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  2. Warning - long video (20 mins). I thought that I would post some special music today, in honor of the site maintenance ending. Today, I've brought you the entire album of 2112, by Rush. Now, normally I wouldn't post an entire album like this, but this case is unique because the entire album works together to tell a single story. I won't go into the meaning of the songs, as I think that would spoil things a bit, although I will say that even though the album was released some time ago (1976), it has many reflections in today's age, particularly America's political situation. Rush itself was officially formed in Canada, 1971 with the members Alex Lifeson (Guitar), Geddy Lee (Bass, vocals, keyboards) and John Rutsy (drums, later replaced by Neil Peart in 1974). The band went through numerous stylistic changes throughout their time touring, with their last tour in 2015, and their official disbandment in 2018. This is Rush's most iconic album, 2112. featuring the songs: Overture, The Temples of Syrinx, Discovery, Presentation, Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, and Grand Finale.
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  4. Inktober Day 11: Snow Fluttering softly to the ground Snow is falling all around Icy crystals fill the air Now’s the season where we care Children laugh and roll the snow Bundled against the chill wind blow Like a piece of shattered glass Snow is piled in a mass Skaters and sledders all filled with joy This snow is a gift like a Christmas toy Icicles hang from all the shingles People are singing Christmas jingles Oh what a wonderful world of white Now is the time to be a light Be a snowflake soft and kind Spreading happiness, guiding the blind Beautiful crystals, lovely ice Shining bright and being nice Snow is dancing through the town Taking away the slightest frown
  5. It's just a little snippet of the song, but I'm very proud of it, it's the first serious cover kinda thing I've ever done. I recorded and produced it myself Titanium_Cover.wav
  6. Hey guys. Just wanted to make a quick post in here for anyone that might've been watching the thread. I've found myself getting busier and busier as the days go by and it's a little difficult to find time for this, but I'll try my best to post some music in here when I can. Much love guys - Adios!
  7. Sorry for the late reply lol, i don't use this site all that much. The i honestly suck but i can see myself constantly getting better, and I just enjoy hanging out with bros so I'd say it's been fantastic so far!
  8. Guys! This are amazing! I am so grateful for each one of you who is posting and I'm sorry that I haven't had time to go through them all, but rest assured I will. A bit of a note, there is coming maintenance this weekend. Please continue to create your art and works, and post them when the server comes back on line. The fact that they are not posted on the right day will not be penalized for these next few days for that reason. Keep up the good work!
  9. Inktober 8 Again I will say I would like to apologise for my words being messy. Even more so than usual this time.
  10. Day 7: Enchanted Once again keeping up with this musical theater theme, i jumped back into Shrek The Musical and did a vocal cover of Who i'd be. My character is Shrek and he is telling donkey about who he would like to be if he wasn't an ogre. The reason why i chose this song is for lyrical reasons. The lyric being "So yes i'd be a hero, and if my wish were granted, life would be enchanting, for so the stories say" Who_I'd_be_cover.mp3
  11. If there is a discord server my name is coolvolcano#4271 if there is not a server could I start one? It would be a easy way to talk to others that share common interests while being able to discuss bss and other topics.
  12. As per usual I will apologize for my handwriting I know it's a mess. It's just like my life
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  14. Inktober 6 sorry if its messy, i lost my pen T_T
  15. Written by Jim Steinman, and sung by Meatloaf with Loraine Crosby, I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) is the only Meatloaf song to ever reach number one single on the Billboard Hop 100 chart and the UK Singles Chart. The song even earned Meatloaf a Grammy award for Best Solo Vocal Rock Performance. The song does have an official meaning, and it is one that I apply when I listen to it. I'd Do Anything for Love has quite the chivalrous meaning. It speaks about how the singer (Meatloaf) will only do things that will improve their relationship, and never anything that would harm it. Most people think that the things that Meatloaf won't do isn't listed, and is kept as a mystery, however there are specific lines in the song which are things he won't do. They are: "forget the way you feel right now" "forgive myself if we don't go all the way tonight" "do it better than I do it with you" And "stop dreaming of you every night of my life"
  16. Hey all! So, school started quite recently, and lately I've realized just how competitive I am with others. For a little context, I've been focusing more on preparing myself for the future ever since August or so. I've been disciplining myself to draw and be productive more regularly. That was going okay enough, so at the end of summer I felt pretty good about myself. That means that when school started though, me juggling that other stuff makes doing schoolwork a lot harder. I still study, there's just much more confusion and panic during lessons of trying to understand the subject well now (particularly in history and chemistry). And that makes me feel like I'm falling behind, which my brain doesn't like. My competitive drive kicks in and my mind tells me "Come on, you're supposed to be better than them". I don't know, it's just difficult to not want to outdo other people on math knowledge and stuff like that, even though I know I'm probably not gonna use a lot of it in the future - definitely not history or chemistry (I'm in a pretty nerdy class of a pretty nerdy school too, so that doesn't help). So at the end of the day, I'm either left feeling left behind and doubting myself, or having to focus on improving on more stuff every day. -Matt
  17. Day 6: Husky When i hear Husky, i instantly think about puppers! then eventually think about larger dogs and wolfs. So keeping up with this musical theater theme i accidentally still have going on, i vocally covered "I know things now" from the musical Into The Woods. My character is Little Red Riding hood and at this point in the story, a baker had just saved her and her granny's life by cutting open the wolf that ate them. In the song, Red admits her guilt about not listening to what her mother told her, and how meeting the wolf on the way to grannies house was an amazing experience because he made her notice the beautiful parts of the woods that she would have ignored if she stayed on her current path. then she explains her terror and experience when she gets to her grannies house and gets swallowed by the wolf, and how she was changed when the baker saved them. Red shares with the baker all of the things she learned from this experience and thanks him. I Know Things Now cover.mp3
  18. Another update I'm almost $150 in the negatives in my bank account So, bump
  19. Heyo People! I forgot to make a post on here yesterday, so to make up for that I'll post 2 videos today, hows dem apples? The first video I've brought us is Staind's Something To Remind You. This song was released in 2011 in the album 'Staind' (Yes, the band and this album shared a name) To me, this song is about moving on to better times, saying goodbye to the painful past, and leaving behind a legacy when we pass on. The second song I picked out would be I Try, covered by Shawn James. Originally released in 1999, the song was later released as a single in America in 2000. The song was then covered by Shawn James just last year. The official meaning of the song is about trying and failing to move on from a past partner. However, I choose to interpret the song a bit differently. I think of loving someone who doesn't know, and trying to work up the courage to tell them how much you care for them.
  20. Day 5: Build In the words of a very memorable ogre "The first thing i'm gonna do is build a ten foot wall around my land" Keeping up with this musical theater theme i have going on, i vocally covered "build a wall" from Shrek the musical. My character is Shrek who just had his heart broken the night before. He is singing about how all of his life people avoided him, and how it was stupid of him to think that anyone would like him. So to shelter his heart and himself from the harsh world that doesn't understand him and pain, he makes it a plan to build a wall around his land so no one can interfere with him and he could live a peaceful life by himself, just how it was before. Also this is one of my favorite musicals so i instantly thought of this song once i saw the word was build Build_a_wall_cover.mp3
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