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    Saigo here (Yeah, this is my really old account, I've changed nicknames since then) using the forum this time for my question because let's save Princess the trouble of having to make the post herself this time, shall we? A few minutes ago I had a talk with my dad about an opportunity for something I want to try, this opportunity however comes with a cost that is physical, and varies depending on your country, but in the US is green with the face of a guy printed on it depending on the value, dad said we'd talk about it tomorrow but didn't seem entirely closed to the idea, and then I was alone in my room again, free to overthink and plan out every possibility coming from this decision. As expected of one who does this kind of thing, I started to hesitate and rethink it, amongst the sea of thoughts I could single out two arguments, one which is irrelevant to the question and "You don't need this" The argument is based on the premise that I don't need to spend the extra money on this opportunity because well, I can just learn it for free if I set my mind to it (Big if, lord knows I've wanted to "set my mind to it" for forever but never quite did it, go figure), this point is reinforced by the fact that, were I able to learn without needing to pay, I would still have an opportunity in the future since it comes every year, another point is that the money being spent is not guaranteed to be mine, since the little I have which is my own comes only when fate decides to throw me a malfunctioning laptop or smartphone that someone needs fixed, which happens about as often as something... that doesn't happen often (couldn't think of a good comparison help me out Aqil.) Notice how both these points center on the cost that taking the opportunity would have, either as something that could have zero cost instead or as something which would have its costs covered by another person instead of myself, other than that, I also considered not getting some parts I need for my PC in order to save money, however, were I to try to learn on my own, those parts would be of great help for me, which makes me think it might be an attempt at self-sabotaging or a self-sacrifice "For the greater good" of saving expenses for dad, either way you choose to see it, the fact is that it is me dropping a perceived opportunity in order to reduce costs One last thing before I close it off with the summary, I also realize every time this comes up (Which is often enough for me to think "Well... here we go again"), the points that hold the most weight are the ones that involve others covering costs for me, if it wasn't the fact that aceing my English classes is guaranteed and that it is sure to give me an edge on job hunting, I wouldn't have even considered bringing up the possibility of it to dad because "Why should he be paying for this?". Also, yes, costs are a big thing, Brazil is kinda terrible at economy and it's not getting better any time soon In summary, how do you balance out minimizing costs against seizing opportunities? Status Update: I've dropped the idea, the cash would be better invested in something else or at least that's what I've convinced myself of, the issue then comes from my inability to police myself to actually learn it by myself, the active guidance of someone a mentor (Which would have been the case, and yes, it's coming directly from those involved with the scenario) would be invaluable for me to actually go through with it but ironically enough, I tend to try to do everything myself which ends up with a few hours of doing absolutely nothing instead of learning (Although I am getting better when it comes to that... at a snail's pace but I am)
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    Question: basically, what's been happening is I've had a great bunch of people betray my trust all the way through. Anything from not keeping their promises to even betraying me. The bad part is - I'm not mad at anyone. I'm mad at myself, and I can't even tell why. In the end, I also noticed I started to avoid actions that require trust. Anything from asking someone to share their homework with me, through asking my parents if they could get me breakfast for the next day et cettera, even the small things. So; How - and where - do I start healing after that? I'd assume it's all about healing, I don't think I can just give up on trusting others, so... What do I even? ;;
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    Hey I have a low importance topic that you can address sometime when there isn’t anything better to address. In school, I’ve always been one to do well. It’s great although I’ve set expectations for myself. When my grades aren’t what I want it stresses me, but if I ever try talking about that with my friends, it always turns into, “You have no right to complain. At least your grade isn’t this...” I don’t mean to seem like I’m complaining or trying to make anyone feel bad, I’m just trying to talk about my grades, how they’re stressing me, how I’m relying on certain things to bring them up, etc. There’s also that when I do extraordinarily well, I want to be able to share my excitement and such. All my classmates will talk about how they did well and people will be excited for them, but when I do well, it’s always just, “Of course you did. That’s because you’re perfect.” I’m not perfect though. It actually bothers me how people constantly perceive me as perfect and how I can’t talk about my grades without upsetting anyone. I just want people to see me, and share my excitement, not see the perfect image of me that they’ve crafted in their minds.
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    I decided to name this post "Dream" because, as I sit here, next to me I have this little globe/music box that my mom got me that plays a special song that my mom sang to me all the time as a baby and growing up. I remember always asking her to sing it and I felt so comforted and loved whenever she would. It has my favorite word in the globe - dream. What is my dream? Well, it's a bit complicated. Space (and science) has always captured my heart in a way nothing else ever has. When I was little, there was a time where Jupiter was visible in the sky. I don't exactly know what year, but I remember it was huge and it felt like I was in a science fiction movie, and science fiction has always been my favorite genre. It was breathtaking, and I also remember crying when learning how the moon became our moon, because it was so beautiful just to learn and see how the universe unravels and how massive and full of possibilities it is. Since then, Jupiter has been my favorite planet, and I've loved viewing astronomical events and rocket launches. When I go to college, I'm going to get a PhD in physics and astronomy (because physics is my favorite type of science and my favorite class I ever had anyways). I also plan on possibly getting a smaller degree in aeronautical engineering, or maybe chemistry or programming. I wonder if I can do all of those. Anyways, I plan on getting a job at SpaceX since it was established in 2002, the year in which I was born. If not SpaceX, then I'll shoot for NASA, but my goal is SpaceX. I've already looked at jobs that interested me and all of the requirements for them. The other half of my dream is to eventually run my own science corporation and laboratory focused on all types of science, from AI mentally capable of everything a human is, to the far reaches of space and what lies out there, to the study - and possible manipulation of - time. However, I have no idea how to even create a corporation like that. And to have something as big as that, there needs to be money to keep it alive, so where would the money even come from to fuel that type of corporation? Where would I begin?
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    So this is going to be several different posts with more details. To start this conversation is a theoretically simple question is is acceptable/ appropriate to kick out your child who is in college when you are not paying for a vehicle, or college while forcing them to pay rent? I can understand not wanting to be mooched off of but I also know that many other people live with their parents and are supported. I also was taught that if you are in school you should focus on it instead of work because getting an education is a job. I recognize the need for jobs and such but with out a reliable commuting method or drivers license (i have a learners). With the closest business es an hour walk away I am at a loss of how to approach the next section of this part of my existence. more to come but is is a lengthy issue spanning from 2011 to now. any comments and advice is welcome
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    Sparrow is here Sometimes i feel as if constructive criticism is Destructive criticism. What do i do? Sparrow is gone
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    As someone who just today received a surprised Pikachu reaction from a friend when I said I left a question blank on a test, I know where you're coming from, however, I can't offer you a solution because I don't have one, often people would only know my grades if they asked me because I didn't really feel like showing them at all, maybe that's because I had a feeling I would get the reactions you did, even more so since I would just play around in class and still get good grades because I'm gifted (Which is not as fun as it sounds, no pain no gain, it drains any pride out of things I learn unless I had to learn on my own like fixing headset wires, and even then I think the reward is about having saved money and being able to listen to stuff, not having learned how to do it). At some point I started to act indifferent about these things around other people, avoiding drawing attention to myself to the point where I'd let silence reign on the classroom if a teacher asked something despite knowing the answer because "Of course I'd be the one to answer" and "Just let someone else take the spotlight instead", it took me quite some time before I started being proactive about participation thanks to that and even now I try to measure how much I show to others because "Hey, you're gifted, let someone who worked for it take the credit" This post is more of a cautionary tale if you will, the last thing I want is for you to lose any sense of pride. Regardless of how, if you did something awesome (Like a good grade), then you did something awesome, hold that something awesome close to your heart like I hold the amazing beats coming out of my recently-fixed headset because you deserve it, and if you are gifted starting the have these thoughts I described above, know that you already have far more to be proud of than me since you seem to hold yourself to a higher standard instead of just rolling with whatever comes, and that's awesome, keep being awesome
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    First of all, that's awesome- it'll take a lot of work, but you can get there! I would also like to point out that while opportunities do come to us, as Ryan has said, we also make our own opportunities. As for building a corporation and making money, if you want to make AI and such at some point, well, software programming is a very high-income skill, and is also in high- and likely growing- demand in the future, so that would be a great way to start building up a company- of course, you could do it with anything, really, but programming likely makes the most money, if that's what you're concerned about. I would also reccomend learning about business and finances so you can get a head start on making the money and building that business ASAP. However, I would like to point out that this isn't a garuntee- you'll have to keep going and improving not only your business and knowledge, but yourself as well. I will add more soon, but I am tired, and it is getting late, and I would prefer to type on a keyboard, not my phone, for everything i'm going to say.
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    With Lani, I think it might be best to address the issue by being upfront with her and telling her that you didn’t mean anything weird with what you said. Clearing up any confusion sooner rather than letting it sit will likely help your relationship. It will take courage though, but the risk will be well worth the reward. Lani may also be the type that takes some time to open up to people so that might be a factor. Also, if you want to talk anime, I got you. I’ll be that one anime friend you have. I’ve been told I’m a bit chaotic too, but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.
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    Please read the following amazing writings by our fellow Community Members and pick your favorite. Hailey Day 11 Legend.docx Hailey Day 11 Snow.docx Harmony Day 12 Dragon .docx Liam Day 1 Rings.docx Liam Day 2 Mindless.docx Liam Day 3 Bait.docx Man Left Behind Day 21 Treasure .docx
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    See the below Images for voting they are in the same order as the poll.
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    Anna_P_Day_12_Dragon.MOVAnna_P_Day_13_Ash.MOVAnna_P_Day_16_Exploration.MOVAnna_P_Day_22_Ghost.MOV Anna_P_Day_1_Ring.mp3 Anna P Day 2 Mindless.mp3 Anna_P_Day_3_Bait.mp3 Anna_P_Day_4_Freeze.mp3 Anna_P_Day_5_Build.mp3 Anna P Day 6 Husky.mp3 Anna_P_Day_7_Enchanted.mp3 Anna P Day 15 Legend.mp3 Anna_P_Day_18_Misfit.mp3 Anna_P_Day_23_Ancient.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_15_Legend.mp3 Monkerstar_Day_31_Ripe.mp3 Hey Guys you can find all the submissions here.
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    So, for the past couple of months, I’ve been in a really dark place, mentally. I’ve had struggles with college, lost friendships, worked a job I hate, and mutually parted ways with my girlfriend of four years. The medication for my chronic depression that I’ve been taking has not been working, and my attempts at seeking help via therapy haven’t gone over well. I’ve become abashedly cynical to myself, and a burden to the friends I care deeply about. I feel painfully lonely and frustrated that I am the one that has initiative in my friendships a majority of the time. I’m frustrated with myself that I’m no one’s “go-to” conversation buddy. And I can’t bring myself to bring it up with my aforementioned friends, because I don’t want to be even more of a burden. I am feeling my ability to love slip away, and it terrifies me that soon, I don’t think I’ll have the capacity to love anyone, any more. I’m beginning to hate people in general, and no matter how much I try and keep my empathy alive, I can feel it dying. I want to fill the emptiness that sits in my heart right now, share life with someone, but because of the aforementioned lost ability to love, I don’t even think I’d be able to give another girl the chance to even on the slim chance one would be interested in me. It frustrates me to no end. I’ve become angry at God, despite me praying frequently and for a long time being convinced he has a good plan for me. I feel that “plan” is to douse me in overwhelming sadness and grief until I finally snap and visit him myself. I don’t believe he wants me to find happiness. I believe he wants me to suffer. What does one do when they lose the willpower they’ve so long held, that has gotten them through struggles before? I know that “this too shall pass” but that only comforts my future; not my present. (EDIT: It’s gotten to the point where I’m considering not initiating conversations with anyone, just to see how many people would actually care. I don’t wanna do that yet, cause admittedly it’s an awful thing to do as a friend, but I’m approaching that point.)
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