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  3. Today we talk about the Youtube rabbit hole of reality tv clips, Youtube's family friendly antics and more of our Havoc Hotel creation. Today two of my OC's will be featured! I will accept questions about them and we also have out bud Bill on stream! Join us!
  4. Hey guys so this is sort of a rant and I just need to get this off of my chest. I am sorry if this is so long. Recently I had my senior capstone review. I had to give my artist statement and show them the work I have been doing. One art piece in particular that I have more work to do on, is my favorite! The colors are bright and it feels tropical and so happy. But the one thing the professors said was that it seemed to be an outlire because there were some harsher lines in the art work than my other ones. My artist statement is about how flowers can be connected with emotions besides their color. People pass by flowers not really giving them too much attention and just say "Oh there's a pretty flower" and that's it, there is no feeling no emotion towards them. They said that it didn't seem exactly like watercolor and I honestly don't think that is a bad thing. They want the emotion from it but they want me to keep the watercolor look to it? Some of the flowers I did needed the watercolor look in order to portrait the emotion, the feeling I get from the flower. The way to show happiness, pure joy, and just feeling of warmth, is to not have as much watery look to it, I have already worked on the leaves a bit to look somewhat watery. I enjoyed painting these flowers but now, the more the professors nag about the smallest things that don't need attention to, is starting to wear me down. I have bit my tongue multiple times to keep me from giving a sassy remark. They are critiquing the work as professionals, but I am tired of hearing the same things. They make it seem that I didn't mean to make harsher lines in a couple of my works, but I did it on purpose for a reason. That is one of the things that I am worried about. The other thing is trying to create the frames for my artwork and so far I have 8 pieces of artwork finished but none framed. I have a couple more art pieces in the process. However, every time I ask my dad about the barn wood and making them, all he can say is "yeah we'll get to it, I have to go to your brother's basketball game". Or "can you watch Brother S and take Brother N to work and pick him up please?" The thing is I need to get going on this now because March 26 is when the senior exhibition goes up! I don't have much time left! Not only that but after telling my teacher Greg about using recycled barn wood he goes and says "Make sure that it doesn't outshine the artwork." or something like that. So now I have to worry about that! I don't even know what the wood looks like yet because my dad hasn't taken me out with the trailer to get the wood. Anyways thank you for reading this I really needed to get this off of my chest! Thank you and God Bless you~! -Kendra-
  5. I've been able to manage remaining happy. It's an amazing feeling, and I plan on trying my hardest to maintain it. However, my emotional instinct seems to want to go against it. First of all, I do all of my final class's work one month in advance so that I have the rest of the month to just sleep and relax. But the school has pretty much every website blocked so there's next to nothing for me to do other than look at Google Maps in street view, which I find pretty fun, so that goes to show how many options I have of things to do in that class. Anyways, I mostly sleep because who wouldn't sleep in a class where you have basically nothing to do? I kept having those dreams where you jump awake, and every time I'd jump awake, I'd instinctively fling the keyboard in front of me into the monitor, since I was at a desktop. This happened quite a few times until eventually I was like, "Okay fine, if you wanna play that way," and pushed the keyboard to the side. Then it stopped and I was finally able to get to rest. Anyways, that was a completely different side-story that is somewhat related to the post that I thought people might enjoy. I've figured out the key to maintaining my happiness. It's living in the moment. Living in the moment and thinking about now, doing things for now, and not thinking ahead or behind me, is how I'm able to keep this happiness. Of course, I still have plans for the future, naturally, but thinking about it too much, and thinking about the past too much, and prioritizing it over the present, seems to be what makes me so... "unhealthy" in the terms of other people. It makes me realize what I don't have, or how far I have to go, which then hurts me emotionally, making me act out of sadness that I may never even reach it, as my mind asks, "so then what's the point of anything?" Luckily, I've mostly been able to live in the present and be here now, but it's been a struggle. My mind tries to convince me that it'd be easier just to revert back to longing for the past and future instead of living in the moment, but I also know that it'd be much more rewarding to continue living in the moment and learning how to maintain and regain that feeling and innocence. In the day, it's easy for me to live in the moment, when I'm out and around other people, or just exploring and outside. I even got a bike recently and have been riding it everywhere with every chance I get because I love being outside (especially at this time of year, around Spring and Summer, which are my favorite months). But at night, the thoughts that try to convince me to just give up trying to fight for my happiness haunt me until the morning brings its light. How do I fight this instinct of giving in to those thoughts of giving up this fight for happiness?
  6. Hey Sparrow, thought i would drop in to give you my two cents. Yes, name brand guitars do tend to be expensive, but you can get non name brand guitars that still sound good. I wanted to post a couple of links here of affordable good quality guitars that you (and anyone else interested in) should feel free to browse through: Any of those would be great places to start looking for beginners. They're cheap (as far as guitars go) and most of them sound decent. If you find that guitar is something you want to stick with, you could either upgrade one you have with better parts (I would go for Nutt, Tuners, pickups, tremelo bar, then pots in that order (use you judgement based on the guitar you get) or you could just save up and buy a nicer guitar, up to you really. Also, here are some decent places to learn more about guitar, and playing.
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  8. Hey! So I promised someone on reddit this a sizable amount ago! Here it is! It's a narration of the first chapter of a webnovel called Otherwordly. I thought it was pretty interesting. If you want to read the rest refer to links! If You Would Like To Read Along: https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/12599167406074505 If You'd Like To Support My Work: https://www.patreon.com/Bravocube https://www.paypal.me/BRPPM If You'd Like To See More Of Me: https://linktr.ee/Bravocube
  9. Here we are on Thursday! This evening we're going back to our roots and it's gonna be all about our Hazbin Hotel AU, Havoc Hotel! We have the voice of Blitz, our composer Gold and the voice of Angel, Alastor, Blarpie! Of course our regulars TAE and me are here tonight too! Come here to see our AU!
  10. Sparrow is here, Hello all, I really want to get into a hobby but i cant find something that i want to do that my parents will be able to provide -for example i want to get into guitar but, guitars are expensive- also Idea's aren't coming to me as they used to. and i am kind of worried Sparrow is gone UPDATE: My friend from a few worries ago is now open to talk to his friends about it.
  11. Time is a beautiful thing. I've always wanted to make something great of it, maybe even be the one to manipulate it, and push past the constraints of it. Time and dreams have always been the two defining words - and things - in my life. They've shaped me, for better or for worse, and have been the motives of my every action; the past, the present, the future. But it's always been like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. I've never wanted to be in the present. All I've ever wanted is for the past to return, or for the future to arrive. I think something is changing. I like to think fate exists, that foreshadowing is a real thing that life does, and I think that's what it might be doing again. It's happened before, but this time it feels different. It's a new kind of foreshadowing. It feels almost as though pieces are coming together and falling into place. It's... beautiful. Sometimes as I lay down, looking out of the window, or staring into the reflection of a puddle, or looking at the sky, I feel something I haven't felt in a long time. I'm able to live in the present, appreciate what I have, and see the beauty in where I've been, where I am, and where I'll be. I haven't been like this since New York; since the past that I've wanted to return to. So it feels... peaceful. I love this feeling. How do I hold onto it?
  12. Hoi friends reading or listening to this, I hope you all are well. I love you all. So, There was something that happened recently. That incident isn't what I want to focus on. Rather the lingering as echos calling out to me, from the words that was said. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to talk about it. You always have such great words whether they be directional of a different perspective or be of loving comfort. "I'm actually pretty angry with you. And I'd like to enjoy my time. Without having to worry about you." These words. They are types of sayings my memories know well. When kids said similar excluding remarks to me, it hurt a lot. "Look, we are *trying* playing a game here. Can you, like, give us space?" "Ugh, you want to *join* us? Sorry we already have enough people." But at the same time I always tried to take it as, "You know what? I don't want to be around you either with that attitude." And I'd make my way to somewhere else alone to have fun. Next day, no longer mattered since I mostly kept to myself anyways. If they ever changed their mind or asked, I would have been overjoyed. However, I've heard those words from those who were supposed to be trusted friends or a "parent". It was deeply wounding... After all, I never meant to hurt them! Any of them, from close to classmate. I wouldn't dream of it. I care about them. I may have said something that hurt them, but it wasn't that I wanted that. Am I really so horrible that I should disappear? I tried whatever it took to make it up, now and back then. In the past I tried to be perfect for them. So that maybe they'd change their mind. And honestly even with classmates, I tried to be kind and stand up for others. Secretly hoping that doing the right thing might mean I could join them and not always be left out. But it was no avail. So why?.. Why am I asked to disappear into thin air? Why can't I do anything to make it better? What's so wrong about me? ... At this time, I've come to as close as peace as I can get with forgiveness and trying to do what's right in the eyes of my God. I have tried to reach out lovingly to the person in the recent situation with no response. And that's okay. But there's still an ache in my chest and tears in my eyes about these words. I know that logically, they are just that. Words. But that doesn't come off as convincing right now. Thank you all for listening and being such amazing and kind people. Much love, Princess
  13. Hello everyone! Thursday had a bit of a big situation I needed to tend towards. So I wasn't able to do power hour. It was something I had to do, but as an apology here's Power Hour! Just a Friday one instead of a Thursday one! Today we'll discuss more OC's, alongside Gorillaz new release, Sengoku Basara and Youtube's copyright system stuff. Come join!
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    I was running away I don't know this place, I don't remember how I got here, did I do something wrong? my body moved on its own following a dirt road in the middle of what seemed like an endless amount of nowhere, no artificial lights seen anywhere in the horizon, the night is bright and yet I can't see where this road starts nor where it ends. I stopped running I can't remember why I was fleeing but it doesn't matter right now, I take a step outside the road, then two, then three steps, I stray off the path without realizing it and suddenly I can't see the road anymore, I am in a grass field with not a living breathing creature to be seen anywhere, probably better this way. I wandered around Wandering, what does that word even mean? do we still do that at this time and age? with so many roads built for us and always going to a specific place, do people ever just look to the sides of a road and start walking off for no reason with no particular destination in mind? always such a rush to get from place to place, although I admit it is a risky thing to do. But it's not like I had a choice, I was just placed in that dirt road without even knowing a reason for it, so what does it matter if I stray? I can't even think of somewhere I should be. I reached for my pocket I find a map, surprisingly small, maybe I can find somewhere I have to go in this green desert, I look but I can't find anything, there is nothing to hold on to, there is still no sign of civilization even in the map, just green all around. Distracted by the map I fail to notice a small hole on the ground, I take my feet off it as fast as possible since I have no idea what creature could have dug it up. I dropped the map It escaped my hand with the scare, I didn't bother to pick it back up, it had nothing of use for me anyway since it didn't lead anywhere, I was completely lost, without a memory of anything and without a place to go. I stopped, emptiness, the horizon stretches far away and I can see everything, every plains, hills, mountains, all a few hundred thousand steps away from me, or is it more than that? the distance makes it hard to get a proper estimate. I looked upwards Many would be terrified in this situation, not seeing people or even animals anywhere, just the earth and the sky, some people fear the night sky even while surrounded by our concrete fortresses, there is something about the ever-distant reaches of space that scares them, the idea that you are tiny in comparison to the universe, the idea that you are a small dot on a map that stretches almost endlessly terrifies them. I saw the stars They shine brighter than ever, I don't remember the last time I stared at the stars but I can feel that it has no comparison. My breath quickens and my chest pounds, but I'm not afraid, I am at awe, the stars above me are numerous, countless even, they are not small dots obfuscated my the lights of the city with only few outshining the fluorescent lights we've created, they cover the sky like a mist, each one could be the size of our moon and some could be even bigger, and endless space no man has been to before. I was at peace Peace, a strange thing to find somewhere others might find terrifying, both this landscape and space above me seem to stretch towards infinity but I don't mind, I like it, is it because I am not following the road anymore? is it because I have no destination? I can't remember anything but I can feel that this sensation is new, I feel free to do as I please, I could start running towards nothing at all, I could... what can I do? I should start small. I started walking again Every once in a while I have an amazing dream, this is one of those cases, the dream itself was far simpler and yet felt far more amazing and magical than this story can possibly describe... maybe it's because my mind started playing a song I love when I looked at the sky. Yeah, it's probably the music
  17. I ended up telling the girl I had feelings for her, and I really tried to analyze my motives, and I even got my friend to watch the stream to see his interpretation of what you guys said. I decided that since I had these emotions for her I would rather tell her soon so we can work through this problem, because I value our friendship and didn't want to risk that or create unnecessary risk, so I decided to create unnecessary risk by telling her. We had a long conversation about it and she knew I had feelings for her, and overall everything went much better than I expected. Right now she isn't looking to date because she's facing many mental issue by dealing with depression, is unhappy at home, and has all these problems so she doesn't think she is in the right spot in her life to be dating, which makes a lot of sense. At the end we're still good friends and I still wanna be good friends with her, but I was put in a difficult spot of, do I try to wait for her to fix her problems and hope I'll be able to date her, because she never said no because she didn't reciprocate feelings. But the conclusion I've drawn is I'm not gonna wait for her but I'm also not gonna seek anyone new out, and just do what I have fun doing. So there might be a part 3 in the future.
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  19. I am unsure of what I want to be again. Not because I'm not passionate about what I love, but rather because almost everyone in my entire school and grade says they want to do the same thing, so when I say I want to pursue the same thing, it makes me feel like "just another one of them." But I don't want to be. So do I pursue something else because the thing I love is too common? Or do I continue being just another drop in the ocean?
  20. Sparrow is here... I dont feel good about myself. It's not emotions, but it feels much darker Sparrow is gone
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  22. Dear Cinnamon, my imaginary friend, I've got a fair share of stories to tell,poems to write and coat in caramel. This, to an extent, another one. Another globe, another telescope. But, Cinn, truly, I wish you well, with a stamp and "signed by" pressed on envelopes. When you're sitting in a trainbehind the graphite notepad plains, driving towards something, perhaps reality, I hope you don't depend on me. But when you're stuck within your snowy lodge, I'll keep the night watch, and keep you warm, enough. Dear whoever opened this, carrier pigeons in aerospace;dear my letter messengers:truly, I wish you all the best,just find this note a fitting nest.But if you don't know where to take it, please, just leave it by the fireplace. Cinnamon, I hope you know, the snow melts my heart till it's aglow, and though it's not yet snowed in here, I don't want January to come this year. Still, I look up at the stars, and miss those canary yellow scarves. I find myself driving a train. Was I just daydreaming again? Life's a double-sided coin, one side real, the other fiction. Really, they both go just as deep, although they drive on different rails. But between flashes of microsleep, mine always seems to land on tails. I look out of my light-up cove, and see a vibrant waterfall. The bioluminescent glow, is above all, enchanting at nightfall. And though snow sure is magical, the reflecting, bouncing lightraysturns the night into the day. Is that then why, and how, outside my window now, is not a snowfall, instead a waterfall? In my bedroom I awoke. I see star stickers up on my wall. I turn on the fairy lightsand write myself a telescope. I fold up all the blacks and whitesand put it in an envelope. I await to hand on this letter. To the reader, to the messenger. I dream of my pen pal, Cinnamon, and wait for the next chapter to begin. Signed and now delivered, With a "to you"in the middle. -Matt
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    A little comedy fic I wrote for TheArtistEntertainer. Truvius is being a brat, but Sumitra puts him in his place >: 3 It was a quiet day for Sumitra. A rainy day outside, warm inside his little reading room in the mansion they acquired. Just the way he liked it. Sumitra was really into his book. It was something odd for him. He normally couldn't get this absorbed into a book, but this one was good! A fantasy story with a new twist on the genre he hadn't seen before. A demon prince going to a new realm he hadn't seen. It was a fascinating premise for Sumitra.It was a perfect day!Then he felt it. The eyes of a certain annoyance staring at him. His eyes went so far upward they almost rolled back into his skull. A long sigh came out of him. That had become a reflex in this house. Everyone here was sigh worthy and to be honest? Deserving of far worse then that. Reluctantly he put the book down a little,eyes lidded in a bored expression.There was Truvius on the other side of the sofa. Of course. The 5 year old of the Villany 101. He squinted as Truvius didn't break eye contact.“Can I help you...?” Sumitra spoke first, breaking the silence. *** it. He should have ignored Truvius. Why on earth did he always feel compelled to respond to the other? He squinted feeling a migraine coming on. Truvius's thoughts were a jumble, too hard to hear one of at a time, or block out. Subconsciously he moved backwards a bit as Truvius began to speak.“I just realized something about you.” He said. He squinted as well. He seemed to almost be pouty. “You think you're way better than us, don't you Sumitra?”Sumitra raised an eyebrow at that statement. They hadn't interacted at all today! He was just trying to have a nice quiet day at home. He hadn't said anything to anyone. “What makes you think that I am doing that?” Sumitra asked dry tone as usual.Truvius shrugged. “Well whenever Vibsy is talking about plans you sit there and pretend you don't care! Or you just roll your eyes and fight him on it for some reason! You always read books, you never go outside, and you always talk all...overly..proper!” He puffed out his cheeks.Sumitra didn't say a word for awhile. He bent his neck a little, chin pointing at his chest as he did. A look of disbelief on his face not even his normal stoicism could hide. “...What?” It was all that came to Sumitra to say. For once his mind went completely blank. He wished he could enjoy the moment if not for the utter stupidity!“You know! Overly proper! Like...instead of can't you say cannot? You sound all high class or something! It's weird! Why are you trying to act like your smarter then us! Viberto hired you! He's the best person here!”Sumitra blinked a few times, he couldn't believe he was hearing this. The others were still trying to push that narrative. He closed the book leaning forward a little bit. “I am smarter then you.” He said flatly but with a conviction behind it. “Everyone here has strengths...but intelligence and information is mine.”Truvius leaned forward. “What's mine!?”Sumitra smirked. “Shoe shopping.”Truvius growled standing up. His face completely red. “That's not fair! I'm smart! Totally smarter! I could blow you away with my smartness!”Sumitra opened the book. He flipped through it for a bit and then pointed to a word deadpan expression on his face still. “What does that word mean?”Truvius squinted at the page. He bit his lip and looked away..then back at Sumitra. Then at the carpet. He then looked out the window and gasped. “Oh my god what's that!?”Sumitra turned his head to look. “What's wha-OOF”Several pillows were thrown at Sumitra at once. Truvius ran away before Sumitra could recover.“Hah! So much for dumb books when you don't have any street smarts! Checkmate gem boy!” He ran off smirking all the way. Sumitra growled in annoyance. Typical and true to his demon nature! He stood up and picked the pillows up.Whatever. He would let him think he won...for now. In fact, knowing Truvius....There was a screech and the sound of metal pots hitting tiles on the floor. The room even shook a bit. He watched a pot roll slowly out into the hall...and eventually clatter to the wooden floor of the hallway. Sumitra just laughed.“Oh well~you tried.” Sumitra said loud enough to be heard. He shut the door and got back on the couch. Truvius could only groan in pain in response.Ahh back to peace and quiet! Now, back to reading...
  24. Welcome to the next Power Hour! We have a very special guest with us today named Deerloaf! We aren't sure where the wind will take us, but we're going and want you there. Maybe you guys can help us steer this chaotic ship? Join us don't be shy!
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