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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sigozuWqmlQ Not the best, but i'll get somewhere eventually
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    I forgot my pass word for my old account for Kanesaki Hyudou...like i haven't been in touch for some time, maybe years even since the creation of the site. so here I am again! XD Have a Jojo style Meme Wip Kane -Kanesaki Hyudou
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    Here's a cutesy Hareka from Star Blush Girls! I'll probably eventually make one for all members of SBG. Since Hareka is my favorite, I started with her ⭐ Matt/Cwilk
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    Alright, I will post the one that I have fully finished first, in chapters. I will post one chapter now and will attempt to post them one every day/ couple of hours. This one is called Watching. Prologue A scream echoed through the abandoned neighborhood as Akira Saito, gripped with fear, ran into the woods with her last bit of strength. Something followed closely in the shadows, watching. Waiting. Chapter One “I know, I know,” Akira mumbled, rolling her eyes. Ayumi Ito’s eyes danced with silent laughter as Mr. Funai scolded Akira. “You have to use 私は, not 私に. What you said was ‘Me like to ride my bike.’ Does that make sense, Akira?” “Yes, Mr. Funai,” Akira said, her eyes on the ground. “My mom’s gonna kill me for failing!” groaned Akira after the class had ended and they were walking out of the building. “As your best (and only) friend, I’m telling you to stop freaking out.” Ayumi laughed, kicking her in the shin. Akira yelped in pain as she jumped around, trying to grab her shin. “What was that for?” Akira asked sulkily, rubbing her shin. Ayumi shrugged smugly. “C’mon, let’s head back to your house today.” Ayumi pleaded. “No. I told you, my mom’s going to kill me. Let’s go to your house.” Akira grabbed her by the sleeve and started dragging her towards the street. “Akira, you jerk,” Ayumi mumbled, exasperated. Well, I don’t think you’d want to come to my house if you knew how my mom gets when she’s angry, Akira thought. “Dad, I’m home,” Ayumi called as she opened the door. He rushed out of a nearby room, looking like he just woke up. “Oh, hello Akira.” Mr. Ito laughed. “Hello, Mr. Ito,” she answered. “Dad, we have to work on our Japanese project so we’ll be upstairs.” Mr. Ito nodded and retreated back into his office. “C’mon Akira!” Ayumi giggled as she raced upstairs. “Last one there is a rotten egg!” “No fair!” Akira yelled as she sprinted after Ayumi. Once Ayumi reached the top of the stairs, she paused, gasping for breath. I can take this chance to beat her, Akira thought, pushing herself ever quicker. As she passed Ayumi, her head pounded. Once. Twice. She fell to the ground in pain, pressing her hands against her temples with all her strength. “Akira?” she heard as her vision dotted over, her head going fuzzy. “Akira!” she heard again as she regained consciousness. Akira opened her eyes, blinking at the bright light. “Akira, are you okay?” Mr. Ita asked, feeling her forehead. She didn’t speak, only mumble, but what she mumbled was something only heard in nightmares. “It… It’s after me. It’s after me.” Akira began breathing rapidly. “Akira, calm down. You just fainted. Nothing’s after you.” Ayumi whispered. “I want to go home,” she spoke frantically. Ayumi grabbed her arm and pulled her into a standing position. “Can you stand?” Akira nodded. Ayumi walked Akira out of the house. “I swear, I saw something when I passed out. Why don’t you believe me?” “Akira, that’s crazy. We were the only ones even there.” Akira sighed. “I guess that makes sense. I must’ve dreamt it.” The next chapter will be out soon (I have four). (Ignore the problem with the font, it is being stubborn.)
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    Oh yeah, I'm definitely familiar with feeling vulnerable when I have to express my true emotions to someone. I won't pretend like I know anything for sure, but from what I've experienced, you probably won't come to a philosophical epiphany that will turn your life around - that's what I was after while I was at a low point of my life. So don't feel bad about not being able to fix your problems - it's pretty much impossible to with any sort of ease. Sometimes your day can just be turned around by eating, sleeping or just waiting for a better mood. Here's a treat of a video, it personally helped me. Didn't turn my life around, but definitely made me feel more relaxed about it all Also, I'm not sure if you're the same Strawberry that asked for advice on starting with art, so here's my suggestion for that: just start doing it and don't worry about anything. Compare yourself to only yourself in the past, and don't feel any obligation to make art in a certain way - your enjoyment out of doing it should be your no. 1 priority. Personally, I've gone through a lot as an artist, and there are a lot of crushing aspects about it. You might procrastinate and feel awful about that, you might feel uncontrollable envy because of other artists and be angry at how you can't express your world of thoughts that well, and a multitude of other things. In the end, if you really have an urge to create art, you'll push through. And if you don't, that's OK too (maybe better even). Time will grant you moments you don't feel so down, and those moments are worth the world. Sincerely, Matt/Cwilk
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    Hahah My weekend has just begun, my friends (that don't know me). *Coughs* Well, just don't worry because it's not Wednesday.
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    @Listorii think it's awesome to think about things that way and I hope that you keep that mentality for a long time. Maybe you could even write your own stories @Chickenhayl not really where I thought his would go, but I've never been good at looking into the future. I'm going to start with a joke at your expense, but have you tried cooking? Cause you're a pan. I don't know your parents so the specifics aren't there to me, but make sure you know what you are telling them. And that you know what you are telling yourself. Because with this statement right here you are identifying yourself with a single attribute, which I highly advise against. If you wanted more specific I recommend a private message, not because I don't want you to share here. I think you should, but the nuances of these talks can be difficult to convey in a forum.
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    @Chickenhayl Luckily not where I live, but it's been SO incredibly stormy - especially yesterday - that we lost one of our chair cushions on our balcony to the storm. It's just... gone. We have no idea where it is now as we couldn't find it again but we hope that it found a new family who appreciates it just as much as we did. 💔
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    Bad News wip/sneakpeek Someone is making a debut
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    Kenny, we are so sorry that we can only offer virtual hugs instead of real ones. However, note that the care for you is real and independent of distance. Cry if you need to, because even you needed help. You are an amazing person whose abilities and dream I respected very much, but you are still human with flaws that'll be our pleasure to help you with. You are our friend, and we'd like to see you happy always but if you are sad, know that more than one shoulders will be offered to you. We all are trying to better ourselves, feeling vunerable or lacking isn't bad. We'll grow up together ok? Look into the mirror and recognize yourself, yep that image is you and we love you for it. Psssst did you know? I hear Kendra M Wokal is a kind and gentle person.
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    I definitely don't think you wanting to help along and not needing to reach to new heights is wrong. In fact, people who don't need to revolutionize the world, don't reach for fame, and are just good people all-around are probably the people I respect most in the world. And there aren't any rules in science that tell you to aim for new discoveries. Now, while prioritizing others' emotions is generally really sweet and the sign of a good friend, I don't want you to ignore your own feelings. You are living through yourself, after all. In any case, if helping others climb their mountains genuinely makes you happy, do that, but detect when not prioritizing your feelings is making you feel worse.
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    not CI related but a little thing I drew for Valentines
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    Since everyone on the last live stream encouraged me to share pretty much everything I have, I figured I'd give you all the poems I've written (only 7 thus far, but I took a year-long break after the first three, and started writing again lately). I'll also provide some background information about what the poems mean, which gets pretty personal in some cases. So yeah, I'm gonna post every day starting from today (fitting as it's World Poetry day today :p). This first one is called "Past" I exist here, silently. In my dim room, surrounded by desaturated floor tiles. Surrounded by darkness and unorganized files. If I'd listen closely, I would hear the past. The past where the brightness still lasts. The past where I'm surrounded by the comforting light. Surrounded by the sweet cyan sky and the crisp white. There I existed, quietly. Waiting for the darkness. Waiting for the floor tiles to turn colorless. But I exist here, silently. I breathe in and listen closely Commentary: So, this poem had a more philosophical motive behind it. It really isn't personal, but it speaks about how things always seem brighter in retrospection. With the lines "Waiting for the darkness" etc, it points out the stupidity of being stuck in the past or just saying "oh things were so much better in the good ol' days", and also doing nothing to make the present feel more enjoyable. This poem was the very first poem I ever composed, and I'm not a huge fan of the wording of it all. As my first poem, I wanted to stuff all kinds of stuff in it that really didn't compliment the over-all picture. The line of "unorganized files" obviously just wants a rhyme for the first line :P. There's also a reference to a song very very very personal to me, "Four Years Gone" by Sleepaways. I'll go more in depth of that in a later post and poem, but in there was a line "And if you listen closely, you could hear the past". Sure, the personal touch was nice, but it felt shoehorned into this poem. Over-all, it's a good first poem, but with a bit of a shabby structure. Let me know what you think! I'll post another one tomorrow, called "The Storyteller". Matt/Cwilk
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    Knock knock. Who's there? Meteor along with Aka Sensei and Kanesaki! ...Well that sucks. Haha... that was funny. (Not really >-<)
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    Everyone can give me evidence on if the bomber is Kanesaki (which is who I'm saying it is) or against this theory. Go crazy, but provide evidence in your posts.
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    The final chapter of Watching is upon us. Chapter 4 Akira sat up in panic, breathing heavily. “Akira, are you okay?” Mr. Ita asked, feeling her forehead. She didn’t speak, only mumble, but what she mumbled was something only heard in nightmares. “It… It’s after me. It’s after me.” Akira began breathing rapidly. “Akira, calm down. You just fainted. Nothing’s after you.” Ayumi whispered. The End And that's all there is of Watching. Let me know what your thoughts are about it! Next up will be the story Papers. That will be posted tomorrow.
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    And cutting back in on the anoime discussion, I have a lot of favorites. I will list them, so forewarning... I've watched way too many that I love. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Ouran High Host Club, The Lost Song, The Devil is a Part-Timer, SAO, GGO, Little Witch Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, Death Note, Hi-Score Girl, Kakegurui (still unsure if I liked this or was weirded out. It's going on the list anyways!), Vampire Knight, Fate Stay Night, Violet Evergarden, Durarara, Back Street Girls, Siruis the Jaeger, Sword Gai, and (what I'm currently watching) Hunter X Hunter. Yes, I do have a problem.
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    Your Lie In April is amazing, but it made me cry for a long while. (I had school the next day and I was watching it when I should've been sleeping. Bad ideas with Chicken) I'm currently watching Hunter X Hunter~ it's weird but good. I started it yesterday and I'm already on the sixth episode. (Also bad ideas with Chicken.)
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    Hell yeah I'd like to hear them! Very interesting to see the worlds twirling around in others' minds ;D Matt/Cwilk
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    There's like one train around where I live, but I never use it just cause I don't need or have the time to, I'd like to go on it more than, like, twice a year, but hey, what can you do :/. Cutting in on the anime discussion, though, maybe y'all could tell me some of your favorites. Though I love fictional worlds, you'd be surprised by how little books I read and anime I watch. I've seen Your Lie in April, Your Name, Gamers! and a couple other ones
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    Contest Time! Let's see what you've got. For the month of March we are going to find out who is the most reputable member of BSS.studio. The top three members at the end the month of March will win a fabulous prize, and of course the most coveted prize of all, bragging rights. 1st Place: Gold Membership/Ultimate Bragging Rights 2nd Place: Silver Membership/Pretty Up There Bragging Rights 3rd Place: Bronze Membership/Bragging Rights Rules 1. This Competition extends from 12:01 AM EST on March 1st 2019 to 11:59 PM EST on March 31st 2019. Tips and Tricks The most reputation points are often earned on shared music, art, or creations. Sharing yours could lead to great success. Post often, there is no limit to the number of post you can make. If you make thousands of posts and only a hundred get liked, you still have a hundred rep points. (That's a lot) Like other's posts. When you like other people's stuff, they tend to like you more, and will therefore like your stuff more. So find something cool. Best of Luck!
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    I suppose that's true.:)
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    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I agree, though it's pretty exciting if you think about it in the way of "I'll never run out of anime to watch".
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    Sparkling Yellow Traffic Lights Before we sail to dreams and drive to dusk, we just might need a little stardust. So I'll introduce you to a certain place: an orange room, that's lost in time, and lost in space. It's faraway, but it's a cozy room. While under clean sheets, the month of June revealed through the orange drapes. Facing the bed, a closet, shut with tape. A desk on your right, with modest design; caught by your nose, a scent of pine. Through a newly-formed sliver in the drapes, onto the closet door, a ray escapes. The monochromatic spark of light this beam projected is a pretty sight. This created flicker dances around to the rhythm of outside traffic lights. As cars pass by, the light jumps up. I view this spark with luck in my eyes; to catch this sight well-unconveyed by rhymes. This orange room and surrounding lights make me humble to get to spend the night. I'll see you tomorrow morning, I hope. If not with my eye, then with a telescope. Imagine yellow street lights across the globe, beating a pulse, connecting our own still monochromatic and beautiful world. Imagine a single traffic light, taking shelter from the rain drops that intermix. Falling xylophone-esque ticks. As a drop passes through a crevice, the imaginary street lights reminisce of a time they were all linked together In that orange room that's secluded, forever. Good night
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    I like to think I see wonder in little indescribable things, too
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    This morning started pretty miserably, with me just missing the bus, almost losing my headphones, and the train leaving right in front of me. But while I was on the next train, I could see a rainbow for a few seconds which made my way to work and this morning a bit more bearable. 🌈
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    Interesting... There are some things that are childish that should be looked at as immature, but having a sense of wonder is not one of those things. Have you seen Violet Evergarden? It's Chicken and my profile pic, but it's a great anime about the stories that we share, and how we express our emotions through writing.
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    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I am sure I'll keep it for a while, I think it's fun to see the world around you like this. ☀️ Yes, there are always new and interesting stories that come to my mind, or questions noone else would ask. Usually it's seen as very childish though, so I don't share these thoughts very often.
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    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe Oh, of course! I have this kind of attitude towards everything, actually. I grew up with "talking" to things and giving them kind of a personality and such. And I've kept the idea of it and still think about the world around me like that (not in a crazy way, more in a "I respect objects and try be resourceful and careful with everything I have" way). I've thought about what this little cushion might experience on its windy journey, too! A brave and fleece-y adventurer that took its chance to go and see the world... how exciting! ⭐
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    Mine would probably have to be Adventurer. It gives off a fun and voyage-like tone (also I am currently listening to it).
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    Does anyone feel like the rain froze overnight?
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    @Chickenhayl That would explain the dead voice, but congrats on your win! What did you elect to sing? Anything important to you? @Cwilk [EnderBoy 7] Ahh, yes, that would make more sense. And that's awesome, you don't need an interesting reason to do things, just a reason that drives you I do agree though, that eight bit style is very nostalgic. Games I definitely got to grow up on, and that haven't left us yet @Listori Yep, you've got it, share away, keeper of stories, librarian in training!
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    Hahah I meant busy with schoolwork 😛 The simple answer for why I started doing pixel art is because I sucked at sketching and drawing stuff from scratch. Pixel art is easier, cause with a small canvas detail isn't necessary. If you also want a more interesting reason, I grew up playing flash games and I guess fell in love with the art style
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    Eastern Regionals is basically a competition thing in the Eastern states where if you get in you have to practice for two days (with five pieces of music) and then have a concert. It is fun, it just gets painful after a while. Technically, I did win since I got in.
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    What is Eastern Regionals? Is it fun? Did you win?
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    I was just in Eastern Reigonals.
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    @slightlyaboveaveragejoe Mhh, it is kinda hard to explain for me, but I'll try. "The Night Circus is a phantasmagorical fairy tale set near an ahistorical Victorian London in a wandering magical circus that is open only from sunset to sunrise." That is a description I got from Wikipedia and it sums it up pretty well. The main story is about two magicians who are part of a game of their mentors; they spend their whole lives learning magic to some day win the game. The time, setting, and view of which character the story is told changes from chapter to chapter, but it mostly takes place in the "Cirque des Rêves" - the Night Circus. I am not quite sure how much I can say without spoiling something, so I'll leave it with that. But I can really recommend it to you if you're into (slightly) magical worlds and fantastical places! ✨
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    My guess of who the bomber could be would have to be Kanesaki (the teacher). My evidence is that his aspiration is to be lazy and he is stuck with supervising a high school idol group. He also only appears in a few points in time, all in which seem suspicious. He arrives with another idol group and says that he didn't remember that they would be there. That could imply that they were going to discuss something that he didn't want the Star Blush Girls to hear?
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    More Responses Inbound! Though you could have responded to your other post. However, you want to post, just go for it! So, we have two main thoughts here, but in answer to the first. Neither instance would make you crazy. You would simply be human. There is nothing inherently wrong with hanging onto something. Likewise, there is nothing inherently wrong with going along with something. The only times that they are wrong/crazy, would be when you are holding onto something that is bad or that you shouldn't hold onto, or you are playing along with someone who is doing something that isn't right. Apart from those instances. I do not think your actions would be crazy. In regards to both that and the toxicity of the college experience, which I will broaden so that all readers who are or may be going to college can understand, college is a place of learning. What I mean by that is this, you are not fully developed as a person. There are some many thing in college that get solidified, rearranged, or just changed that you probably weren't expecting. Chances are that this is the same for your acquaintance. And given the fact that you've spoken with them multiple times on the issue and they've ignored it, I would say it may be best to leave. On the topic of insanity, that would be doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Instead it may be time to leave. That may be what the other person needs to grow. Sometimes we need a friend to come around and talk to us. Other times we need that friend to give us a good swift kick. But we only learn that through our trials. In the end, it will probably be better for you to remove people who are hurting your from your life until you can face them with a better energy. Now in regards to sharing the pain. The answer to your first question is in the first question. Why are you reaching out to share the pain? Because you don't like dealing with it. And truthfully none of use do. I heard a pastor on youtube, his phrase was. No Pain, No Pain. Its very normal to not want pain, and if you are used to having people around you to help, sharing that pain is a normal and good thing. And you have to share the pain for someone to help, and we're glad you shared it with us. And sharing does not proliferate the pain, unless you are not seeking to get better, which I entirely doubt, but could be possible. Therefore when you seek out help, you are not proliferating pain, but minimizing it, and spreading it thin. So that it does not wear on you alone. "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." You are not crazy, you are not alone, and you most certainly are not going to let this stop you. Keep being amazing Princess. Don't let the bad ones get you down. For me college was the same way. For the first few year I didn't think there was anyone out there who thought the same way as me, or that there were people out there in real life who actually cared and made that difference that you were talking about. That was the thought process behind the Real Ones. Because we exist, and we're out there, you just haven't met us yet. So rather than "making" friends. Go find your friends. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    This post... honestly kinda goes into a much deeper section of Invalidation... It kinda hits home about what BSS stands for and why it means so much to me. But I'll put it into a different section as others responded to my previous post before I was finished. And it would be wrong to place this there after their answers. Culture in college especially can be quite toxic or quite graphic. Or maybe I'm just too different from anyone who's in my "grade". Sexual references, drugs, swearing are very common among my peers especially the not quite mature males and often is something I am exposed to. Being in the science field right now, doesn't exactly help with that either. And no matter how I choose to react to what I'm exposed to, any complainants or requests I have are left forgotten or ignored. One in particular admits ignorance and yet he said that he'd still tell someone who's suffering something invalidating to their face just because it's funny or the way he sees the world. So, what do I do?... Who's crazy? Me when I try to hold on, or maybe when I try to play along? Neither seems right, and always is accompanied by pain. What's crazy? Abandoning acquaintanceship once and for all, or maybe trying to be near them at all? It's hard to feel close to those who don't want to understand... They say to make friends, But I'd ask, what does that even mean? (Referencing pattern to the song "Who's crazy/ My psycho-pharmacologist and I" from the musical Next to Normal.) I'm sorry... I know I don't like dealing with it, so why am I trying to reach out and share the pain? I don't want to share the pain... I just want help, and I don't know how else to explain except by sharing... But when I tried telling someone else who I trusted they asked me why I even shared it since they didn't want to see it, and only proliferated the pain... Yet, that's not all. I know I've said this before, but I deeply feel emotions. And I can feel the pain and the joy, the love and hurt of others as if it was my own. And it's a painful blessing. In college, tough issues have been addressed. This time, it was about cancer, and while our professor told us about a story of his neighbor who had it, I had to run out of the room (literally) to avoid melting down from a tsunami of sadness and pain. I don't get it... You guys talk about how you can control your emotions. But I can't do that! I couldn't help but weep for her... And I tried for a majority part of class to not panic about the subject as a whole and to stay to get the notes and be like everyone else and not cause a rukus. I even had to put in my headphones trying to keep the peace just enough to hold on which is pretty rude to do right? But I couldn't. And I can't. I can't stop these feelings, they are too strong. It doesn't mean I don't atleast try to control my actions but I can't do what you guys do... Am I really that crazy?... Am I so weak and fragile that I cry at what others didn't? Yet, only three people actually cared to see if I was okay. I get that it's not like they should or anything... But If I had left sooner, would anyone have asked at all? Constantly wistfully, Someone comes close to me, asking me, "what's going on?" or blasting right past me, with no sense of compassion or empathy, and honestly? It's uncanny, passively grasping for some kind of tapestry that could tell me, not overwhelm me, for an answer of why they abandon me, while I am frantically panicking while holding a crying smile, waiting patiently, lingering to hope of the day, the way, to say and not be forgot, by those who care about me. (P.S. ^ Poem of Closing provided by the help of the Holy Spirit)
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    @Listori What kind of story is it? Can you give a non spoilers plot summary?
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    So I've been subscribed to black static and swerve since very close to the very beginning. I never watched there streams though. Then as the months have gone on, I'd watch bits of them. Then I started watching them fully. And just recently I started talking in the chat. I'm pretty awkward, so I'm sorry about that. But I'm friendly. I try to make art, and music is a very important part of my life. I try to watch the streams live, and if I miss some, I'll watch what I miss another time. I hope to become part of this community 😁😁 🤟🤟
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    Hiya! I've been a fan of Static-P music for a little less than a year from now, and I checked out the Static-P Plus streams back in summer, but I discovered the actually active BSS channel just today. And unless it's nighttime for me, I plan on making an appearance in the next stream! If you want to know a little bit about me, I'm an artist, you can find, like, 3 pieces on my Twitter twitter.com/MidnightCwilk (which I set up at the start of this year, I hope to be more active soon) and from that you can also conclude that I mainly do pixel art. Uh, what else? I like math I guess. And I'm a biiiiggg fan of fictional worlds and atmospheres, moreso creating them. Making a fully-fledged game is pretty much the end-goal of my life. About my multiple aliases: Cwilk is meant to be pronounced Swilk, but Kwilk is okay too; I use EnderBoy 7 as my Google account, so you'll find me on streams under that name; finally, as to avoid confusion, you can all just call me Matt Yeah, that's about it. I hope to be a part of this community for a little while, as it looks very warm and welcoming ;D yo no way you can change colors?
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    Hello and Welcome here on the forum. I hope you can make it to the stream although don't stay up way too late for that if you have to wake up early at the morning. Very nice, keep it up and most importantly, have fun with it Fictional worlds are always interesting because everyone can have a different point view on the same thing. It's even fun to discuss. Yes it seems you can change the colors even I have never tried before
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    Happy birthday! 🎊🎂🎉
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    Honestly i dont know who the bomber is for certain but since the detective doesnt believe its ths girls then he should be able to leave since his investigation is over, but he hasnt left yet. I think its the teacher because the detective knows he can use being the girls' manager as a cover up to spend lots of time with kanesaki to get as much information out of him as possible. I think that if it was the meteor group or the teacher for the meteor group he would go to that school to do his investigating just like he did for the girls here, but he isnt, and the detective is always ahead, so the only logical explanation is that it is kanesaki. I can understand why some people think it is Aka or the new meteor group but what those people dont realize is that aka is a new teacher at her school and wanted kanesaki to train her, so i doubt that she was at the event where the bombing happened, and while the new meteor group was most likely at the bombing it is highly unlikely that they would have been able to get access to the backstage or the bags before the event,and even if they could there is no way they would risk hurting the old meteor members or the star blush girls because what has been told to us about them. There is a possibility it was Nori, but we dont know enough about him to make that claim yet and i bet Static made this post because it is possible to figure out who it is. Also there is no way it was the detective because that wouldnt align with his character at all. And finally Cole, who is very easy to debunk as the bomber because he wasnt involved with the starblush girls until after the bombing happened, this was confirmed in episode 5 because they said that 4 members total had left after the bombing, and when Cole went to them club in episode 2 the star blush girls said they needed a 5th member, so Cole was their savior in a way
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    Mhh, I guess my all time favourite, or a book I feel good with, a book that I like to be connected to me, is "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. It speaks to me on many levels; the diverse but connected characters; the way, the story is build; the feeling of the book itself; and most importantly, the fascinating world in which I can immerse in. Everything is perfect in this book, for me. 🖤
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    I wanna agree with you on that, which generally that is the case. But some people shouldn't figure out the truth cause it nullifies their thoughts and emotions. But ye it's not gonna be stuck this way forever, but i don't see any hope for all these people until either the next generation or a few after. A lot of depression nowadays is because of relationships, most people that are about 20 now have sought after a relationship because that's how they thought life would turn out, most parents were like, "You'll get a wife/husband and live happily ever." But the divorce rate just keeps rising. But RIP the future, not knowing what depression feels like sometimes ain't a good thing, but idk - I'm half asleep rn.
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    I would've posted this on the Don't Worry Wednesday section but felt that it's more suitable here. For the Don't Worry Wednesday podcast, the description states the date of live stream as May 9, 2017 instead of 2018. The descriptions that state the year as 2017 are the ones that are for "How do I Save Money?", "How do I find a place in this world?", "Friend Overstaying Welcome", and "Problem About a Friend". I think this should be fixed to the correct year.
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