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    Dear Director, I am an accountant, counting is what I do. You may refer to me, as the Count. And i am happyto collaborate with anyone looking for advice in starting a business, or anything else fiscally motivated. I also like to write stories. Detailed and intricate plots with deeper meaning and thought provoking interactions. If anyone wants to work on writing a story im all in. However, my dialogue needs work, since I'm a little awkward when talking to people. See you around!
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    To whom this may concern to. Greetings. My name is Michael, but most tend to know me as the guy who is too eager to help with science and math. Regarding talents, I can plan long-term events(as long as unpredictable events do not arise), and logically analyze a current situation with varying degrees of success. Apart from this, I have been told that I have a knack for making complicated topics more understandable. I also have a little over a decade of piano experience under my belt, but I can't say if that really counts as a talent. Feel free to ask if there is anything that I can assist with. Good day, and good luck. Sincerely, ~Michael
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    Um, hi! In terms of talents, I can draw, and I love to sing, although I'm not sure how good I am at that ^^;; I'm always ready to have a great conversation (or a not so great one, it's all good)!
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    Hi! (It's yeboi) Always happy to do collaborative creative projects! I spend a lot of time doing music and I'm going to study it at university next year, focusing on composition! I write a lot of music in my free time including Static P covers~ I also sing. Happy to be of service o7
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    Hey everyone! Thank you for your patience as I finally announce the winners for this year’s Inktober Contest. This was an amazing year, with many new faces and a few returning. But the stakes are higher, and the rewards greater. And I can assure you that our friends did not disappoint. I am going to go in the order that I reviewed the different groupings; Music, Art, and Writing. In each group I will lead with the honorable mentions and then move one to are winners. In Music, for whatever reason, we only had two entrants. Our runner up in music is @Monkerstar. Monker is no slouch when it comes to our music contest. In fact, he was far and away our best contestant last year with his cover of Detective Detective. I am glad to see him back with two pieces this year. One for Legend, and one for Ripe. Both are very well written and wonderful compositions that I hope you take the time to go back and listen to on the Inktober year two page. That means that our winner for this year’s Musical Inktober Contest is none other than @annaports. Anna was involved last year as well, with a few covers, but this year really worked a great deal to bring a cover for nearly every day of the month. But it is her cover of the Starbucks Vampire song that nabs her the top spot. The level of entertainment from both the video itself, and the slight editing you did to the lyrics really make this song stand out. You definitely captured the idea of “Tasty.” Anna, I want to encourage you to continue to practice your singing for some of the higher notes and transitions, as a recommendation from those who assisted me in my voting. I can't wait to see what you bring us next year. That brings us to art. The art contest was fierce and it is every year. Thankfully for our contestants, the powerhouse that won last year elected not to participate, so our new field of challengers started with a equal playing field and boy did they turn up the heat. So lets start with our honorable mentions. Our first honorable mention is @Hailey Hepworth She gave us a wonderful drawing for injured of a heart and girl reaching for it. This piece really speaks to both the mental and physical injury that each of us faces and I think she captured it brilliantly. Our second honorable mention is @man-left-behind. Now they only gave us a literal interpretation of ring, but it was still a well craft piece, considering that we all know that hands are the hardest thing in the world to draw. Our third honorable mention is a staple of the Music contest, but is attempting to dabble in more creative works. @Monkerstar who brings us the meaning of misfit, with his work on the Misfit criminal idol drawing, much to the chagrin of Cole, and his two reimagined character portrayals of the Detective and Cole. Excellent work! Our final honorable mention is @Zelarux who had two very wonderful drawings on the topic of Ring and Mindless, and they capture those ideas well and in a unique way. They are well executed and I hope that you continue to refine your work to make even better pieces. That means that we have an incredible runner up. Someone who can take one word and think of a million things. Indeed, they managed to turn a picture into a thousand(ish) word. We have @Jahotsafits with their wonderful concept on what it means to be a ring, which can sometimes even be a square. Thank you for your contribution to this year’s contest. That means that we have a winner for this year’s Inktober contest. They created the most art of anyone by far. But beyond that, the art was done spectacularly each time, which can be difficult when you have other obligation on top of this contest. I highly encourage you to look at each one of their pieces in the Inktober year two thread. But our winner, with the Day 6 drawing for Husky is… @FallingRainDroplet !!!!! Congratulations!! This brings us to our final contest portion and the portion that took me the longest to get through. (I’m not a big reader okay?) We had a number of amazing entries, but at the end of the day we could only choose the top two. Lets get started with our honorable mentions though. Our first honorable mention is @Harmony , with a day twelve entry for Dragon. They weave an intricate tale of a dragon and a dragon slayer, with the age old question of what is perceived as greatness and what actually is greatness. Thanks for giving us an imaginative story. The second honorable mention is @Liamsusername. Liam writes a strong, vivid, and all around detailed prose that invokes both mental images and tantalizing metaphors. His stories from the first three days are gripping in their portrayal of life. This brings us to our runner up @man-left-behind, and his day 4 entry for freeze. It’s a cold look at a cold world and invokes not only the word itself, but helps us to imagine the use of freezing for those things which hold us in their icy grip. While I hope that you find a more positive outlook on life. I have often found that some of my most emotional writings have come from when I was in the thick of it. Thank you for finding the time to write for us. You were the most active writer of our contestants and we thank you for each of your attempts. This means that our winner of the writing contest is… @Hailey Hepworth with her entry for day 15 legend. This is a great piece of poetry that I enjoyed thoroughly. And I am not one to normally read any poetry at all. Not to mention the piece's beautiful look at what it means to be put on a pedestal and have many, many people looking up to you. An interesting take on the word Legend. Congratulations Hailey! Thank you to everyone who participated this year. You are the reason that we are here and your continued commitment to the BSS community is most welcomed. If you have any questions for me, or have any suggestion for our next contest please let me know. Welcome to 2020, it’s going to be a great year! Sincerely, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    I'm with Sumner on some points and others im opposed, but i suppose we are all different so that is to be expected. I'm sorry about your father, and these types of events tend to bring thoughts of what happens after death to the forefront of our mind. But I think what you are actually going to want to find is not the answer to a question, but instead the God that put you in the place to ask those questions. The Bible and the Quran for that matter are not meant for find God in them entirely. Indeed they are words on paper and if you were to worship the Bible instead of the God who spoke it, that would be a shame. Instead they tell us who God is. For the saints, the Bible is the Word of God. How would you understand who someone was without listening to the words they spoke? You wouldn't know they thoughts about you, or what they had planned or what they expected if you just ignored the words they said. So I agree with Sumner that you don't need to hear what other people think to find out who God is, but I disagree that you would find God as a part of you. If we try to make our god, what fits in that hole we find in ourselves we end up with something imperfect. We try to fill that hole with many things and a god who is built by us to fill that hole will only last for a while. He is who He is. The Bible speaks very seldomly of Hell and very little of heaven and yet this is what we spend most of our time concerned with the book about. When in reality, is a book about being present with God. In war, in trial, in peace, in joy, in sadness, in longing, in depression. God is with you in all of it, and i like Sumners analogy of a father watching over your shoulder the entire time as you search for him. But finding Him is as simple as asking him. When you cry out "God show yourself" and her turns out to be right there, its like one of those movie moments where one person is helping their friends search for that person. If God is as He says, He is not troubled by your questions, He is not mocked by how little we understand, and doesn't think us foolish for asking. Therefore in your pursuit of the truth ask for God boldly. Not as a pretense for receiving anything, but as a cry for God. The Bible is filled with stories of God proving himself to man. When Peter walks on water (Matthew 14), when Elijah confronts the worshippers of Baal (1st Kings 18), and the entire book of Job where the man does nothing but ask God to answer him and the Lord appears to him. I don't believe because I think a certain way or I have been raised a certain way. I believe because the Lord of the universe considered it important enough to take the time to convince me. Through the changes the have impacted my life, both the explainable and the inexplicable. Through the people that surround me both in person and onthe internet. Through His Word which has survived as long as it has. But your story is different, your life is different, and thus He is going to show you differently. And I am certain Joe and Ryan's response will be just as different. Love Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    Hi, I’m new here and first want to say thanks for having me here, i´ve read through the forum a bit and everyone seems nice so i´m happy to now be a member of this community. Ok, so I´m known under the name BuggyGamer2511 (many just call me Bugs) and my real name is Marc, I´m from North Germany, Male, was Born on the 25th of November 2002 and i´m an Introvert. In the moment my Hobbies are Gaming, Anime/Manga, working on Cars (i´m also currently in training to be a car mechanic) and i´m listening to music pretty much all the time. That´s the most important infos about me, if you want to know anything else feel free to ask. It´s already pretty late but happy new year! Edit: If you find spelling errors feel free to tell me about them, i just found some myself, even after i read this 4 times before posting it ._.
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    Hello BSS Community! We're heading toward a new year and we're looking for more ways to bond/interact, and perhaps collaborate on discussions, content or new avenues of helping people and changing lives. Therefore, tossing out the question, WHAT is your talent? -- answer as you know, or let us know you are willing to have fun conversations with our team here at Black Static & Swerve! Enjoy the rest of 2019, and drop some notes in here below, we'll check in as time permits. Appreciated.
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    I've been kinda inactive since the server has been rather deal but I was just thinking about his music so I'm back. Creative stuff? I can write and edit song lyrics. I also know how to rap, and I'm not so bad at singing. I plan to improve all of these things over the course of the year anyway so hit me up if you have anything music related. I also know how to create story plotlines and characters but simply don't have the time or patience for dialogue and such. So if you want a sounding board for a story you're writing, I'm good with that since I work with an aspiring comic artist on a daily basis. I've interests and knowledge in lots of places, so feel free to ask what I can help with if you're interested.
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    *This story is a work of fiction. Similarities between characters or events to persons in your life living or dead are purely coincidental.* The sun was setting in the small area of District 68. District 68 is a small village in the Canibe District, with a population of 200 people. Most of the people in the Canibe District are apart of the Spero clan. Only 2 districts have a different clan, District 69 and 70. Those districts keep to themselves, but on occasion they would try to recruit in the nearby districts. The Spero clan is what others would call a stone age tribe. They do not have supermarkets or fast food, they hunt for everything from food to gems. The Spero clan's spirit animal is a sparrow, the sparrow symbolizes Courage, Respect and, Honor. Every crime that is committed, goes to an organization that takes care of the justice system. A murder could lead to execution or banishment to District 15. District 15 is a reserved district for prisons. Banishment takes you out of all the districts and into a isolated island 500 miles west from the Canibe District. Banishment lasts from 1 year to 60. Every criminal is numbered 1-9 by how bad the crime is. 1 is as bad as killing a sparrow on accident. 5 is as bad as burning a whole village down but without killing anyone. 9 is the worst you can do, killing 5 or more people with murderous intent. 9 is execution with no chance for banishment. 1 is just a slap on the wrist. Everybody in District 68 treats everybody like family. When somebody new comes to the district they treat them with open arms. Unless they do something that goes against the law. Everybody in 68 was taught from birth to be accepting of every bodies differences. But if they break the law over a #4, you shouldn't talk to them anymore. 4 villages in the past 6 years have burned down due to arsonists. The homes in all the villages are not made of brick or stone. They made the houses out of wood and hay roofs. That makes every village able to burned by just a spark. One day in District 68 a local named Hekai Nosumu woke up from a nightmare, District 68 was gonna be engulfed in flames. She was scared out of her mind, but just put it aside as a nightmare. "Wake up Hekai, Breakfast is ready!" said her uncle. "I'm coming!" Hekai replied. Hekai walked out of her shack and walked to the dining house. As she was walking in, she felt a warm presence. It felt as if a fire was nearby. She quickly looked behind her and saw the whole village on fire. END OF CHAPTER.
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    This has been something I always used to do and now want to get back into the habit of. I tell bad jokes so people can laugh. Whether you laugh at the joke, or me for how bad my jokes are is irrelevant as long as you can at least snicker(TM). Did you hear about the arrogant trumpet player who always wins music awards? He's always tooting his own horn.
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    I guess you're welcome.
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    I was ot expecting to be the runner up...um thanks?
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    Over the past few months I have been struggling with the idea of God and the afterlife. I was raised Christian-catholic and went to a catholic elementary/middle school, but was never that serious about the faith and only went to church because that's what I was supposed to do. Sometime around the start of high-school I stopped going to church because I never enjoyed it and always felt like it was a chore. Since then I haven't really identified with any certain religion, instead I just ignored the question. I guess that "agnostic" would be the best word to describe my beliefs, meaning that although I don't subscribe to a specific religion I do feel like there is something mystical and important going on with the world. It doesn't make sense to me if we just take a pure scientific view towards life. At the end of the day, we're just matter and energy interacting. I'm not saying the science isn't true, but it removes the deeper meaning from us and throw's away purpose. The meaning of life according to science is to create more life. But that doesn't include the afterlife, which is the most important mystery for everyone. I am 21 now and have had more time to think seriously about life and religion, having my own personal challenges dealing with mortality after losing my father from Leukemia a little over a year ago. I've been trying to re-visit Christianity and learn from a more mature perspective, but I'm not sure that I can become a believer. I want to believe in God for the security of knowing that death isn't final, but I still have the same thoughts and questions that won't let me believe. Concerns like how people know Christianity is the Truth when every other religion also claims to be the one true religion so adamantly. There's also the problem of eternal hell with Christianity, and how to deal with something so horrible if it is to be believed. I really do want to believe, but at the same time I don't think I can truly believe in my heart unless I come to peace with questions like these or something in me changes. I almost feel hopeless, like a lost cause, but figure this is worth a try since it would be the most important thing in life if it is true. I'm more interested in talking to believers about this than non-believers because I am searching for supernatural meaning, not worldly meaning. I have already been exposed to enough atheism, hate, and disbelief towards religion via the internet and the culture of today's society. I know that not all atheists and non-believers are hateful people inherently, but their world view is to bleak and boring to me, it's rather sad. It is time to return to true believers and find out why they believe, and how I can believe also. Please let me know your thoughts on all of this, and if you are believers please pray for me that I may find God. Thank you.
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    There is a belief that in order to find God we must see first how everyone else sees him, and what they think on the matter. We must search the key to it all in the bible, but wait, that doesn't quite give the whole picture, hmmm.... Perhaps King Georges? Oh, no that isn't quite right either. So it must be the old testament, wait no the new testament...The Quran? UGH none of this even makes any sense! And so, we go in circles around and around and around trying to find the right answer, trying to find what feel right in our heart, the piece of the puzzle that will fill that missing space perfectly and allow us to see the whole picture. The problem is that you're just grabbing handfuls of pieces and trying to see which one fits, when if you just looked inside, you would know how the piece is shaped. What I am saying with all of this is that you must look inside yourself, and inside your soul and search THERE for God, because that's where the little rascal was hiding all along. He wasn't waiting around the corner of some ancient cathedral, or hiding in the pages of some dusty tome, he was with you the entire time, looking over your shoulder with a curious look on his face wondering what you were looking for so hard. Find out what god means to you by listening to what your heart tells you. That's the only way you can be completely satisfied with the answer.
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    It okay Bug, I think most everyone here is at least a little shy, so you should blend in just fine!
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    Thank you both for welcoming me like that @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I think i need some time to find out how everything works here but i´d defenitly like to get involved! @Sumner Kagen I´m a very shy person so not being shy is not easy^^
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    Welcome to the club Bugs! Like my friend Joe here said, feel free to ask for help and/or just chat, all of us here are indeed quite friendly, so don't be shy!
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    WOOHOO! I want to give a congratulation to all of the winners, and a big thank you to all participants, it takes a lot of courage to put your heart out like that. Let's make next year even better!
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    @BuggyGamer2511 It's a pleasure to have you here with us. Don't worry too much about spelling errors, we all make them even if English is our first language. Let us know if there is any way we can make you feel more welcome or if you want to get involved in anything. See you around. Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
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    It is easy for us to put a hold on the things we want to do because of fear. Fear that we might get hurt, we might get rejected, it might not be perfect, and so on. The monkey mind is an expert at creating excuses, at stopping you from taking a risk. Your Ego has been doing it to you for as long as you've been alive. The chatter and excuses can be constant, and hard to ignore, but you can't let them stop you.
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    Thanks Hero! I posted the link to it on the "Can you guess the Detective?" thread and I think there's not much left for me to add... Given how close the end of Criminal Idol S1 is, I've lost a bit of motivation on it but I'm still proud of it ^^
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    super late but this is great amazing and all compliments I can give!!!!
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    Okay, here goes. Detective Monkerstar bursts onto the scene - and carrying a folder, no less! What's in the folder I hear you ask? Well you're welcome to take a look... https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AIRHxfqzz27UG-3tKahI8XYcmE7SpbePEP0TW28GL3g/edit?usp=sharing While unfinished, I wanted to give this to all of you before the last songs are released on Criminal Idol to help bring us together and straighten things out. This has taken a long time - my only hope is that for people interested in solving the case but don't have the time to meticulously look through the whole album, I can give you the details and a lot of trivia. By no means does this have all of the clues in it, but I hope it helps. Good luck Detectives!
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    Welcome to the squad my friend!
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    Hey @Felrein002, Many times, I've had my path change to something I didn't really want to do... While I generally would resist it in my mind at the time it happened, I found out later how valuable the experience was. There is much you will be able to learn on your upcoming journey - skills, training, new people to meet, and maybe you will come face to face with yourself and have some truly defining moments. You may find out that you are capable of so much more than you imagined! Here's to you, @Felrein002... You're in our thoughts and prayers!
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    Just send a support ticket @Joe 【CDVNL】
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    Yeah, I know how you feel, @Kiran... Sometimes even those of us on staff don't really know what to do either...
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    It's been a while since my last Static P cover (Detective Detective) but I've finally got into it! I made this one on my own and I'm every bit as proud of it. Here is my cover and just the instrumental if anyone wants it ^^ Sugar_popped_sunshine_cover.wav Sugar_popped_sunshine_instrumental.wav
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