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    Cool! It's an RP! But, how can we keep our characters straight? Well, my dear friends~ That's why we can make Character sheets! These can be for your Original Characters (OC's) to be know to the galaxy and for the side characters that might be around or controlled by multiple people. This can help organize and remember what your character is like or for others to know in summary what type of Characters they are playing with. It can be as detailed or not as you'd like since I don't know who all is gonna participate, but I will make a quick template that we used before in a different group to help get us started. ^^b Name: [Character's Known name, Character's Nickname (optional)] Age and Gender : [ How old the character is, Gender and pronouns as necessary (if a race has no assigned gender you can put genderless)] Role/Job: [Position or what they do or something they specialize in] Personality: [Strengths that a character is good and as well as some flaws they may have to work on.] Appearance: [What do they look like, what do they have on them visible, in what way do they carry themselves] Past: [Maybe childhood or just what they were up to before this RP started at the moment of joining] This is just to help give a bit of structure for those that it helps. Let's all have fun and work together! Remember that you don't need to have an undying or over powerful character.
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