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    โ€ห™วโ€โ€ษนโ€โ€วโ€โ€ษฅ โ€ษฏโ€โ€แด‰โ€ 'โ€oโ€โ€sโ€ mhmm. am i supposed to talk about myself? im not good at that... ๐Ÿ˜œ ok. im done. glad to be here.^^
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    Dogs are bad for orchards They are always barking up the wrong tree
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    Grew up with different genres that can't seem to top the other. So yeah, I enjoyed them as games, that's it. I think I started with a shooter/arcade games Had my hands on House of the Dead, Bubble Bobble, Megaman series and Metal Slug series. Then I went further to get interested in strategy games; Command & Conquer: Red Alert trilogy? and Warcraft trilogy+ Frozen Throne were what dragged me in In the PSP era, I was heavily involved with action/adventure games and fighting games. I'll admit, I got into 18+ games and didn't even realized they were back then. Which brings my interest back to an old school genre, platforming. Most of my time were probably spent on Mario games and Ninja Gaiden. I am also guilty of mobile gaming. Yeah, Snake, Space Impact and Diamond Rush helped me to kill time. It was only when I was a teen that I was brought into RPG genre though. Black Dessert, Diablo, Mass Effect, those called out late for me. Stealth games came along with my puzzle games experience. Had my sweat with games such as Metal Gear series and Mark of the Ninja Open world games just gave me my rush though, all the shenanigans that ensued. I got prepared by 18+ games from PSP era, nuff said. All that freedom was so much fun. Yeah, I'm also guilty of playing MOBAs. I got into LoL because of the Warcraft 3 mod, which also lead me to the actual successor DotA 2 which then Bizzard changed the game with Overwatch but man HotS just grabbed me better. Right now, I'm back to Warframe. It got this mix of sci-fi and mythology that created this interesting set. The gameplay was amazing, it is both high in mastery curve and enjoyable for new people to learn. The contents are ever expanding, with it the story progressed. I still haven't seen everything yet, but I wanted to.
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    I thoroughly enjoy any game that is very plot heavy or has a twist you don't expect. One of my all time favorites is a pixel horror game called The Witch's House (or Majo no Ie in Japanese). Not gonna spoil but there's a plot twist and boy is it a plot twist. There's a novel as well called Diary of Ellen. Definitely one of my favorite books. Should you check the game and book out? Definitely 500%
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    Oh right, (Weather BOMB! Mwah haha) protected by parentheses.
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