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  7. 51! *Insert victory screech for passing halfway point here*
  8. Yet mostly misunderstood
  9. ((Just got moved in back at college. And neither of yas worry about your respective, er... worries? Yeah, don't worry about those worries. Also, I'm just gonna move Kristy along so she's there but not there at the same time unless/until your cousie wants to jump back in, @Hoiitsme.)) Mally was pretty satisfied with her food, but she was even more satisfied with Lillian face-planting her desserts. Sure, Mally had to pay for the food, but she considered it worth it for the entertainment value alone. She was in the middle of snapping some blackmail pics when she heard a voice behind her. Oh, that's right--the temp. Mally shot a glance over her shoulder, then got out of her booth. "Well hello there, Mr. Temp!" Mally grinned from ear to ear and snatched his hand for a hearty handshake. After putting her fists on her hips, she stood beside Lillian and struck a dramatic pose. "We are indeed Static Vibe!" She cackled and her hands dropped. "Or what's left of it right now. You, uh, might want to sit down." *** After a good while, Mally managed to explain the day and her other group members. Kristy had put her food in a doggie bag and said she wasn't feeling well a little after the food came to the table, and she left in an Uber apparently called while she was in the restroom. And Lillian was...Lillian. Mally had a napkin dispenser by her for easy access as she worked on cleaning Lillian's face. "So I think Lily and I should still be good for the singing lessons if Lily here takes an hour nap or something, but maybe you have something better in mind? We can always cancel the lesson, since we're missing a member anyhow." Mally always got comments on her strength after leaving the family farm, but when she picked Lillian up and threw her over her shoulder like a bag of rice, she got a few surprised looks and whispers from customers. Mally tried to be a bit gentler than how she was with actual sacks of rice, though. Lillian was dozing after all. "You could just help me babysit wittle Lily here. I'm sure Kristy's sick at home, so going to the supermarket sometime to get legitimate food for the hotel would be a nice use of time, too. Up to you, Mr. Temp. You are the manager, after all. Also, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you drove here. So you're gonna drive us around now--and where we go is up to the driver!" Mally caught Trudy making her rounds and paid with one hand, telling her to keep the change for the mess. What was left of the cheesecake was beyond saving. "Oh shoot--where are my manners?!" Mally exclaimed as she spun around with Lillian's drooping form. Cue more stares from customers. "I never asked your name. Or if you ate--there's uh...cheesecake?" ((Not gonna proofread, but I'll hope for the best.))
  10. Don't worry! I just moved in to my dorm today. So that's where I've been. XD I'm online now because decided to stay behind when my peeps went out (had to learn how to use this shower, and I was too sweaty anyway). Very glad I chose to room with my friends this year cuz as a Freshie I chose the Honor dorm and I always had to walk across campus to get back to my room every night. ...Or early morning. All nighters were very much a thing. Greetings~
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  13. Don't be so depressed~ Btw, don't force yourself to work on something when you don't want to. If you don't like to do something you shouldn't force yourself to do it because that would mean you won't put your all into. I'm trying to not be cliché, but it's emitting a totally different vibe then what I want it to xD Anyways, just don't work yourself too hard. <3
  14. It is not up yet...i am still drawing as hard as my hands cpuld take me... orz
  15. How do we download episode one of Asymmetry? >.> I'm sorry if someone already asked you this, btw
  16. by the evil
  17. 50!!!!!!!
  18. Waghh, where did everyone goooo T^T Snuffles* I hope you guys come back soon T^T
  19. 49 *Nod-Nod* Pat-Pat It's alright, @MissMalleto
  20. Which was manufactured
  21. Maybe the two Idol girls were Angelight who was currently performing on stage. It could've just been an MP3 player to throw the suspects off the case. Maybe the bomb was just controlled by a remote, etc.
  22. Yea <3 Maybe we could make a turtle plushie from the song "Starblush Vampire" <33
  23. ((It's alright <3 Lillian would pick her head up, but then fall back asleep into her cheesecake. Lillian then groan and put her hands up and grab at the air twice as if asking for someone to carry her.
  24. kitty cat headband buddiesX3 <3
  25. popup blockers are the best <3 XDXD i has noscript for mineXD
  26. Over 9000 years
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