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  2. Hello everyone!!! My name is Kaela, I'm just a bisexual lil dweeb who loves Furries, Anime, FNaF, and of course, Static-P. I REALLY love to sing, write, and above all, DRAW. I draw anime, furries, FNaF and.... well that's about it, actually. My main music interest right now consists mostly of K-pop (Mostly BTS and SHINee) and obviously lots of Static-P! I was born in Sacramento California on October 1st, 2003. I am ALWAYS open to new friends, so feel free to PM me whenever, I don't bite! ^^
  3. @Kaela Melius Welcome to the club, we're working on something grand, we just don't know what yet. If you have ideas let us know, we're going to change the world!
  4. I was trying to see if as a moderator I could force my forum into a public forum. As part of my ongoing shadows work as a white hat hacker guy
  5. @SilverMoon Sounds like you've got a lot going for you then. And whatever you decide is your passion we're here to support that. If you haven't already go over to YouTube and subscribe to Black Static and Swerve. https://youtu.be/E7RUo_7noeM The link is to the Don't Worry Wednesday Stream. Where Ryan( Static P) and Joe (CDVNL) talk about what's going on in the life of the community where you can ask difficult questions, Help people with their problems, or just enjoy the encouragement. We're here if you need help and you'll find us around the site if you need. Catch you around. Now back to work!
  6. Yeah hit me with anything happy to help. Currently at work so response time might be rough but I will respond
  7. Thanks for the welcome... I might be a bit quite for a while just because I am trying to figuring everything out. may I ask you if I have any questions?
  8. You sound cool silvermoon. Nice to meet you. I also love music and a good story. TTYL.
  9. Hello, I am SilverMoon. I am 17 and still in high school, but I have my eyes set on the military. I am thinking about joining cyber security because I am enjoy working on computers and programing. I also enjoy any from of compaction. I play all kinds of sports like cross-country, football, baseball, track, and more. I also enjoy video games of all types. I love music and just a shout out to Static-P I found out about this community from one of his songs. I also Like drawing and writing poems. one of the few things I love more then compaction is a good story, weather is be a book, movie, game or anime. My dream is well honestly I don't know anymore. but I am going to keep walking forward until I find a new one.
  10. That's cool, and when you decide to open up, I'll be here to listen as well.
  11. @SilverMoon Welcome to the Real Ones. Feel free to post what you like, we're still a pretty quiet group for now but we're excited for anything you want to bring. By default just assume that we enjoy whatever you enjoy. From movies to games to shows. But we also like to have Real conversations so if anything's going on let us know. See you around
  12. Thanks for sharing Zion. I appreciate your open and honest thoughts. It's something I'm still striving to do. I'll keep discussing it to you, but I didn't realize you had posted here and didn't want you to think I stopped looking.
  13. Hey, I have a lot of problems. The "my awkward life" topic I started covers all of my relationship issues so I won't rehash that here. Since I was eight I've attempted to use creativity to cover or make up for my shortcomings. As I got older this didn't change. When my attempts at friendship failed I threw my soul into it. I decided that this was all I was good for. I would make some books and music and then I could die. Not suicidal, simply believing that it was a singular purpose and upon completion, I would no longer be needed. Therefore, if I spent time simply enjoying myself and not practicing my writing I felt like I was throwing away my life. From I small child when I said I wanted to be a writer people often replied. "That's a hard job to make a living in." I've always thought more logically then most people I knew so I said "I know, that's why I'm starting now". I did, I spent most of my childhood reading and writing. It became more desperate as I got older and a thought process appeared. There was a constant voice that said "not good enough, do better your running out of time". I just realized today that I've been living in a panic. My fear of failure had killed my hobbies. I once wrote "everything I love also brings a measure of pain". Because I realized that I couldn't listening to music without picking it apart and then abusing myself that I couldn't create something of a comparable quality. Most people don't know that I'm a brutal perfectionist. They see me as apathetic or lazy often, but if I can't do a thing to my standards then I trash it or I don't start it. I don't enjoy anything I don't do well. Because somewhere I learned that being good was the goal in life. I released a few videos on YouTube. I can't watch them though. I also dropped one song in attempt to rap. I was given criticism and I locked up. My mom says I can't take criticism, but that's not entirely accurate. I took the criticism and I found the issue and fixed it. The reason I haven't shared again is because in my mind I had to become beyond reproach before I could show again. But that won't happen, no matter how proud I am of the work I do. If I improve, the old stuff looks sub par. So nothing is ever revealed. Getting better only means that before was crap. I only see where I want to be. I only look at the ground in front of me so I miss everything around me. This is a literal example of my vice. My mom used to ask me "why do you always walk with your head down like someone's beating you?" I didn't know. I don't know how to end this post sorry.
  14. @Firewire Lol everyone starts somewhere. If you are looking to post a bio on here feel to post it on this thread. If you want one on your personal page I think you have to set that up in the settings menu. If you click on your profile picture in the top right you should be able to get to those menus. Similar to how you updated your profile picture. Signatures are done in a similar way. On a mobile platform you actually just hit the menu button in the top right, click on the profile section, then profile settings, and then it's under the a out me section.
  15. How does one make a bio on here, or a bio post (Sorry, im new, lol)
  16. @Firewire Welcome friend. While I won't stop you from lurking I would recommend posting a bit about yourself or trying to connect to our community in some fashion. Especially here in the club. I will try to post more here in the future to help increase usage and help us interact on a greater level.
  17. fair enough. i myself have thought on that before
  18. I understand not wanting to be associated with hateful people. Bye your personal choice to follow Christ doesn't need an explanation, it's not our job to worry about what people might think of us. Your actions will speak for themselves. Which I think is the concern, we don't want to be compared to others who represent us poorly. I think this brings up the question as to whether we need to call ourselves "Christian" at all. While I believe we should be unabashed in declaring our faith everywhere we go "Christian" is nothing more than a label that means so many different things to different people. It has begun to become a hindrance to our mission because it comes with a ton of preconceived notions or ideas of what that makes us. I think being a follower of Christ will be my goal, And I realize I called myself a Christian in my own introduction but, live and learn. I don't think I will anymore.
  19. @Neon-S Hey Neon, Thanks for join the group. The more the merrier!
  20. @Frost pheonix Hi Frost Welcome to the Group! You're Awesome.
  21. puns are good, but i feel like i'm tooting my own horn
  22. For Random Conversations So that we can keep the other topics clean
  23. If we talk this much people are going to find our bass here! Ahh so many puns
  24. true. i think it will be key to my growth. hope i don't get in treble.
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