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  4. Technically this is a "Fate & Malice" post since it's time for more origins! For a long, long time I've been in love with the idea of the darkness in the light coexisting in balance (basically a yin yang sort of thing). There's also something else I've been in love with: diversity and colors. I think of diversity as colors. When I say something is colorful, I mean that there's so much, and it's so beautiful. Anyways, you get the point... onto the post. This is going to be pretty difficult to explain... Long ago, I created a character named Cherri to represent me, all that I love, and all that I want to be. Cherri is full of love, color, fun, adventure, and is pretty clumsy in all honesty, but she embraces it and who she is. She misses the past and gets emotional and melancholic over it, but she knows that life carries on. Cherri, however, was not the only character that was made. Where there is light, there are shadows. Another separate, but younger, character made to represent the past was also created around the same time Cherri started appearing in my mind. Her name is April (side note: April is also the month I was born on), and she's, as mentioned, basically a smaller, younger version of Cherri, but she's her own character. Anyways, in the stories, Cherri and April share the title of the Goddess of Fiction, and they control the fictional world. Instead of using the past to create more stories and characters to love, April throws away her title of being the Goddess of Fiction and trades it to become the Goddess of Demons, leaving Cherri to slowly begin to fade into the darkness while April begins her process of turning every character into a demon and using it to keep from being hurt again. In the end, someone from the real world enters the fictional world to rescue Cherri from the darkness she's trapped in, reminding Cherri that she's not alone because she has her creations and art, and so Cherri begins turning every character from a demon and back to their normal self. She approaches April, who tries to attack, but stands no chance against Cherri's light. In the end, Cherri reaches into April's heart and speaks to her, reminding her, "You are not your demons." The darkness is erased and Cherri invites April into her family of creations, and that's the end of the story. The reason I mention all this is because: #1 - I love writing and telling stories I create #2 - It's all one big metaphor More about #2: I am Cherri, as my name shows. However, I am also April. Cherri is my light side, whereas April is my dark side, hence the whole deal about me loving balance at the beginning of the post. However, sometimes I'm like April, and I hide myself behind darkness. I use it as a blanket to keep myself warm from the cold reality that I feel alone and I feel like I can't ever set myself free from my past. I surrounded that entire story around the quote that popped up in my head, "You are not your demons," but I'm not good at taking my own advice, and I don't know how to stop myself from using the darkness as a blanket. ”I’m stuck swimming in shadows down here. It’s been forever since I came up for air.” - Atlas: Four by Sleeping At Last P.S. This is not all the time. I have moments where I use the light to heal, I have moments where I use the darkness to heal, and I have moments where I'm perfectly balanced, but I can't maintain that balance, and I don't know how.
  5. I have a lot of issues with working beyond the first two or three steps in any kind of project. I get a lot of cool ideas, but after a while I feel like I'm wasting my time on the wrong thing.
  6. So I have been lying to everybody my whole life. Everybody thinks I am a good guy but in reality I really am not. I have a really bad personality where I cannot stop lying and can't trust anyone. A lot of my friends say they wish their life was like mine. No worries, never feel sadness, always honest, always happy. But I always think ill of everyone even if they never hurt me or anything. I never trust anyone so nobody knows how I feel that's why people wish they were like me. I never show my real feelings. I slept late one day and missed the bus, if I told my mom I was late because of such a mistake I figured she'd get angry at me. She started calling me so I panicked and stabbed my leg with a small knife. I don't even know why I did that but I told her that I couldn't go to school because I injured my leg. My leg bleed a lot and I was really scared but I was laughing at the same time. I used to mess with people who have depressions because I thought they were weird. I still think they are but I am not doing that anymore because my brother has depression too. Once I met with my friends just because they wanted me to go and after 30 minutes I messaged myself with the fake message app. I showed them that my father wants me at home immediately. Then I told my parents they were drinking beer(They are religious) so I came back. They really become happy that I chose my religion over my friends. I have already said too much and I want to ask. Is it too late for me to stop acting? I really think it is. My personality is just too filthy and ugly. But everybody still thinks I am the most honest person they have ever met. I don't even know since when I am acting. I just don't want to wear a mask anymore but if I reveal my true self nobody would like me. Do I have to act my whole life? All I want is a yes or no, nothing more.
  7. Hey! What's up? I've seen lots of people on this forum interested in both lyric writing and singing. If anyone is interested in either or both of these things I'd be glad to work with them to produce a song. I can also cowrite, although I am not capable of writing an entire song myself. I usually produce alt pop style music (Panic!, TØP). If anyone is interested in working on a song you can either message me or reply to this thread, I'd love to work with you! Here's an instrumental to give you an idea of this kind of sound I usually do: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b2rzv35ncuteomf/Instrumental.wav?dl=0
  8. No need to be anon, I just prefer to send it through here because it's practical Anyways, two years ago I was on my Senior year on high-school and I had a huge crush on a girl from my class, she ended up making friends with me and I got pulled into her friend circle, it was probably the best thing in the entire year for me. But I'm kinda... terrible at feelings and I just kept the crush to myself, avoiding showing many signs because teenagers and logic don't always fit together, after 9 months I told her and the answer was an "I already have a boyfriend" which might or not have been a cop-out so I just assumed it was a sugar-coated no since I had absolutely never heard of this guy and our friends were surprised when they heard about this guy some time later, I took it in a stride and just told her "It's fine, I'll handle myself now", and everything just continued the way it was before. The year was over and both of us are pretty bad at maintaining contact, so we drifted apart over time, occasionally we'd interact in Facebook and I still liked her (Yeah, "getting over it" isn't and idea my brain seems to like) a bit, about a month ago I decided to just randomly contact a few friends and obviously she was included, we talked for a bit and everything seemed fine, it was somewhat late so we had to postpone the convo, but after that responses were more and more delayed (I'd try to message her when she was out of her work as a babysitter and she... well, can't speak for her), Eventually she stopped reading my messages completely and I tried sending a few just to get the notification to pop again for her because she claims to just forget to respond sometimes. It wasn't the first time someone decided to just start ignoring/avoiding me and it was all way too similar to when that happened. I tend to try to see my own mistakes in a situation first and foremost, regardless if they were what caused it or just bullet points I need to keep in mind, and for this I couldn't shake the feeling that I had screwed up somewhere for this to happen, maybe it was just awkward since she knew I liked her, maybe I had been a bit too curious about her situation and not willing enough to share my own (I don't have the tendency to talk about myself since I mostly enjoy playing my games and talking about them feels odd), maybe I was not frequent enough with the texts and ended up feeling distant, among other things. It might have not been fun at all to be ignored in the other situation but at least it wasn't someone I was too close with, so I didn't pay too much mind to it, but I was getting anxious about it when it came to her, eventually I got sick of it and decided to close contact, I explained my reasoning and apologized for anything I might have unintentionally done and cut off my contact with her without blocking in case I was just being overly sensitive or letting emotions cloud my reasoning. About a month later, here we are, I got no response at all, might be the case she didn't read that one either, might be the case she was trying to avoid me and it just worked might be the case I' just being paranoid, regardless, it doesn't feel like I resolved the situation correctly, I could have just stopped too and left it to die down again, a part of me wants to add her again but another (Much more sane) thinks it's just the loneliness talking and that going back is a terrible idea for the both of us. Anyways, enough wall of texting, did I act too based on impulse? did I misjudge the situation? did I actually do the right thing and shouldn't be spending any more time over this situation (Despite knowing very well I will)?
  9. So yeah it's my birthday today but sadly I won't be in the DWW today, since I'm on a little trip with my family and I'm not sure my parents are content with me waking up at 3am (don't worry, my sleep schedule is actually fine, I keep it under control) Also if Ryan is back tell him I loved Bad News! (Not sure if Ryan's back but hey, greetings to Bro Man Kyle otherwise!) So yeah, not really a topic but I was a bit late on adding my bday to the calendar and I've been called out for not telling people soon enough before Good luck on the other topics and problems, hope they get solved! Matt/Cwilk
  10. Hi peeps. I'm Miss Malleto (Malleto for short, or even Miss if ya want)--made this account two years ago and want to get back into it, even if it's just posting every now and then. If you remember me on the off-chance, then hello again! Came back from study abroad and lifing and feel a heckuva lot wiser. What else... uh. Still got one more year of colleging left. Sixty-thousand something words into the roughiest draft of a book, and plan to get it done 'fore college starts back up so I can edit it for my honors thesis (made my own major in Creative Writing, since I didn't like anything offered--lotsa paperwork, I tell ya). Started posting YouTube vids cuz I find joy in it (kinda therapeutic, and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed at my own antics anymore--thank GLORY). Also wanted to say that the regular inspirational messages the site emails is quality content and part of the reason why I came back to such a supportive community. Great work being done here for and by people, and I love it
  11. Yo, it has been a while. I uh actually have like 11 more post before this, but none of them could be written. I don't know what happened, I just can't bring myself to write anything. I just feel like my words are just going to vaporize, gone into thin air. I just feel like my words are hollow, meaningless with how lacking of intent behind them. So yeah, how should I write to my heart content, without knowing my heart's content? This emptiness, doesn't really feel harmful but it's not pleasant either. I really want to post another particular question, but as mentioned before I really have no idea how to collect myself. So many things happened, I just don't know how to ask, or even know what my worries are in specific. I just know that there's a lot of wrong things in my life, and myself as a being was included in the wrongness(Is this even a word?). I'll admit, I've been a bit of an attention horde in the server recently. I noticed myself trying too hard and completely failing in conversations. Well, now y'all know the truth... I have no clue of what I am doing. Sorry if I come off as offensive to anyone, I'm just really bad at communication right now. Hopefully I'll be able to properly express myself again, because the goofy-pun making-person in the server is actually not being himself internally.
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  13. Turns out the secretive seaweed spy shared some spicy secrets shading some insight inside the idol industry, inviting the idol into a deal.
  14. It's available at https://bss.studio/index.php?/files/file/33-this-link-right-here/
  15. Version 1.0.0


    I decided to share this one for free, since it's so short. haha.


  16. Version 1.0.0


    Feel free to do a cover and post online~


  17. I think I would avoid putting stock into rankings on the videos. I think they are cool visual clues, but I don't think that you want to rely on them too much. While I agree that Morime is suspicious I wouldn't say that CTAPMB is from her perspective. It's more likely that she was just taking the message from the note seriously. Perhaps it would be advisable to relisten to the songs without the music. The vocals are written by the architect of the bombing himself. Perhaps the clues reside there?
  18. Monime has some suspicions from me, mostly because they had only just opened the briefcase when Monime gave a ring to Hareka. I also feel like the Poor Man's Briefcase is being sung from Monime's perspective. But one thing that caught my eye when listening through the songlist again... The bomb went off just before or just after the 7th group, Angelight. The backscreen shows "Are you Ready?" which is the name of the song that Angelight sings, as per the monitor on the left and the expanded list of songs/idol groups provided in the video description. This is two songs after Star Blush Girls performed. I was hoping to connect this to "Bad News," but the most I can get is if what Nori says is accurate, the Star Blush Girls would not make first or second place, according to his inside sources. I will mention that the top two groups were redacted from the video as well as the place that Star Blush Girls would get.
  19. Light Pollution Buildings drowning ever lower The plane takes off to hover over the renewed streets and lights below We pass through cold blue nights and other views I hear stars appear through the window glass Pale fuzzy dots and colored headlights disperse Shooting stars centering universes My headphone cord on my boarding pass My imaginary friends are sitting on the wing Passing years and waving miles take me through black skies Are there any other nyctophiles? > cosmic stairs and stars take me here upstairs, in lowercase in the comet observatory in silence i make out some droplets falling clear and crystal air surrounds me it's all so tranquil reversing back a bit i think are there any other introverts? and if so, could they message me? < Can I stand up from the discomfort and awkward rhymes? Break the unsound rhythm of these airlines? Is the seatbelt sign turned off, Or are the lights and dings just stars flickering? I look down to the aforementioned streets and lights There are street lights and houses glowing bright The globe blinks with a million flares So intricate and brilliant Taken aback by sheer stardust and the nightly life below us Who cares if the lights and buildings drown out the stars If ours light the sky up better yet? With a better pallette and distribution If it leaves architects breathless Who would care for light pollution? The lanterns set my heart ablaze How would I even paraphrase Something so amazing as this? Are there any other luminists? > A paper room with paper hearts Paper birds that huddle up Paper airplanes and imaginary time zones Paperback storybooks Sketchbooks thrown around the place Every other line trying desperately to write out and start a melody The stories I'll tell, the stories I've told My radio show with my microphone Playing back old cassettes For the people I yet haven't met I highlight the memories I'm afraid to forget To my imaginary paper friends I write love letters every now and then Are there any other storytellers? For now though, I set this place ablaze The smoke settling uncovers a window I see an airplane passing by tranquilly woven into the blue cold night And I feel warm inside Because stars don't really flicker, do they? -Matt/Cwilk
  20. Idk why but this sent twice and I don't know how to get rid of this lol
  21. Hey Joe! I was at a rock festival (well it was a music festival but the rock was the most awesome bit) and I suddenly remembered your music - and that it's totally awesome ! You're absolutely underrated and everyone wants to hear more of your music, put some more stuff on YouTube! I would happily buy it. Also, as @Sunnilybright asked, is there an instrumental version of this song ? I'd love to do a cover of it. Thanks ^^
  22. I literally made an account to say that this cover is beautifully made, i'm really, really impressed!!!!! Your voice is amazing.
  23. This is absolutely fantastic!
  24. You both absolutley killed it! If you hadn't told me this was a cover I could have honestly believed it was an official cast recording. You have a beautiful low range and an amazing resonant/ringing mix/belt in your upper register, as well as a lovely vibrato.
  25. Well...you could use a stage name. For manga or music-wise. Lots of people make up stage names and persona. Marshmello, for example. Also, if you want to change your name you can after you turn 18, I think. Then your parents can't do anything about it. You're independent at that point.
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