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    Tried myself on some Fanarts...even though its really really rare for me to draw Fanarts because of the matter that, in my style, you wont be able to recognize the character lmao Anyways..had lots of Fun and my fav is Bee ♥ ayyyy!!! Gonna do some Mystic Messenger Like Icons of'em as well If I have tiiiime! wwww
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    I encourage you guys to be posting your inktober pics :D
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    Version 1.0.0


    The tsundere song. Instrumental version for karaoke and listening purposes.


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    Are you the type of person that fills every moment of your life? Busy, busy, busy... Some of us pride ourselves on being busy as if it somehow means we're successful... WRONG! A busy person may or may not be successful, but I can almost guarantee that they are EXHAUSTED! Believe me... I understand... I am one of those busy types of people, scurrying about, trying to get things done. For a while, I even tried to train myself to live on 3 hours of sleep per night... In the wise words of @Kyle, "That might not be the best idea.". He was right. Weird things started to happen after about a week: random hallucinations, waking up in strange places, etc. I have come to the conclusion that getting good rest is pretty important. Don't get me wrong, it's good to strive, to work hard, giving everything you have in pursuit of a good achievement. If you want to accomplish anything, you will be REQUIRED to work hard. Just remember to take a break once in a while. Shift gears, enjoy silence, meditate, pray, sleep, something that helps you recuperate. Just be sure to detach from your task so you will be able to come back with a fresh perspective. Taking a rest is not laziness. In fact, we get some of our most important ideas during these times. With that in mind, stopping to do nothing may be one of the most productive things we do!! Just be sure to get going again afterward. =)
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    Lalihooo~ ♥ I'm just gonna show two or three Stuff from me.. I'm kinda unmotivated rn when it comes to drawing.. So maybe if you want..I wouldn't mind doing some sketchy requests from you guys.. Although I dont guarantee which one I will do in the eeeend~ And If possible just OCs and no no characters out from anime & manga // wh e e ze Some examples.. I was kinda into Pixels last year but..eeh..I gave up lol Under this Topic is a Post with bigger resolution Pictures of a few of my OCs <3 As I really love designing and creating new Character..I do have quiet a lot.. But I only post my current Main Ocs uvu <3 Do you have any OCs as well? Or do you have any favourite Artists? I LOVE Mokaffe ; v ; She does beautiful Artsu! Anyways..See'chuu! ♥ //smo oches PS: Have some Artist vs Art Meme |D
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    Here ya go..sketchy sketch of Light
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    Hiiro [Hero] - My lovely Rattata Gijinka e //v//e Timmy - omg he was for an Idol RP Group - Where Idols were not allowed, music in general..and idols had to stand out a lot so I used Neon colors for thefirst time on a character xDD Seong MaeRi - Previous Ichinose Eko, before I turned her into an Mystic Messenger OC lmao Miru - basically my Main OC which I use for different Universes Bluebll Eos - My Bunny Bun Tellurium West - I never used her for a RP Group in the End..But I love her design ; v ; Ninon / ExE - It never clicked with her..Her "normal" design on the left got changes several times cuz I started to hate drawing her that way lol Pinkku Neko - My very first OC I ever ever made or lets just do this LOL A small resolution Group Pic of Main OCs - Its kind of old, tho Many OCs there got redesigned From left to right - Ichinose Kou - Shaiya Atiyeh | Mint Rutile | Umeko | Micky Evans | Elraine Bernstein | Miru Kumiho | Miru Nagareboshi | Rio Sohma | Kuu | Aruna | Meyro | Pinnku Neko | And old version of Hiiro There are many many many many many more.. Like I said I LVOE designing...but I feel bad for never using theeeeeeeeem in the end cuz RPs kinda die out ORZ But if you ever want a Character Design, u can hit me up lollolo
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    Well one, dont change who you are just for this "friend". If she could say that stuff about you, unless thats how your dynamic as friends is like and even then its unhealthy, its wrong for her to say such things to a group who barely know you. Second, you are less quiet now then you were before-Thats how growth works. I was that shy,quiet kid, i still am, but i have a backbone now cause i know i have people to support me. Plus, you helped me through my moment, and i know super quiet people wouldent, so i really think you have grown as a person even though ive never known you up till that day. So for your questions: 1,2&3:Most likely to make you feel miserable. "Friends" like yours loves to manipulate others emotions like such, but allready have a strong bond with you so you cant break it off easily. And if there allready going that far, well, break it off before it gets worse. 4&5:Hell no! Its not wrong to be quiet, its who you are and theres nothing wrong with it. And its not like your so quiet you wont talk to anyone at all, so its not to a bad extreme. 6:No. Your not wrong at all, and not at fault for anything,its your friends. Shes the one who made you feel that, and shes the one who manipulated you to the point that you dont want to speak up to her about this, you didnt do anything wrong other then be yourself. 7:Never change for anybody but yourself. Do you really feel bad for who you are right now? Even then, dont change at all-you have nothing, from my angle,that needs fixing. Your a sweet, kind person, with enough empathy to comfort a idiot like me. So really, who you are right now is great. And 8:By this point i would be repeating myself honestly so ill make it short, there is nothing going on with you right now that would be bad. Your a lovely, sweet person, Who dosent have to change for anything or anyone. And you especially shouldent for this "friend". Sorry for being rambly! Please, if you have any other concerns or it gets worse, PM me by all means. I cant garuntee much, but ill be there for you, and thats a promise. Much loves&support to you.-Nathan.
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    day 10 : expo with my friend which will be on sunday :D
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    So good :o I'll consider making something in my spare time :P
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    @Miru i promiss to do a better job ­­­­­>///< im not a 100% happy with this one
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    I made another inktober drawing of my Ocs but this one was wayyyy too rushed. Also...YOURE NEVER TOO EARLY FOR HALLOWEEN
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    Bc im a really lazy and terrible artist, i only have one inktober drawing so far. Ah well.
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    Oooooh! I can't wait for it ♥ ayyy!
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    so ive been breaking my brain to work on this next one and i think im readyXDXD so this is a few things i got for itXD hoping it doesnt take 3 months to do like the DD video XXD
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    Backgrounds / Wallpapers <-(Click for higher resolution) Would anyone purchase (desktop and phone) wallpapers if we made Criminal Idol themed BG packs? They'd contain 3 different designs (3 for wide-screen and 3 for mobile) for 9$. I'm looking for around 30 acountable yeses to make it worth our time. =X If yes, what would you like to see in the pack? All the main characters? Star blush girls posing? Detective Detective? Ronald's MixDonalds? Yes counter: 12
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sometimes you start a project with someone and it just doesn't make it to the final stage... This is from one of those projects. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lyrics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome back to life. It's a sunshiny day. You've been asleep a little while. I'd like to greet you with a smile. Get up! Now, grab a bowl of cereal 'cause no one knows where this road will go. No. This day is a mystery yet untold. And I know that you are still sleepy. Wake my dear. Your adventure calls. It's so awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. We are not going down without a fight. We like our sugar popped sunshine life. Sugar sugar pop, sugar popped sunshine. Sugar sugar pop, sugar popped sun. Once again we're back. feeling bold and refreshed. We got that bounce in our step. We got that sparkle and pep. Yeah! Now, suck a cup of lighten up cause truth be told it could be rough. Yes. This life is a mystery yet untold. And I know that you are still sleepy. Wake my dear. Your adventure calls. It's so awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. We are not going down without a fight. We like our sugar popped sunshine life. Sometimes we can lose our way but right now I am wide awake. It's awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. (Sugar sugar pop, sugar popped sunshine.) [x6] Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it, Sunshine? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? It's so awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. We are not going down without a fight. We like our sugar popped sunshine life. Sometimes we can lose our way but right now I am wide awake. It's awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. It's so awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine. We are not going down without a fight. We like our sugar popped sunshine life. Sometimes we can lose our way but right now I am wide awake. It's awesome that we are alive beneath the sugar popped sunshine.


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    You guys like movies? I sure do... I apparently am one of those "sit there with your mouth open" watchers. I get really sucked in to whatever it is I'm watching, and I guess I must lose all control of my jaw muscles. Eventually, someone comes in the room and laughs at me for doing it... Then I fix it for about 2.5 seconds... And then back to gaping wide open pie-hole. What does this have to do with anything? Good question... I'm not exactly sure. Have a great day!!
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    I was drawing at lunch today and totally not in class or something... -voice trails off into the sunset- Anyways, here's what I drew (; I drew the one that isn't shaded and my friend drew the one that's shaded lol I write in print rather then in cursive because my print is neater then my cursive lol My handwriting is ugly in that picture though >.> Btw, that's suppose to be a lowercase "J" alright ); (;
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    day 11, drawing favorite Darkstalker character, shes super sexy and i love herXD
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    Cheeto crumbs 5
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    Why does your mermaid look wayyyy better than mine TT I guess i rlly need more practice... It looks so amazing...!
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    ooooh I saw the one with Light at Youtuuuube wwww!!! It looks great!! >v< The "Umbreon Hoody" one is soooo cuuute and adorable dooooh ; v ; ♥♥♥ Dat Smile~! Currently done with my second Inktober Picture..Missed the first day cuz I needed to buy actual Ink, cuz I didn't want to draw with anything else |D Aaah!! Do you want to make kindof an Art Trade ? Like I will draw one of your characters for Inktober one Day! and vice versa!
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    I definitely found IT to be much funnier than scary (and felt kinda bad at the times when I was the only one laughing in the theater). To be honest though, while I couldn't really see it as a pure horror movie, I thought it was a pretty solid film as it was. I had fun, at least--made me laugh, the kids in the movie weren't generically clueless like so many other horror movie characters, and most if not all of the plot changes (or strayings-away from the book) really seem for the best, given the intended audience. If they kept everything from the book, it'd go from PG13 to R real quick You know, now that you mention it... Yup, can't unsee that now XD
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    yeah lol..that really was a hurdle at the beginning. Cuz you are actually used to look at the paper while drawing but then..NOPE ..haha oooh Photoshop..I only use it to add text or effects or for Cleaning Scanlations..but never to draw :v It does not work for me! Yeah..but its expensive ; v ; Well..got it as a gift that time and its an older version sooo..still works for the things I use it But I guess you always need the newer one for work?
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    First, sorry! I'm kind of ill and dont feel so well atm..So I'm not really active here at the moment ; v ; Uhh Logo? Well..If you can kind of give me some examples how u want it to be or any ideas what should be included I can try! aww yay! That would be awesome <33 //smooches
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    I'm fangirlign rn or something lol (; Weelll, now that you say that I would like to tell you all my ships, butt I'm currently empty rn soooooo we'll talk about ships laterr My logic is limited so can you enlighten me on what Rollback means?
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    I have had similar problems with sleeping and I learn its best to just sleep sometimes
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    I have a OC I'm working on right now.
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    Yayyyyyy! I love it! I LOVE it! I LOVE IT!!!! Just practicing for the release.
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    I noticed there weren't any clubs, so I took the liberty to make one. It's all about breaking down the characters in Criminal Idol to see what we can figure out about the series as a whole and where each of the characters will go. There is also a side mission of trying to figure out who-done-it. I'm looking for people to join. There will be a meeting once a month on the second to last Saturday so we can bring together what we have found, connect dots, and find whole new depth to characters. Please do consider if you find character analysis fun.
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    I see it now the poster next to my window. My friends come over and they are like "what is that?" I'd make a fake insulted face and say"Doesn't the poster say it all?"
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    wwww!!! ; v ; THANK YOU EVERYONE! I feel so flattered to hear such nice words! Ahahaha! I never heard anyone telling me that they would love my art to be a poster..pfff- so I'm quiet happy For the question how long this did take me..uhm I guess like 1-2 hours for the sketch.. After two weeks I finally got myself to work on the lining and coloring..which took me another 5-6 hours :> I'm kind of an impatient person when it comes to drawing.. so its definitely not perfect~ Thaaaankies again, lovely people ; v ; <3
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    Scoffs Puh-lease Cringr I'm pretty sure that I'm the 💯 awsomest <33 This anime in watching has influenced me too much >.>
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    You're sooo cute with your creative ideas and all Anyways, sure I'll add some pillows and all (;
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    I've watched your voice, fantastic beasts lately.
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    "Not my fault" "I didn't do it" "That's not what I meant... They just took it wrong" Ever said something like these? I certainly have. This is evidence of playing the BLAME GAME. We all do it, since nobody likes to feel like they caused a problem... at least most of the time. It makes us feel innocent when we can point at someone else. However, it's also a one way ticket to HELPLESSNESS! Every time we don't take responsibility for at least our part of a problem, we are powerless to do something about it. The more times we do it, the more it becomes a habit. Before you know it, the powerless feeling becomes so strong, that it invades other parts of our lives. Areas where no one else is involved, so there's no one else to blame... Enter HELPLESSNESS. The key is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Obviously, there are things that we have no control over, and I'm not talking about these. But in any area where you can take even a small part of the blame, TAKE IT! Now, you will have some power to help fix it, and the more you do this, the stronger you become. After a while, you will be able to handle large and complicated issues with ease. Your confidence will soar, and accomplishments will soon follow. You can do more than you imagine. Start today. Love~
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    More often than not I see that happening in school, I like to think of myself as on observer, since the lack of attachment to the situations gives be a wider and more rational view of it The most recent and case I remember was this Math class, we were starting to get in the Complex number, the teacher had written the symbol for the Real group of numbers (An R with an extra leg besides it), and somehow, some students were confused about what that was, they started cracking a few jokes about it and the teacher had gotten a bit upset about it, the jokes slowed down, but didn't stop, they weren't necessarily about the R anymore, but they were instead about other topics, eventually she left the classroom and went to the bathroom, the class was already worried when she left, this wasn't the first time she did something like that (Not to our class, we had only recently started classes with her), and it usually meant bringing to principal over, not on this case, however, she came back, as serious as humanly possible, and basically everything changed from that point on, she was usually pretty relaxed with our class, making jokes alongside us, but now she had one task and one task only, teach. After the incident, everyone was trying to think about it, and the answer I most heard was "It was a misunderstanding, we weren't making jokes about her", while my take (That was like that of a student that had already studied with her before, which means he knows better than anyone how to work well with her) was "Everyone could have stopped the jokes overall as soon as the first warning came" The deal is, there was a warning, they could have stopped, they didn't, when looking at the situation after it was over, the fact that the jokes weren't about her becomes irrelevant, because you shouldn't be looking for what happened anymore, what had happened what that the continuous laughing, regardless of the reason for those laughs, had affected the teacher. Instead, they should have been looking for the best case scenario, for the actions that would have let to the "happy end", why? because that's how you learn from your mistakes, not by saying what happened over and over to yourself and everyone, but by saying how the situation could have been avoided or dealt with (By the way, this mostly applies to situations where you can no longer do anything about it, if you can, then the procedure might be different, I might have check)
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    lmfao im drawing less and less often because i can not put what i think of, on paper. its frustrating. heres a boring bust shot of detective tho
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    Ish adorable!!! <3
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