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About This Club

There is much beauty in the space around you when you give it an honest look. This is a place to collect photos of such beauty to reflect on with tranquility and peace in mind. Those who wish to tend to the gardens are free to message me. Otherwise, free free to join and look around as you please. ^-^

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  2. Sometimes Rocks are incredibly powerful and can make a huge impact. Sometime, rocks stand alone. Some Rocks pile on and make something better.
  3. These elegant pines reach towards the sunny blue sky. This tree grow around this boulder, as has been used as a signpost for a couples affection. This tree is growing a special mushroom that's quite rare. My Oma last found one 10 years ago and that's amazing considering she's an avid mushroom hunter. This is the mushroomm that was found and it weighted almost 1 pound! It's call Lion's mane or Bear's beard for the fine hair like teeth that cover it. Awe~ Some cute tent like mushrooms~ Can you see me? I'm undercover~ Sneaky Sneaks Style~ Here's a HUGE Chanterelle that we found! most are the size of one finger, this one is the size of my hand! This mushroom actually has ridges and not gills. Here's Jerry. Found him along the walk and had a short chat. This elegant log had itty bitty mushrooms of a color I had never encountered before. Towering Spire of Pine is an almost terrifying sight to behold. Doesn't this mushroom look like a little sunhat? ❤️ A little bluebell dress for fairies!~ Little Spider friend on a cute yellow blossom. 🎵Trio of singing little ones 🎵 Mini pom pom blossom Perfect Mario Mushroom~ The Sun rise flower A Hatchling Mushroom 🥚 Unsettling question for an unsettling mushroom... What color are you? Oyster Mushroom Waterfalls Ahead Pristine White Angel of Death Corn kernels and Cherries anyone? Violet way to end the day
  4. In the beautiful mountains of North Carolina comes the beauty of a well shaded forest. I went on this walk with my grandmother who I call Oma, and you can see our hands on the occasional photo.
  5. These are some pictures of flowers that caught my eye on a particularly beautiful spring day earlier this year. My admiration for the simple elegance inspired these photos. 🌷🌹🌼
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