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    Please read the following amazing writings by our fellow Community Members and pick your favorite. Hailey Day 11 Legend.docx Hailey Day 11 Snow.docx Harmony Day 12 Dragon .docx Liam Day 1 Rings.docx Liam Day 2 Mindless.docx Liam Day 3 Bait.docx Man Left Behind Day 21 Treasure .docx
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    See the below Images for voting they are in the same order as the poll.
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    Anna_P_Day_12_Dragon.MOVAnna_P_Day_13_Ash.MOVAnna_P_Day_16_Exploration.MOVAnna_P_Day_22_Ghost.MOV Anna_P_Day_1_Ring.mp3 Anna P Day 2 Mindless.mp3 Anna_P_Day_3_Bait.mp3 Anna_P_Day_4_Freeze.mp3 Anna_P_Day_5_Build.mp3 Anna P Day 6 Husky.mp3 Anna_P_Day_7_Enchanted.mp3 Anna P Day 15 Legend.mp3 Anna_P_Day_18_Misfit.mp3 Anna_P_Day_23_Ancient.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_15_Legend.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_31_Ripe.mp3 Hey Guys you can find all the submissions here.
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