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    This is number 9 - Precious. I'm working on lining the others I did but I just want to throw this in ^^
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    Ok so I can’t really decide on a prompt so I decided to combine them all into one big writing thing. I’m not really good at personal writing buuuut I thought I’d write about something close to me. Hope you guys like it 💙 Trauma can be described with a plethora of terms. One may call it poisonous, slowly eating away at any chance of a normal life you may have. It kills your spirit and makes you yearn for the times when life was still tranquil. It’s like you’re being roasted from the inside out. You fear the day when your scars become evident and there’s no hiding from what happened. No running from your past that day or all those years. If only a spell could fix all of this. Some magic genie could come down and wipe away my self-loathing, regret, and them. I would wish for people to stop calling me a chicken or get over it. The past in the past they say but is it really? Does this big beast known as PTSD drooling all over me, trapping me and limiting my every move not exist? I’m exhausted. I just want to wish upon a star and make it all go away. But on the other hand, life is precious. Yes, I’ve been wounded, scarred, burned, and everything in between but this life has given me so much, flowing on, even when I was too afraid to step foot in the river. But how can someone who’s been treated so cruel find joy in their day to day life? If my mental health problems are more obvious than a whale in a koi pond, how could I find any part of my life precious? I spent the first half of my life keeping my heart guarded from any and every aspect of social interaction. I couldn’t trust anyone, not after everything I’ve been through, not even my own adoptive parents. Everyone could hurt me. Anything could hurt me. Gradually I learned life is too short to always be staring at the clock, waiting for everything to end. There’s too little time to let people push you around and call you weak. I’m not weak. I am a survivor. These angular edges of regret and anxiety keep trying to stab at me and some days they do get me but they’ll never stop me ever again. I’ve dealt with a swollen eye from being hit too hard. I’ve dealt with in a train wreck house littered with empty alcohol bottles and cigarette butts that still haunt my memory to this day. I’ve been scorched and bruised and reminded daily of how breakable I was. I silently waited for the day I would throw my life down the drain just like my parents had years before I was born. But from this I learned I was valuable and irreplaceable, just like an expensive diamond. No matter how muddy my life has been or how much I yearn to chop the trauma right out of my brain, I love my life. From this, I conclude that trauma is like hugging a prickly cactus. Cacti may hurt when you touch them but hugs are always pleasant. I’ve learned to stretch my comfort zone reach out to lengths I’ve never reached before. Negative thoughts hit me like a thunder storm sometimes but in the end, I know I’ll be ok. My adoptive mom always reminds me how much of a gift I was to her and my adoptive father. All of the positive things in my life have double the value of the negatives. The positives give me the jolt of energy I need to wake up everyday. In the end, my trauma is a slice is what makes me me.
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    Have you ever noticed that some days you feel really great, and others are just sort of... meh...? Other times, we can feel absolutely defeated, and we don't even want to get out of bed. I, for one, have been in all of these positions many times. I recently was reminded of a principle that I had learned and apparently forgotten somewhere along the way... That is; Our lives are based on our habits... Our habits are based on our actions... Our actions are based on our thinking... Our thinking is based on our PROGRAMMING. Our programming is the main influence that determines the outcome of our lives. So, what are you programming yourself with? Is it positive or negative? Do you spend a lot of time watching the news, or reading everyone's complaints on the various social media platforms? Or, do you take time to watch or listen to something uplifting? Yesterday, I binged on a podcast that went through some histories of organized crime in various cities around U.S. While it was entertaining and easy to get sucked into, later that day I felt down and uninspired... Not depressed or discouraged, just... meh. It was a big wake up call that I probably need to ingest some better media!!! I mean, if I'm here at BSS, trying to create media that uplifts and inspires all of you, than I need to be on top of my game here!! This is one reason that I LOVE Static-P's material... He takes something uplifting, and makes it very entertaining. He has a way of creating something that is easy to binge on, while also leaving you with an empowered and uplifted state of mind. Your mind is a most powerful tool. You've been given a great gift, and you get to choose how you use it. I'd encourage you to pay attention to your programming and the resulting feelings you experience. Really pay attention!! You will begin to notice the connection, and hopefully you will find some programming that builds you up instead of tearing you down. Our pledge is to continually create the uplifting kind of media. We're glad you've found us! Hopefully you are too!!
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    Sooo... I’ve never done a cover before. If it’s bad I apologize, I haven’t been very motivated recently so I was kind of really lazy with my voice, vocal technique, etc. Also, my voice is quite a bit dead so yeah. I also apologize for parts where it might be hard to hear my voice, you must realize this was all done on my phone because that’s all I had. Anyways, let me know what you think! My_Song_2.m4a
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    I've finished two newer trailer music style songs since I got a new computer after it being stolen. So I've posted them here!
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    Joe! Well said! That guy right there has so much inspiration and wisdom in his head it's like he's spent the last few years coding it into his brain. Along that same train of thought. Thankfully you don't need to be a master coder in order to improve your mental programming. It doesn't take a long bit of concentration or a secret from a guru in the Himalayas. Though, like Joe said, you do need to focus and pay attention to what you are doing to your programming. It's about putting good code in (positive and helpful messages) and removing bad code (rejecting lies and hurt). Drop that album that has a sick bass drop, but lyrics that make your heart drop. Spend some time listening to the wisdom of StaticP. Enjoy the cool tunes of CDVNL. They are positive and up lifting. They improve on your mental programming. Spend some time here with people who help put that good code in your head and help you fight off the bad. We're glad you're here and hope you're around for the amazing things that are going on. Much love! ❤️
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    I forgot to draw for yesterday, but no matter! The entry for day 14 is here! I didn't have any bright ideas for drawing a clock, so I just drew a clock that I saw in my physics classroom at school, which is like this weird backwards clock. Enjoy!
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    Entry for day 12! Topic: Whale! Look at this cute boi. He's just a nice whale waiting for a good friend to keep him company
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    In case you're curious about the music production process, or wish to discuss progress on (or get help for) your own song, welcome. i currently am starting my most awkward feeling track yet. what am i even doing?
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    Locked per your request, Sunnily
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    October 14 I bet that the first time Clark Kent encountered lead it confused him. By that point he was probably used to being able to see into anything he wanted and I bet it made him down some research to find out the weakness in that power. I've spent a good part of my life watching people, and since I rarely was a part of their interactions I picked up a power. It's not something I consciously do and it's not infallible but reading people, is one of the only skills I have for interaction. Now that I've been back to myself, my reading glasses are back on. But I still can't read Nancy. Every other person I interact with is showing their skeleton but she looks the same. After watching for most of tonight in sheer confusion I think I figured it out. The only other person who I can't understand consistently enough...is me. I don't know who I am, therefore my motives don't come from a come a place of security. She is giving off a similar vibe, I'm noticing some tomboyish tendencies and obviously the fickle interactions. Part of the reason I still hang around is because she doesn't seem to fit the patterns that I've come to expect from people. Frankly it's annoying, but still interesting and I think it's mostly curiosity that we have for each other. While everyone else around seems to think that I'm twitterpated, I just ignore that because honestly I don't know what I think. She seems almost like she is taking after her brothers. Between the casual teasing that guys are known for, the agressive tendencies and the way she interacts with guys, I'd say she isn't herself. She thinks she's one of her brothers. My mom grew up with a lot of brothers and said that a similar thing happened to her. I also don't think her sister is directly or entirely related, so maybe that affects the influence that she might've had. On the same token, I think I fall somewhere on her list of oddities. My depression and anxiety keep me from joking freely in the way I would instinctively. I don't tend to stunt or draw attention like most of the guys around and I'm even hesitant to share my talents. There's a big part of me that's curious to see the REAL Nancy, but I don't think that'll happen unless I find the real me. When I'm happy...(out of my head, myself.) She likes me. But when I'm not... she doesn't. I feel like to an extent she can read me too. (Which I don't really like) Even if I'm not depressed, if I'm inwardly tense she's less receptive to interaction. We raced today... she likes to force me to demonstrate my strengths. I'm faster than most people I come across so far... although I did lose today to someone else. I wonder how it would have gone if I was in sneakers instead of boots. But either way he was fast. There was a kid about ten with the group hanging out today. Poor kid, when I'm uncomfortable I gravitate towards children. He was the only one so... At one point I ran up behind him and hugged him it was a semi tackle hug but he yelled "hug Nancy not me!" I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it. But he just frowned and walked on the other side of the road. XD I think I like Nancy. I think she likes me. But I don't think either of us like each other when we're acting based on our insecurity. It's annoying but it's like the same side of a magnet. Whether we want to be friends or not, it doesn't work unless we move back to our spectrum. We both need to find a real confidence in ourselves. I spend a lot of time looking for something. I keep winding up near them. But I think I'm looking for me, and she might have a better grasp on that then I do. I wonder if I'll be any help to her?
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    My entry for day 11, cruel! How dare someone steal someone else's cookie?! I can't believe them!
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    I got a little lazy today, but whatever, I liked the outcome. This is the entry for day 10: Flowing! I drew a brave (stick) adventurer, taking a break during his journey, next to a nice river.
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    Day 8: Star When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinnochio "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are" VID_20181009_222548158.mp4
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    “I’m fine, I’m fine!” She says with a smile Oh that lie is deeper than a mile How could she possibly find through this Not phased, not dazed, no smile to miss I’m shattered, falling, lost and confused A broken doll, thrown away, unused The time is ticking in my heart Yet the clock has yet to start My world has quickly come to an end Yet a smile I’ll still send I’m okay, I have to be For if I’m not, than am I me? Everything’s falling, crashing down I have to stay afloat, I can’t drown My family needs me to be okay So my true feelings I will not say Hiding behind a wall of chains Happiness, she continually feigns
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    Hope this posts to the right place, oof Day 6: Drooling. This is my attempt at ink 😅 yEET
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    Day 6: Drooling Evil Foodeater Conchita by mothy, English lyrics by Miku-tan "What a shame, you want my name? It's Banica Conchita. Give a whirl cause I'm the girl who's craving foods from round the world" VID_20181006_102831089.mp4
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    These elegant pines reach towards the sunny blue sky. This tree grow around this boulder, as has been used as a signpost for a couples affection. This tree is growing a special mushroom that's quite rare. My Oma last found one 10 years ago and that's amazing considering she's an avid mushroom hunter. This is the mushroomm that was found and it weighted almost 1 pound! It's call Lion's mane or Bear's beard for the fine hair like teeth that cover it. Awe~ Some cute tent like mushrooms~ Can you see me? I'm undercover~ Sneaky Sneaks Style~ Here's a HUGE Chanterelle that we found! most are the size of one finger, this one is the size of my hand! This mushroom actually has ridges and not gills. Here's Jerry. Found him along the walk and had a short chat. This elegant log had itty bitty mushrooms of a color I had never encountered before. Towering Spire of Pine is an almost terrifying sight to behold. Doesn't this mushroom look like a little sunhat? ❤️ A little bluebell dress for fairies!~ Little Spider friend on a cute yellow blossom. 🎵Trio of singing little ones 🎵 Mini pom pom blossom Perfect Mario Mushroom~ The Sun rise flower A Hatchling Mushroom 🥚 Unsettling question for an unsettling mushroom... What color are you? Oyster Mushroom Waterfalls Ahead Pristine White Angel of Death Corn kernels and Cherries anyone? Violet way to end the day
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    My entry for day 5! The topic was chicken, so I drew a chicken. To make it more halloween themed, I drew a witch chicken. Not good at colouring so i left the chicken blank.
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    Steins;gate 0 is a very good show if you liked steins;gate, it requires a decent amount of explanation before you even start the series though. There was good sequels that I haven't watched for the most part like AOT 3, overlord 3, free 3 and my hero 3. Cells at work is surprisingly good and I'd definitely recommend that. If you're isekai trash like me isekai maou has been pretty good, though it should be noted that it's an ecchi. I've heard hanebado, banana fish and asobi asobase were good, but I haven't watched an of them. To finish it off high score girl and back street girls are supposed to be really good. That now concludes Narken's anime nerd out session.
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    So... I kinda went and wrote a love poem. It isn't even specifically directed at a significant other, just someone you love and cherish that may be going through a hard time. There comes a time in life When we’re overcome with strife I’ll calm your fears It’s not as bad as it appears Please, oh please, put down the knife Don’t give in to your lows Because only god above knows What a bright future you may hold I wish you could see You're so special to me Let my love Be a gift from above There’s nothing more you need to be I’ll mend your broken heart, I’ll dry your tear-filled eyes Don’t you dare EVER listen to those lies I love you more than life itself I’ll always be there, whenever you need help We’ll laugh, We’ll cry We’ll chase the sky Please, for me, believe in yourself Because no matter what you do I will always LOVE YOU
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    @Joe 【CDVNL】 What a good word my friend! 👍 I think I find myself saying things without thinking about them, about the context and about how it will be perceived. And while we can't always predict how everyone will perceive what we say. We should still stop and at the very least consider others. Since Joe is going to bring in scripture I suppose it only makes sense that Joe brings in scripture. "But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person." Matthew 15:18 ESV So, my friends, your words are powerful and they impact you and others around you on a great level. One that you may not even be aware of. But if you listen to the words that you say, you can find out where your heart is. And instead of breaking bones your words can have the power to heal. Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24 ESV So, consider the power of your words. And what affect they are having on the world around you. #doublecupofjoeinthemorning ❤️
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    Great song I love it and my choir teacher wants me to sing it for a solo lets hope I do good great work static-p love yoyr music
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    Honestly, this song with the lyrics sounds amazing, but when you remove them you get to here the amazingness and complexity of the instrument and it is simply beautiful.