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  2. *Updated Clarified Theory General consensus, the most commonly theorised bombers are Kanesaki and Nori (Kanesaki because of he's a part-time inventor, has a motive of being forced to run the Star Blush Girls and how he suspiciously invited his friends Detective to the night where Detective was supposed to assume Star Blush was guilty form the framing and see them as guilty, and Nori doesn't have any evidence as to why he's guilty but people suspect him). The bomb was located in the Star Blush girl's luggage and the camera's showed no one tampering with anyone's stuff. However, two witnesses who would later join Morime and form "Meteor" heard a match, presumably to set off the dynamite. This being the main evidence, for the bomb to be in Star Blush's luggage without being tampered with at the competition, the bomber must be a member of Star Blush or someone with access to their luggage beforehand, E.I it can't be Nori but it could be Kanesaki. It is of course still possible that other friends could have found a way to plant the evidence before they left, provided they knew the Star Blush Girls beforehand. Reciting evidence isn't a theory though, so onto the theory: the two members who quit before Star Blush grew to fame and were voted to perform on the top 10 idol's stage, having quit because they wanted fame they could have still formed there own idol group, for example Angelight. All we know about Nori is he wants the underdog to win, probably meaning his whole purpose was a character was simply a motive. Angelight, the two girls who came back on there own are the Underdogs (against original Meteor who had won the past three years) so Nori was inclined to root for them. So, Kanesaki framed Star Blush for taking this opportunity, hoping they would all quit and while two did, the others kept hope and stayed through the mocking. That was fine though, they needed five to be a group and now on four members, he could stop them. Until, Cole was forced to join by other staff, so he needs a different way to get rid of them. The girls who gave Star Blush's alibi formed new Meteor, also joining a girl named Morime. If Kanesaki can disprove this given alibi, Star blush will get heat again and they'll be disbanded. (In Detective Detective, the only evidence inviolved a hair-clip as he stopped the not single perpetrator but group, possible mafia-related. Morime as the only one with a hair-clip, which is notably missing by the end of 'Brief-case' and she has one of the rings). He invited Star Blush to his cabin, then pretended to forget Meteor was invited too hoping Detective would then in the abandoned building nearby where Kanesaki set-up clues leading Detective to Morime so he would learn Morime was involved in the Mafia that had attacked him in 'Detective' and dismiss Meteor's truthfulness in giving Star Blush an alibi, so Star Blush would take heat and be disbanded for good. However, I imagine Detective will keep hope in Star Blush, and realise the two girl's who heard a match were the other two members whereas Morime joined the two later to form Meteor, leading him to still trust Star Blush's alibi and lead it back to catch Kanesaki.
  3. That's Danganronpa 2 in the background right? Nice
  4. I believe i just commented on one of your other posts, but I really feel the need to comment on this if you don't mind. First and foremost, none of that was y'alls fault. Everyone focuses on what could have been done and how you wish you were stronger or better at handling such things. You and your friend went through something horrible. The guy is to blame and I really hope the police help you both. You both are victims. You both blame yourselves for something neither of you were equipped to handle. Something like that shuts down all rational thought and all you can do is be emotional. It's hard... I am so sorry you both went through such a thing. I'm glad you have each other. I'm proud and impressed by your courage with saying anything. Please try to not focus on what you think you should have done... And i KNOW that is so hard but please try. For yourself and your friend. Be strong with each other and for each other. Never blame yourself for the lack of decency in another person. They are the problem. Not you. Not her. Cry it out. Cry with other until you can stand firm and strong. Know that if something else ever happens you know what to do. Have faith in yourselves and hold your heads high knowing that you are both stronger. Don't push what happened aside. Use that to become something more. Someone more. I am not saying that happened was good or anything of the sort. If i could, I would personally see to making sure he paid for what he did. Taking advantage of someone is never okay. Blaming yourselves is sadly going to happen. Nightmares can happen... fear might stick with you for awhile but don't let that hold you back. Work through it at your own pace. Don't force yourself to move on. Take a step back and work through what happened and what you felt like you should have done. Use that. Let yourself become a force to be reckoned with and crush anyone that tries to mess with you. Please don't blame yourself. I cannot stress that enough. I Know it is almost impossible to do but please try. As for your cat... You can literally only do so much... animals are apart of our hearts and our souls. We want to always do more for them. We want to help... but you have to understand we are only human. We are limited to what we can do. Limited to what we can understand. I can't imagine what you are going through and i won't even try to compare your situation to anything. Your problems and your feelings will always differ from the next person. Be strong please. Try. And if you can't know that you have people that are willing to help you. Forever wishing you strength, ~Keaton
  5. Hey! First want to say good job for getting out of your situation. Be proud of your victory. Regret is such a horrible feeling and it can be so very hard to move past something like that when it took up so much of your time. However, it somewhat sounds as though you've grown quite well in moving on. The simple thing to say is to not see what happened as a regret or time lost but as a lesson in your wonderful book of life. Moving on past someone that was such an important part of your life for so long just really sucks and it's easy to get caught up in the what ifs. So easy to see all that time as wasted. You can't change what has happened. Dwelling on the regrets, on the spent all the time and effort you put into making it work..., it's nothing but a headache (or heartache). You got out if your situation with grace. You even offered friendship which shows how kind your heart is. The most important thing is that you know exactly what was wrong with all that happened. You may be feeling shame for letting yourself go through with all the abuse, but you should understand that you didn't do the wrong. She did. You are the one that devoted your heart and time to make things work. You gave up part of yourself and now that you have it back...it feels changed. You may feel disgust or like you dont even recognize yourself anymore. Feel pride. Feel strong. Feel brave and intelligent. You have come out ahead. You have taken what happened and grew into a stronger smarter you. The saying of hindsight being 20/20 rings true with you. How could you have let yourself distance yourself from your own friends for such a horrid person? How could you have been so blind? Why did you let that happen? Why did you not reach out or even just stop it all sooner? Those questions are probably bothering you at the moment. However, please rethink those questions. Change how you see what happened. Be angry even. Take what happened and show everyone just how much stronger you are. Try not to regret those things...it won't change it. And i know that is easier said than done. Trust me. I just got out of a 2 and a half year long abusive relationship. I get so angry at myself for dealing with all that i did. I ask myself what in the world i was ever even thinking. Pride yourself on losing someone so toxic. Be proud of everything you have learned. Be proud of all the friends you have now. Be proud of your growth. Believe in yourself and in your stength. You aren't weak for loving someone. Love makes us make all kinds of crazy decisions. You are a strong person that tried all that you could to make something work with another person. It just didn't work. It isn't that you didn't try hard enough. It isn't that you did all the wrong. You put your heart into making something work with someone you cared about. I'm impressed. You should be impressed with yourself. You came out of a crap situation and took all that happened in stride. You reached out and found a loyalty within a friend. You reached out and found other people that will help you hold your head high. You came out on top because of those 8 months. You showed yourself just how strong you can be. Stay strong and always respect yourself. ~Keaton
  6. Hey there. Would you be willing to expand a little more? I would love to be able to better understand what you are going through. However, if you feel as though you do not, please do not feel as though i am forcing you. Instead, i can give you a little insight to a little of my experiences with normalcy vs harsh realities. Anything to help you. Even if it is just a little bit. I have a little sister 3 and a half years younger than myself. Granted that age gap doesn't seem like much, but we are both girls so there was always (still sometimes is) some form of hositilies. My first little piece of advice would be to understand that both environments, school and home, are very different. Best thing is to not compare yourself with how you are in each. We shape ourselves to each place we are at. School can seem like an escape from difficult home situations so you may find that you are far more relaxed. Which helps you feel normal. No matter what the issues may be. Big or small. My second little tid bit would be for you to not fret about how different YOU may feel. Pay attention to what is going around you. It is likely it's the situation you are in making things difficult. So don't ever blame yourself. As I do not know your situation, I am just kinda running blind. The fact that you are reaching out at all should make you feel stronger as a person. Be proud of yourself and hold yourself a little higher. Family is, and will always, be an iffy subject to work with. I went years without speaking to my mother or sister. And when we did speak it was always somewhat hostile. I started to actually scare myself. I felt lost and confused. If my family wasn't there for me then i was obviously the problem...right? The best thing you can do is to not blame yourself. Family works both ways. Don't take the blame for them and things not working out right. I am now 28 while my little sister is 25 and we are just now getting where we need to be as sisters and friends. Mother as well honestly. People change. Yourself included. Speaking to your sister/family may be beneficial but don't feel pressured to do so yet. Things will fall into place. You don't ever have to force yourself to be someone they want you to be. It is nice that you do have normalcy. Pressure in family can be so stifling. I won't say it'll get better soon or even if they will be apart of your future. Things will be hard. But you already see that. You have a headstart to greatness. Don't hold yourself back from living your life. You have outlets to help you grow stronger and to learn more. All you can do is be you. Make yourself who you want to be. No one else can make you anything you don't want to be. Sometimes it will feel so hopeless... sometimes you will feel lost and wonder if just dropping how you wish to be will make things easier in the long run. And while some sacrifices will eventually need to be made, don't let that stop you from becoming the better you. I think my biggest bit advice would be to not go at it alone. Doesn't matter if it's a friend, other family, or total strangers on the internet. You will never be alone. Everyone has something they are suffering from. It doesnt matter how big or how small. Your problems will always be important. I'm so happy you reached out. No matter how hard it gets never think that you are not special and that you can't have someone be there. It is a brave thing to reach out. Enjoy all the goodness you can in life but never lose sight of the reality that things can and will be bad or hard. With every bad thing comes the opportunity to see something beautiful. It can be a simple smile from a random stranger. It can be a song. It can be walking outside and watching the sunrise or the sunset. There is so much bad and negative in the world. However, I can promise you that YOU are the reason someone's life is so much brighter. Don't feel like you have to fix yourself for someone else. The only person you will ever owe anything to is yourself. Take your timw too. Don't force yourself to just be. Grow into who you want to be. Embrace yourself and how strong you are. Smile, cry, laugh, scream... do whatever you need for you. Don't feel ashamed for being upset about your situation. Life happens. Don't let anyone ever belittle your feelings or your situation. These issues are your own. They bother you. You don't have to take anyone's judgement or problems as your own. Your problems are important. From a stubbed toe to being thrown around and abused. You and your feelings will always matter. I wish you all the happiness in your future and growth. ~Keaton
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  8. Here's pixel Aoke! I hope you like it~ ⭐ Matt/Cwilk
  9. Oof, alright, so I haven't been on in a while. I'll post three chapters right now because that's how many I should've posted (including today's chapter). Chapter Four I undressed, turning the shower on. I made sure that the water was scalding hot before getting in. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be alone anymore. I decided to sing a bit in the shower. I bobbed my head a bit to the imaginary beat. After I turned the shower off, turning the knob and shivering a bit when I opened the curtain and the steam rushed out from around me. I tied my hair up in a towel and put on some comfortable fleece pajamas. After I dried my hair, I decided that I wanted my best friend to come over. I opened my phone and began to dial her number. I heard her voice on the other end of the line when she picked up. She was arguing with a client. Chapter Five “Sir, I believe that this was delivered to your home in perfect condition,” she said, her tone calm. I knew that she wanted to yell at him, but she had to keep her cool. “No, it was not! I opened the package and it was ripped and everything. I want a full refund or a brand new mattress!” the client yelled. “I’m sorry sir, but it seems that you received this months ago. The return policy cannot work after two weeks have gone by.” “Fine, then, I’ll have to speak to your manager.” Deliah sighed. “Sorry about that, Anita. Anyways, what’s up?” “Well, I was wondering if you could stay over tonight. I just don’t feel safe alone right now.” I replied, trembling slightly. “Sorry Anita, I have to work all night. I could come over tomorrow morning, though. Is that okay?” I nodded, forgetting that I was on the phone. “Yes, that’s fine. Thanks, Deliah.” “No problem. Hey, you have to pay~!” The phone beeped, signaling that she had hung up. Chapter Six I went to my bed and laid there for a few minutes, making sure I was alone. Once I was sure, I turned off the bedside lamp and closed my eyes. A few moments later, I felt a *** in my elbow and mumbled incoherently. The pricking continued until I could no longer stand it. I opened my eyes and turned my body the other way. I then scratched my elbow and went back to sleep. Rubbing my eyes a few hours later, I woke to the same dark room as always. But something was off. “Why do you look so afraid? You got an A, Miss Briggs.” I heard from behind me. My body froze in terror. I then felt the sharp end of a cold needle pressed into my spine. *Still one more chapter of this. Hopefully I'll post it tomorrow, but based on how busy I was this weekend, there are no promises.*
  10. Hello and welcome to the community Keaton!
  11. Hello. It's been years and years (nearing 10) since I've been apart of an active forum so I'm still trying to adjust. My name is Keaton (named after Michael Keaton aka Batman). I am a 28 year old female with a fantastic daughter named Evelynn, or Evee for short. Yes, like the pokemon. Have the tattoo and everything. Recently got out of a very very abusive relationship which could be why I'm so reluctant to branch out to anyone or to anywhere. Aside from that trama, I suffer extreme anxieties and ptsd due to a car accident back in 2017. Brakes failed and I got sent into a tree. Broke my back very badly and was paralyzed from the waist down...had zero chance of ever even thinking about feeling anything. However, I am very stubborn and, apparently, very resilient because I'm walking again. So, I do have that going for me at least. I am classified as a walking paraplegic now. It helps get me through the day. With that, however, comes the issues of reaching out and trying to connect with anyone. I'm still working on my recovery...so that means I'm unable to work or do so many things I'd been dreaming of. And that's how I found this forum. My days consist of taking care of my Evee with her schooling, reading, writing, and music. I just happened to hear one of Static's songs on Pandora radio. I literally stopped what I was doing without even realizing it. It was something new and exciting. It was moving and sweet. I smiled and felt happy. And those feelings led me here and to the YouTube channels. I am very much looking forward to future and I'm pleased to have found all of you. I'm sorry for the long winded introduction but I'm happy to share part of myself again with such a group. With warm wishes and a happy future, Keaton
  12. Last week
  13. Welcome back!! If you'd like, we can help you recover your old account.. just shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to look into it with you
  14. Here's the third and final poem of last year. After this I quit writing for a little bit, as this was just something I tried out to see how well I could do, and I got tired of doing it. The poems from here on out are from this year. I have to say though, getting the next poem out will take a little extra time, as I actually have a visual art piece to go along with it as well! Anyway, here's "Ribbons". "Ribbons" I've always liked the word "Ribbon". Don't know why though... I just seem to like the way it's written. Alright, let's take the word "snow". It feels fluffy, no? Like "wind" seems to blow, "vine" seems to grow and "fireflies" seem to glow? Ribbons are more, though. Ribbons can not be seen, and ribbons can never be overused. "But what do the ribbons mean?" Heh, I guess I'll give you some clues: The more I showcase one of them, the more it gets trampled upon. And the more I shelter them, the faster they're gone. I love my ribbons, though. Whatever happens, I'll shelter them from snow. I'll hold them tight when wind blows. Whatever happens, I'll let them grow, and I'll introduce them to glow. I'll dedicate a poem for them I'll turn them into a metaphor. Huh, what should I turn them into? I've always liked the word "Ribbon". Don't know why, though... Commentary: This was what I thought to be my last poem, so I went out with a bang by writing about something really personal. I liked how the word "ribbon" felt kind of red and shiny, and the more I thought of it, the more I liked the abstract images I got in my head when I thought of the word. It was an indescribable, abstract, but wonderful word. So in my head, I coined the term "ribbon" for my passions that have some indescribable quality to it. In this particular poem, it's a lot easier to just view it as "passion" though. You can also see how even a year ago I was scared that sharing stuff will lead to that thing being ruined, and the "ribbon" quality lost in them. I might've been overly paranoid, but this is still relevant to my life. Now, criticism! Yeah, I used to have some awkward lines and rhymes back in the day. Paragraph four has the most of these weird lines. Apart from that, it's alright! I like the structure more than that of "The Storyteller", and it's about as good as "Past". A good enough note to end on before a hiatus. Matt/Cwilk
  15. Being an inventor as well, i think he can make a lot of money perhaps already made a lot of money to even afford his own cabin by the lake
  16. At school my emotions are normal its like a normal day then when we go home my emotions go crazy i fight a lot with my sister and I couldn't control me emotions and if i do it gets really hard for me.
  17. Well, last weekend something happened at my friend's house.. The cable guy came over and he touched my friend and he almost touched me.. She sobbed in my arms and all I could do was hold her...The police are getting involved now.. I can't help but feel like it's my fault.. I should have done something! I should have done more.. I should have been with her at all times.. but I wasn't... I'm going to see her at school on Monday and I just.. I cry every time I think about it.. I'm a terrible friend. I wasn't there for her.. Now my cat is sick.. He won't eat and I just.. I hate it.. I'm afraid he won't get better.. I'm afraid he will die and I'll be left with the guilt of not trying harder.. The guilt of not knowing what was wrong and fixing it.. You know.. she cried in my arms. She repeated to same thing, over and over, and it broke my heart a little more every time.. "It's all my fault! I should have told him you were here! I should have fought back!"
  18. I’ve been hired to work. It’s my first job, and would like some advice on what to do, expect, and not do. Currently I’m a junior in high school, and don’t know how I should handle my school work and activities with my job.
  19. Perhaps, but I know a few lazy geniuses. Being the smartest in the room let's you realize you don't get anything more out of being a engineer or rocket scientist. In fact perhaps the most good you can do is to pass that intellect on to others. And it doesn't take a genius to know that if you don't have a job, you don't eat. Perhaps the reason for his working?
  20. Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you played Warframe for PC? If so, why not reply with your username, or send a friend request in-game so we can play together? My username is the same as it is here: ScienceRocks! i'm a little new to the game, as i'm only Mastery Rank 5, and still learning some of the mechanics, but It's pretty fun! Thank you, and I hope you all have a great day!
  21. Kanesaki being a supervisor means that he is just a place holder of the spot...kinda like a "needs to be there for the purpose of being there" so he can still do a lot of things he wants to do...its not that he's a regular teacher anyway. If he was a regular...he'd be teaching civil engineering or mathematics.
  22. Q: How can we handle people that went back to/fall into their darker days? What can you do when your ally is actively going against your original shared purpose? How can we gain trust of people after being generalized?
  23. Sorry for breaking this into parts, have been occupied with calls over from my hometown. The charges were dropped, he was bailed but the distrust is still there. I managed to talk to him over the phone, it has only been recent but the distance between us is already clear. I was labeled a traitor of 'our' people. Heh, they always forgot the details when it is convenient for them. What can I do with this guy now. And then there's this other guy that was also thrown into lockup for a day. Goodness, the incident from last week did push people out of character. This guy ended up in lockup over a fight in a restaurant. Apparently he had family involved in the Christchurch incident and was very unstable. Listening to people laughing, and talking in Cantonese, English and Tamil managed to tick him off. He basically called them immigrants, told them that they should respect the National Language, and insulted them with non family friendly words. A small fight between him and a few guys escalated as the people in the crowd started to take sides and joined in. I still wonder how he got out so quickly, but now I got to deal with him soon too. I haven't been talking to him for quite a bit, but all I could remember was how respectful and polite he was. Phoned him too, and got called a traitor again. He said I'm being too lenient, that I'm letting others take our rights as the majority of the land. This guy, also conveniently forget who I actually am. He did a 180°, and he probably convinced a couple of people to join him now. Things also got awkward with the other races now. Sure they aren't hostile to me or anything but there's this feeling I had that they are holding off something. I really hope it was just a shock over what happened last week instead of "Oh this guy is half (Majority), should we even trust this privileged shortie? ".Maybe, it is true that I am a liar, I'm just a sick kid that tried to keep unity holding on because it might be inconvenient for me.
  24. Who knows...maybe its under the table beside the table or hidden in plain sight
  25. The teacher can leave whenever he wanted to...but he didn't... Can it be that he noticed something??
  26. My character might be an inventor...but do you really think he can acquire such contraband items easily? most of which are not allowed in any venues that has a lot of people...
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