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    This is a short instrumental I made a little while back. Not a lot to it but I think it has a pleasant sound, please enjoy ^^ Spring_can_be_cold.mp3
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    @Katie Hi Katie! Welcome to out fun little community. This is place for wonderful people like yourself to share their talents, encourage others, and make new friends. When we run back around to summertime you'll have to show us some of those awesome musics. @Rayused to get a group of us together for a music chat, which was a lot of fun, even when I was just learning to play. Keep Being Awesome Possum!
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    So.... I finally finished the Idol Bombing cover. I spent over 60+ hours on this stinking thing. So please, ENJOY! Idol_Bombing_WIP.wav
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    I won't give away spoilers, but you guys can try to figure it out, together! Who is the bomber and what's your proof? Go for it!
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    Hey guys I'm being transferred to a new position because my company got bought out. How do you deal with leaving things behind and starting something knew, when it's not entirely your choice?
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    Question again. I'm falling behind. I really want to answer the questions that everyone has because I care for all of these wonderful people, but I also need to eat and sleep and pay for bills. So long story short, how do I make it happen, or should I even?
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    Not active much here anymore, but welcome to our sm0l community. Hope yeh have fun. ^^
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    Hey, people! I'm Katie and I joined this comunity today. I'm not good with apresentations, especially because I'm super shy, but here I am... I'm a teenager girl that lives in Portugal. I spend my free time reading books (I love mistery books!!), writing my own stories and poems and listening to music. I've been playing the piano for 5 years. I play classical music and jazz, I'm part of a small jazz band from my music school. I also love to sing but only when there's nobody around. Music is a very important part of my life. Music helped me pass through tough times. I've always wanted to be a composer and a writer. I'm here because of Static-P. I follow him on Youtube and a few days ago, I discovered this amazing comunity... ... and today I finally created my account. I hope I can make some friends here. Everyone seems to be so nice! Thank you so much for reading this. (Sorry if my english is bad )
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    @Sunnilybright Hello! I'm glad I'm here. Thanks for replying. Hope we all became friends too
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    Hey, Katie! Welcome to this community of ours. Don't worry much about the presentations, as it's the impression that matters It's nice to hear there are more musical people here. Good luck with being a composer and a writer! We're all here somehow because of Static-P and/or BSS I'm glad you created your account so we all could become friends and have fun here. And don't worry, we're all nice Bagels 😉 You're welcome (And it's alright, your English is fine )
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    Hello and welcome to the community!
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    Separation from what once was to something new without it being your choice is difficult. I find it often will lead to worry and sadness since it was something that was comfortable or something I loved. But that isn't something bad to have happen either. Keep in mind that it's something encouraged, technically if you don't like it or didn't want to, you could leave the position. Life has many stories end and at the end of that story a new one is born. Your company from before isn't there like it once was and that's the same as your position, but it also is an excellent opportunity to grow! From your new job you'll get new people to work with and new different experiences you can learn too. Whether those come from new co-workers or a new job description, never forget that you can always make the best of what you do have and that is infinitely better then dreaming about what once was. I know a similar more recent experience of that with college. I'm gluten free and the college I went to just could not provide the level of my sensitivity with proper proportions of healthy options. I know because I lost 15 pounds and I'm pretty light to begin with. Therefore, I needed to move to a different dorm so that I could cook meals for myself and that would help me to have a kitchen where I could do that. But that meant I had to not only leave my roommate behind and all my floormates, who would put on events and were family while being far away from home, but I had to move to the senior dorm and have all new floormates and a new roommate too And that was difficult to know. My roommate was a really good friend of mine and we would do little things to help each other out and I was invited to little floor get-togethers which was more more homely then the uncertainty of something new. Yet just because it's new and I am leaving what once was behind, doesn't mean that I won't make the best of the opportunity that has be presented to me. This experience invited me to learn about new people and to learn how to move around new places with still keeping contact with friends that not only helped me but I helped them. I wasn't something I asked for, but it was something good that arose from bad to help me grow in a way i couldn't had I not been gluten free. (God's good at taking something bad and making something even better from it, just remember to keep your heart and mind open to His works ;3) Funnily enough, at the time this happened I actually asked on Don't Worry Wednesday that was run by Ryan and Derek (BetaCat) what I could do to meet and friend my new floormates and roommate. I dont remember who all gave the suggestions, but there was one about making a cake and just indroducing myself to people on the floor as I met them. So I think with anything new it's important to be yourself and to give trust to those who you meet in the sense that you treat them like someone who is your friend. I made a cake (or you could bring in something else (food wise probably) as a gift) and making it a goal to say Hi and introducing myself to those who I saw on my floor. It was scary but they were all nice and appreciated being lifted up by my efforts and in turn lifted me up. Kindness goes far and as Ryan has mentioned before, if you make yourself someone people want to work around or will do better working around, you'll be indispensable and I find that when you are someone others work better around, you'll feel better about all that you do. I hope that helps a bit, It'll work out for sure Joe, it's an oppertunity in the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Much love and Best wishes, Princess
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    Sometimes Rocks are incredibly powerful and can make a huge impact. Sometime, rocks stand alone. Some Rocks pile on and make something better.
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    Hello and welcome on the forum! No need to be very shy, I don't know cannibals around. I'm not one myself either! Trust me! Jazz is it? Pretty cool. No doubt that you'll be more than welcome here. I look forward to your posts and keep that in mind, we're not here to eat you! I agree, music is a wonderful thing itself. Books are great too if you want to spend your time in peace and have an awesome story in mind to think about. Stay strong, keep it up.
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    Im tired all the time no matter what I do to try to help it I exercise I go to bed at a decent time but nothing seems to help.
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    712. Can't stop won't stop, but that's what the other count is for. This one is just to see how long it takes to get to the end even if errors are allowed.
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    Thank you very much, was 10am when you posted this, was still sleeping then after having a party yesterday ^^' It was a great Birthday ^^
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    @Drachi Happy Birthday. I don't know what time it is there, but I hope you're having a a great birthday!
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    Friends, While I am not the wisest of people I do believe that we have a wonderful group of people in this community. A group that could be used to create something fantastic. I'm not quite sure what that is yet, but I think we should begin operation Black Static. Our mission, to influence the lives of those around us for good, by any means necessary. I am not certain what this may take the form of, but that's where everyone comes in. What can we do or create to help other people? So let us know, do you need help with something? Is it something the community can help you out with? This is where you seek help and offer your help to others when you are able. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes the thing that takes the most strength is reaching out to others for help. This could be as simple as help with homework, or to review an essay, proofread a resume. (Those are things I can do.) But with a community this large I'm sure we can find people who can help you with art, to learn to play an instrument, start a business, learn a language, the sky is the limit here. So, if you want help, or need someone to talk to, or just want something to do. This is where we start. Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    It's quite intriguing how this shows itself in our lives. Especially as you post this question, similar to one I had asked. Great minds think alike? And I'm hesitant to answer because of the two-fold issue that any response is generally going have. First, the intended, to encourage, and second the incidental, a longing. So, I'm still not through with the same issue, though I thought I was. Indeed sometimes things like this take years to learn and grow through, (25 for me so far) I'm going to start with a story of a similar situation in my life, which had eternal consequences. For me, it was with my friends. Friends whom I am very close with. There are three, sometimes four of us, we grew up together, went to church together, always make it around for any event in the others' lives. But it didn't always feel that way. Especially when we were going through college. I went to college away from all of my friends, but I think what really got me was that even though I made some fantastic friends, indeed perhaps my closest friend, I made in college. But that didn't stop the feelings of loneliness, the feelings of missing out. And I went to a dark place, a very dark place, because my answers to loneliness were not healthy answers. They were not the right answers. And my friends, they didn't seem to notice or didn't seem to care. And that hurt. Now, I've been incredibly blessed to have been found by Christ, but I remember thinking when I was. None of my family or friends even asked. I went to church my whole life and no one even asked how I was doing in a walk with God, much less if I was even walking. And it stings, it's hard, and breeds distrust. And this isn't a happy story,. Because I felt the same thing when my wife broke up with me. None of my friends seemed to notice, except the one I lived with, and he just didn't want to see me in pain, he told me to leave her and be better. But none of my other close friends even seemed to care. And perhaps this isn't that encouraging, but I want you to know that there are going to be dark times. But when the darkness comes don't lose your self to it, cause the darkenss only comes to bring you Hell. But in those moments, in the dark, alone, either in feelings or in actuality. I learned two things. One, my God is with me, always even to the end of the age. And I know that I am not ever alone anymore. Second, when I feel alone, because even when you know things to be true you can and will feel something different, I've learned to refocus what I set my mind on, whether it be God or just unfocusing from the negative. Most of the time when I feel alone, I have to take a hard look at what I'm listening too, and who I'm surrounded by, and if those people/things are adding to your loneliness it might be time to ditch them for something better. Turn off that sad love song and start listening to StaticPs No one's in this alone. Stop watching soaps and romances and start listening to motivational videos and watching movies with an uplifting message. Stop talking to your friends about your issues (collective issues, I want to clarify that you don't want to have a group that gossips and complains, but you do want people you can talk to when you are facing challenges.) And start talking to God. As a conclusion, however, I have learned in order to be heard I need to be honest, with myself and others about how I am feeling. Even if it's anger, resentment, self-loathing. These are not good things, but if we hide them under a face of "I'm fine," or "I just need to not focus on myself" we miss out on the fact that we are people too. That you matter a lot. And it's okay to say you aren't alright and have that seen and heard by people. Even people like us. We love you and are so glad you are here. *Hugs* But back to my original statement, the second unintended issue with this response, I am not present to you. What I mean is this: no matter how much I care, or try, or respond, or worry. I am not there for you. I am just a person on the internet and though I look forward to a day when I'm not and I can meet you and the many other wonderful people here, today is not that. And I don't want you to be sad because there seem to be great people online but the people in real life aren't as good, at listening, or hearing, or caring. And maybe this isn't you and you can just ignore it, but then this response is for people like me who didn't believe. There are people out there who care about you more than you know, because after talking with my friends from the story earlier. They said, we cared and loved you and prayed for you that entire time, but you cut yourself off and we didn't know how to approach you. You see the people are out there who listen and notice and care, and they are the people you don't notice, noticing. People care, people do love you, and they are there for you. Please don't forget that. It's the basis for the Real Ones. Because we're out there and we notice. Best of luck Princess and God Bless during those difficult times. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
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    Everyone can mix Neon-S, mixing is just adjusting the volume of tracks so that everything sounds good. for instance "my drums are too loud so I'll turn them down to let the piano come through." Mastering is the part where you turn into Golem, hunched over your keyboard muttering to yourself until you lose your sanity.
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    Indeed the requisite needs for establishing a solid grounds for any criminal investigation include three main components. Means, Motive, and Opportunity. The easily identifiable components are opportunity and motive. In regards to opportunity, the only characters with the opportunity, to commit this crime, based on the evidence that the bomb was planted in Star Blush's Baggage. Are the Star Blush Girls themselves, and any other character with access to their baggage prior to arrival on site. This probably being their teacher and any possible friends. In terms of Motive you would have to break it down by those character's who you think have the opportunity and what would compel them to light off a bomb on the competition day. Aoke: It seems unlikely that Aoke would have a motive, and provided that you believe her defense in episode 5 it would appear that she would be the most unlikely of the girls to commit the act. Bee: Also seems very unlikely, given that her aspirations are to help her friends, and preoccupation with the difficulties they are currently facing. It seems unlikely that she would be involved. However, if she thought the bombing would contribute to helping her friends, it is conceivable that she could conduct this attack. Hareka: Her goal to "Inspire the world is one of the few goals that doesn't directly conflict with the idea of bombing the idol competition. That being said with a goal of that it would seem unlikely that her actions would contribute to destruction. Additionally, Hareka is struggling internally with something that she wants to tell people, but can't (Speculation from Dream On) Keiko: Her goal is to be an Idol. So anything that would risk that would again seem unlikely. Kanesaki Hyudou: He's lazy, he doesn't want to do anything, and he's forced by his sister to be in charge of an idol group. How to not do anything? Blow up the idols. (See Detectives comment on whether or not the Star Blush Girls were the target.) Kariko: She wants to be a successful idol, Eliminating the veteran talent would make their success easier. Morime: She wants to help her friends, on the same thought as Bee, if she wasn't thinking properly she could consider the explosion to help one of her friends? Furuto: Wants to have lots of fun. Generic, but again, if her fun is gained through injuring people its motive enough Means: Truthfully this would be the hardest part to decide with the information we have available. Mainly who would have access to dynamite, could plant the bomb, and detonate it without anyone knowing. Without additional information this would undoubtedly lead one to conclude Kanesaki Hyudou, The Genius, as he would be the only one with seemingly enough knowledge to manufacture the nitroglycerin compound necessary to create the explosion. Other people with means, would be anyone with the ability to purchase or get their hands on Dynamite in the first place. (Again this would assume that our detective knows enough about explosive composition to correctly deduce the weapon used in the attack.) But again for this particular set of posts I am trying to post items that are more factual and less supposition.
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    The Stand by Steven King was a pretty good one.
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    I personally think it's the teacher, the detective's friend. My reasoning is majorly based off two things. One: after the bombing, his wording is very careful. He says "I was there when it happened." That doesn't exactly prove his guilt, but neither does it prove his innocence. Two: he invited the detective to the competition. How better to get yourself out of the detective's search radar than to be the reason the detective ended up at the bombing? Surely the bomber wouldn't do that. Those are my reasons. Not really evidence, but more of a hunch.