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Just a Club to talk about games and to find people to play with. Maybe we can plan some evenings to play together (if timezones and regional servers don't mess things up ^^')

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  2. Hooooooooooooiiiiiiii ^o^ I'm the golden Dragon here, mostly known as Drachi. I mostly play Nintendo games and League of Legends, but my list of games is pretty big ^^ You won't really find me in Shooters though, I play some of them, but it's very rare ^^' Also no Sport games! I would be happy to play something with you one day. Or maybe even see you when I am gaming on twitch on https://www.twitch.tv/goldendragonplay . Till then, the shy dragon Drachi o/
  3. @Drachi You will be a Pokemon Master! I know it! I haven't played the games since Hoenn, so I think I have some catching up to do, but Fire does always seem to get the cool Pokemon
  4. Hey, here a little topic for League of Legends, usable to find new people to play with. If you are searching a team or just a person for some games just write down your Region, Accountname and preferred roles and maybe you will find some mates soon ^o^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUW | GoldenDragonplay | Support/Midlane EUW | GoldenDrachi | Same roles (Smurf account)
  5. First Gaming-Topic in here! Pokemon, my first game I played and still play after 15 years since I started. This year the new editions in the main line will come: Pokemon "Sword" and "Shield"! If you already saw the Trailer, what do you think about the two new games and which one will you get? What will be your Starter? For me I have to say I'm less excited for this two than for most of the other games when they got announced. Still I will probably get both of them and play Pokemon "Sword" first. My Starter will be Scorbunny! Fire was almost always my way to go ^o^
  6. Welcome everyone! ^o^ I wanted to become a bit more active here and than saw, that there isn't a gaming club yet, so I just started one. This shall be a place to talk about games and Esports. I will make extra topics for many games, so you can find people for the game you want. If you want a Game-Topic added tell me for which game and I will make it. If I'm able to I would like to maybe create a little gaming event once in a while to play a game together as a club and have some fun. Sadly I can't promise to be able to do that ^^' Also I know we already have a Forum for that, but a Club may be a bit easier to manage sometimes ^^ Sincerely, Drachi

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