders. There was hardly anybody on the road. Well, actually, the roads were completely deserted. I found this unusual since it was nearly five. This would normally be rush hour. The streetlamps weren’t turning on, nor were my headlights. My brakes barely worked. Passing my neighbors, I noted that their houses were all dark and seemingly deserted as well. Once I arrived home and locked the door behind me, I took the papers and began reading them. I almost fell to the ground in surprise. My knees locked and my heart pounded. Each paper had the same letter written on it. ‘A’ was written in red ink, jagged and rushed. The papers were all blank except for the ‘A’. I blinked and the papers were all completely blank. I had imagined it. The papers shook in my hand as I laughed nervously. I looked back down and screamed. The papers had ‘Perfect!’ written on them now. Each and every one was written in red ink. The same jagged, rushed handwriting. My breathing was quick and the air felt thick. That could not be real. It was gone the moment I looked again. “I’m going to bed,” I muttered to myself, my heart pounding so hard that I could feel it.
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    The final chapter of Watching is upon us. Chapter 4 Akira sat up in panic, breathing heavily. “Akira, are you okay?” Mr. Ita asked, feeling her forehead. She didn’t speak, only mumble, but what she mumbled was something only heard in nightmares. “It… It’s after me. It’s after me.” Akira began breathing rapidly. “Akira, calm down. You just fainted. Nothing’s after you.” Ayumi whispered. The End And that's all there is of Watching. Let me know what your thoughts are about it! Next up will be the story Papers. That will be posted tomorrow.
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    And cutting back in on the anoime discussion, I have a lot of favorites. I will list them, so forewarning... I've watched way too many that I love. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Ouran High Host Club, The Lost Song, The Devil is a Part-Timer, SAO, GGO, Little Witch Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, Death Note, Hi-Score Girl, Kakegurui (still unsure if I liked this or was weirded out. It's going on the list anyways!), Vampire Knight, Fate Stay Night, Violet Evergarden, Durarara, Back Street Girls, Siruis the Jaeger, Sword Gai, and (what I'm currently watching) Hunter X Hunter. Yes, I do have a problem.
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    Sparkling Yellow Traffic Lights Before we sail to dreams and drive to dusk, we just might need a little stardust. So I'll introduce you to a certain place: an orange room, that's lost in time, and lost in space. It's faraway, but it's a cozy room. While under clean sheets, the month of June revealed through the orange drapes. Facing the bed, a closet, shut with tape. A desk on your right, with modest design; caught by your nose, a scent of pine. Through a newly-formed sliver in the drapes, onto the closet door, a ray escapes. The monochromatic spark of light this beam projected is a pretty sight. This created flicker dances around to the rhythm of outside traffic lights. As cars pass by, the light jumps up. I view this spark with luck in my eyes; to catch this sight well-unconveyed by rhymes. This orange room and surrounding lights make me humble to get to spend the night. I'll see you tomorrow morning, I hope. If not with my eye, then with a telescope. Imagine yellow street lights across the globe, beating a pulse, connecting our own still monochromatic and beautiful world. Imagine a single traffic light, taking shelter from the rain drops that intermix. Falling xylophone-esque ticks. As a drop passes through a crevice, the imaginary street lights reminisce of a time they were all linked together In that orange room that's secluded, forever. Good night
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    This post is not about the darkest time in my life, although this is not a good thing. So, after(sort of) getting over everything that happened in my freshman year, i was still trying to meet new people and get new friends and it was working. I was surrounded by nice people that i enjoyed being around and that wanted me to be happy. But then in August of 2017, i met a girl named Haley. For some reason i found myself getting attracted to her quicker than normal, and looking back now i see letting myself catch feelings as a huge mistake. I started to seperate myself from all of those friends to spend more and more time with her, and it only got worse as time went on. Eventually, in March of 2018, I asked out Hailey and we started dating, another big mistake. She had many issues from her past and she used me to resolve them, but not in a healthy way. Whenever she got upset or angry in any way, she would yell at me and insult me, and it hurt. A lot. At the time i didnt realize that it was hurting so much, but got worse and worse every time. Sometimes when it was a particularly bad day i would lose my temper and yell and scream back, which made her cry and made me feel even worse. And throughout this all i was still seperating myself to be with this girl, and i eventually stopped talking to most of them, but i didnt realize what path i was walking at the time. Finally, shortly after thanksgiving of last year, we got into a massive fight and i came to my senses. I broke up with her, which was very hard because she cried a lot and kept texting me. I told her that i would still be friends with her, but after the 4th time of her trying to get back together with me and her screaming and crying and telling me how much of a horrible person i was for not getting back together with her. All of the friends that i hadnt ended up leaving were also her friends, so they stopped talking to me. So, after 8 months of dating her, i lost everything for the second time in high school. I tried reconnecting with some of the people i had left earlier in the year to be with Haley, but i wasnt very successful with any of them. Luckily my best friend, who at this point ive almost known for 5 years, was very accepting of me and was just happy i was back. I ended up meeting some new people through him and they are the people that i primarily hang out with, which is nice, but i still have so many regrets from those 8 months i spent dating Haley, and really i regret almost everything i did from the time i had met her to the time that we broke up, and the following weeks where she tried to get back together with me. I know this is a long story but i just want some help moving on from my mistakes.
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