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Static's great, so why not have a fanclub?

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  2. Hmm... so the kid grew up and took the profession of a ring masterrrr Aaaa I'm too lazy to rephrase what I said Hope you can still understand me (:
  3. I'm not sure if I'm 100% accurate about this but I'm going to state some kinda obvious things first The gang is exploring an abandoned building for some unknown reason that I'm DYING to find out lol So, there's this note attached to a briefcase, and I think a kid wrote it? Like, hmm... idk how to describe it ;; Anyways, this kid attached this note to a briefcase that his dad could've possibly given him. It's like a diary or something This kid isn't really wealthy because he only gets to shower twice a month. He also mentions that he had to take a shower in the school bathroom using the sink, but that doesn't really prove that he's poor or something. The place that they're at rn is like an orphanage? I'm not sure. Maybe he had to stay at that orphanage after his dad left him
  4. The latest episode titled Clues To a Poorman's Briefcase is finally out! Let's discuss about it here.
  5. I like Clues To a Poor Man's Briefcase, Dream On!, and When the Darkness Comes in that order.
  6. Hello Mia. Welcome to the community! My favorite Criminal Idol songs are (in this order): Clues To a Poor Man's Briefcase, A Reason for Suffering, and Dream On!
  7. Hello everyone. I just joined, call me Mia if you'd like. I've been listening to Criminal Idol far too often, and I was wondering: what are your favorite songs? Mine is Idol Bombing.
  8. Hello everyone! You can call me Sunnily, Sunni, Sun, or whatever you fancy. I made a wiki for BSS, so I hope everyone can come contribute. I'll greatly appreciate your help no matter how small.
  9. 1. Try to keep everything family friendly. 2. Avoid swearing, cussing, NSFW stuff, etc. 3. Avoid drama with other people. We have private messages for a reason. 4. Refrain from spamming. 5. Don't troll people. There's no need for that kind of behavior in a fanclub for Static. 6. Have fun. That's the purpose of this club anyways.
  10. Nice to meet you. I'm Blackeyefatlip, but you can call me Blackeye.
  11. Hello Thranyx. I'm Car1992. How are you doing?
  12. Hallo~ Hallo~~ Nice To Meet Ya! I'm Thranyx! Zeno is fine as well kkkk, Whatever You Want To Call Me(No swears or i'll be sad T~T) I'm a nice person!
  13. I'm just gonna start this, I guess.
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