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    Welcome, hope you can find what you seek here and more! Make yourself comfortable, you have no choice but to mwahahahahhah! We'd be interested to see what you have, your collection sounds interesting. Nice to meet ya . PS: I also love cats, but it seems that I'm a walking cat repellant. Might ask for your advice one day
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    Welcome! Yes pretty much, the Library is a very calm and nice place to stay at. Bunnies are nice I even had one as a pet. Have a great time around !
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    Welcome, Listori! It's alright to be shy and sleepy all the time Not like I can relate Library is a good place, but sadly I haven't been in one for a long time. And I hope we'll have some nice conversation and make some friends, too.
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    Hello soft person! Welcome! We're glad you are here. I hope you enjoy your time around these parts, make sure to swing into the Rocket chat on the side bar and post any of the wonderful things you find while exploring your old books, or any cool origami you come up with. We'd all be excited to share in your awesome Indy b:) If you've come here by way of StaticP, here is a helpful tutorial on making a giraffe: See you around!
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    I would've posted this on the Don't Worry Wednesday section but felt that it's more suitable here. For the Don't Worry Wednesday podcast, the description states the date of live stream as May 9, 2017 instead of 2018. The descriptions that state the year as 2017 are the ones that are for "How do I Save Money?", "How do I find a place in this world?", "Friend Overstaying Welcome", and "Problem About a Friend". I think this should be fixed to the correct year.
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    Sunnily!!! You don't have to keep up with everyone all the time we're just glad you are here cause you are awesome! Also this Music Brainz sounds awesome. I'm sure Amree and Static appreciate it. And I'm sorry if we ran you off for some reason, but you are here now and we will do our best.
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    Thanks Aqil. I was also away from 27/28th October till just a few days ago the first time was because the amount of unread posts and messages just made me feel daunted to return but I managed to force myself to read through (most of) the unread messages. The second time was... well, it's personal but it has something to do with the site.
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    I know it's late but welcome back! Hopefully you could handle your studies, exams, etc. Never stop admiring Koreans you dork!
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    Glad to see you again Sunny. Curious... but you seem to keep up well. Let's see how we can work this thing then.
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    I can't seem to think of anything comical or witty for an introduction or title, so; incoming explanation as to the affection for the music that brought me here! No idea what act of god had brought the Tsundere song "It's not like I like you" to my Youtube feed, but arrive it did. After listening to that for a day non-stop, I did what any other mildly *Cough* interested person would do. I looked up and followed the links to the singers! Wee!! Then I saw the drama album in bloom and gave a listen. Likely a mistake since I'm on a jazz kick from the scat from the previous day. Now I am here for more. Let us enjoy each other's company.
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    @Fuzsyfreedy28 My dear friend this is a difficult thing to face and I am sorry that you have to go through it. However, I am very encouraged by your desire to reconcile your parents and sister. This can be a very difficult thing to get through, but it is important to remember a few things. First, the relationship is not your's to fix. Bringing that difficulty upon yourself will only hurt you, and none of this is your fault, or something that you can fix. This in the end is a problem between your sister and your parents. And the end outcome of their dispute will ultimately reside between them. In the meantime, while they are figuring things out, it is best not to pass judgement on one or more parties. For the vast majority of issues such as these are misunderstandings. Most likely you sister embellished the details of her parents rule, DJ, being a young idealistic man confronted them, your parents, who were just parenting took this as evidence of rebellion. However, at this stage, the details of the issue are in the past. Thus it really doesn't matter. In all relationships the only thing that changes confrontation, hostility, and distrust is forgiveness. And not the kind that attaches stipulations. Forgiveness that goes beyond saying, hey you need to do this or that, but instead forgiveness that says it doesn't matter what you've done or where you are at, I want the best for you right now. This is where you come in. The only things you can do is facilitate conversation. Talk to your parents about forgiveness. Talk to your sister about forgiveness. Not necessarily between themselves, but even with you, because we all do things that require forgiveness, but your willingness to come before them and acknowledge your weakness, allows them to be weak as well. We spend so much time building up walls and often people say they have put up wall too high or too deep to get past. But in reality the invitation of asking for and giving forgiveness, is that you come out from behind your walls and meet the other person where they are at. And if you can draw out your parents' and sister's heart for forgiveness. Then they too can be reconciled to each other. This doesn't excuse lying, or cheating, or anything like that, however, it acknowledges it and says forgiveness and reconciliation are more important than getting justice, which I think we all want more anyway. Or at least I hope we do. But in the end Fuzsy, no matter what happens, we are here for you and for them. Do what you know to be right, show love, respect, and honor. No one can fault you for that. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    Hey I don’t know how to start this so uh hi I’m Mat. I’m a college student currently majoring in journalism. I like poptarts, my girlfriend, and long walks on the beach. I love Static’s music (duh) and now that I’ve heard cdvnl, I think he needs to drop some more fire, as the kids these days say I love taking care of children and work in a daycare in my spare time. They’re all too precious for this world On a more serious note, I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 12. It makes me have weird tendencies sometimes or I’ll get frightened by unusual things. That’s just who I am. There’s no ignoring or getting over it. Yeah, it can be annoying at times but because of it I’m more empathetic, understanding, and aware of others. So I guess what I’m getting at here is turn something you may see as ugly and use it to help people and build yourself. Don’t let it knock you down little bit about myself some inspiration my work here is done
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    So, let this be the first post I do after about two months being away. I've been trying to return to this site but the longer I wait, the more posts that I'll miss and that just discourages me more. Today (19 October 2018) is the day I decide to come back after being away after last being here on 18 August 2018. Also, I've been creating and filling up Static-P, CDVNL, Amree etc.'s pages on MusicBrainz. You can help out with other artists there. They still need a lot of work. Also, unlike Wikipedia, MusicBrainz doesn't have "notability" as its requirement; as long as a piece of musical recording exists, it's worthy to be there. So, if you have a friend or even yourself who makes music, you can create a page for them. MusicBrainz can be confusing to newcomers but there are a lot of guides to understand the site better and forums to ask questions. Sorry for rambling about this but I feel like it needs some help to expand it more.^^ EDIT: I'm also reading everything I've missed for the last two months.
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    HI! I'm wholeone, and I use the same name everywhere online except twitch. And smite, because I forgot my info XD. On those, I'm wholeright. I run a podcast called Box of Random that I'm hoping to expand to a few different other things, including music. I was also wondering if it's overstepping to use the instrumental tracks as an outro for videos. (And of course I'm going to credit them. That would just be a jerk move not to.) But yeah, excited to be here. Poorman's briefcase is probably my favorite static-p song. That's about it.
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    Yeah, here's the link: Box of Random Soundcloud It's also on iTunes and stitcher radio. Or we have a website: http://www.boxofrandom.net Shameless promotion!
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    Yay! It's rainy! Welcome back! =D
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    It is wonderful to be back and I look forward to reconstituting the site to a better glorious form!
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