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A lot of people out there enjoy online roleplays, so I figured I'd start a club. Promote rp's on other platforms, or join the rp we'll eventually run here, but either way, just have fun!

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  2. "Hey Rookie, what's going on down there?" The Captain yells over the radio. The craft had just passed into the outer edge of the Milky Way and was headed to the nearest Galaxy. Intergalactic travel had been greatly improved by the discovery/theft of the Garzon-Pilax drive. During the Battle of Earth a scientist named Gerald Pilax managed to hijack a Garzon Cruiser. This was with the help of a few semi-civilians who managed to wrestle control of the ship from the Invaders. They managed to jump the ship the the nearest Earth Colony, Mars, where Pilax reverse engineered the design to work on Human vessels. However, it wasn't the GP Drive that had failed on this freighter. Almost all power sources were inoperable or failing.
  3. Name: Garzon Octor Aka: The Navigator Age: >40 Unknown but older than most crew members Gender: Male Race: Galon- a species of lizardmen who were the first to invade Earth in 2092. That was 15 years ago. Role: Navigator, he has led many a craft through deep space, but they were always a bit more reliable than this one. Personality: Thoughtful, kind, wise. He doesn't say much, but when he does people listen. Appearance: The Galon don't typically wear normal clothes due to the protection of their skin which is as tough as Kevlar. However, when interacting with other races, they tend to wear the bear minimum. This due to the races belief that their skin was of the utmost beauty. (Truly they were admired for it. Galon Scales were prized commodities on the black market. They were know as one of the most elegant races due to the way their scales shined in the light) Garzon was blue, and he stood a foot taller than the Captain and most humans. Thiw was matched by incredibly strong muscles. The gravity on the Galons home planet was tripple that of Earth. Therefore, physical strength was something that all Galons possessed. Past: He keeps it to himself, but most say that he killed someone in his life. Whether or not that's true. You would never know. He and the Captain don't get along very well. The Captain lost his wife in the invasion of Earth and he hasn't been able to even look at his navigator for the whole trip.
  4. Perfect! If you want, you could expand on if his pilot outfit has anything particular on it or if there are any special personal belongings. But that's a great one! Name: Yasuhiro Suzuki Age, Gender, Race : 27, Female, Zuneleon Role/Job: Spaceship Mechanics Apprentice Personality: Passionate, Clueless out of her element, Thoughtful and Strategic Fun facts about Zuneleons: Zuneleons are well known for their bubbly personalities, and Yasuhiro is definitively as fizzy as a Soda pop, but seems significantly more able to hold an attention span better then most, well, at least about things she likes. Appearance: Caramel skin, Feminine, chin length bob of royal purple hair. silvery eyes with a splash of deep green, 5 ft 4 in tall Past: In contrast to the harsh planet conditions, Yasuhiro never let that ruin her heart. She kept her mind to the sky where she dreamed of the murky black freedom she one day would reach. Rigorous tinkering with technology served her well as a stern Human mechanic gave her the opportunity of a life time to apprentice with him. Though treatment from peers was filled with discrimination, she is talented enough that she's getting more respected. This was her first solo mechanic job without her mentor, and she's starting to feel dread in her stomach about it. This is just to help give a bit of structure for those that it helps. Let's all have fun and work together! Remember that you don't need to have an undying or over powerful character.
  5. Name: Joseph Stevens Age and Gender : 35/ Male Race: Human Role/Job: Pilot Personality: Reserved, Calculated, Cold Appearance: White, Male, Blonde Hair 1/2 inch long, Blue Eyes, 5 Ft 10 in. He wears the standard black shirt and black pants with a white tie and a white belt. The tie is slightly loosened so he can breath. He also carries around a single journal that he never writes in. Past: Joe had always dreamed of being a pilot, but he quickly found that to not be as exciting as he thought. And his time at the Academy left him without a clear set of emotional responses. So he buried them, because he had to. If he had know what it would lead to he wouldn't have taken this job as an interstellar pilot. Like that?
  6. Cool! It's an RP! But, how can we keep our characters straight? Well, my dear friends~ That's why we can make Character sheets! These can be for your Original Characters (OC's) to be know to the galaxy and for the side characters that might be around or controlled by multiple people. This can help organize and remember what your character is like or for others to know in summary what type of Characters they are playing with. It can be as detailed or not as you'd like since I don't know who all is gonna participate, but I will make a quick template that we used before in a different group to help get us started. ^^b Name: [Character's Known name, Character's Nickname (optional)] Age and Gender : [ How old the character is, Gender and pronouns as necessary (if a race has no assigned gender you can put genderless)] Role/Job: [Position or what they do or something they specialize in] Personality: [Strengths that a character is good and as well as some flaws they may have to work on.] Appearance: [What do they look like, what do they have on them visible, in what way do they carry themselves] Past: [Maybe childhood or just what they were up to before this RP started at the moment of joining] This is just to help give a bit of structure for those that it helps. Let's all have fun and work together! Remember that you don't need to have an undying or over powerful character.
  7. A RC Class Freighter hurls through intergalactic space. The engines cut out and the ship drifts silently through the darkness. All of the power diverted to life support to keep those on board alive.
  8. The noon bell rings across the school yard. Signaling the start of lunch for all of the students. I was already taking lunch, though. There's a good hiding spot near along the wall that I usually spend my time at. I meandered out into the rush of students filtering out of the main entrance, blending in seamlessly.
  9. It was a dark and stormy night. Feel free to take it from here.
  10. Welcome! It was starting to get lonely here!
  11. Hola! I'm Sun and I usually prefer action based RPs. Semi lit or otherwise, not really that fused. As long as its mutual fun ^^
  12. I'll introduce myself. I'm Twig, and I like utopian magic rps, but I also like fluffy romance ones. I'm in my third year of roleplay now.
  13. Tell us a bit about yourself! Have you roleplayed before? What kind of RP's do you prefer?
  14. Hey, here's where you can give a description of your roleplay and then give us a link to it!

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