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Hero's Criminal Idol Art Ep.1

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Greetings, fellow earthlings and internet-goers. I've been meaning for the longest to both post some fan art for one of my favorite things in this world... so here I am! I apologize in advance for the spam of my brain's inner machinations in two dimensional form.

First up! Here's a doodle oh what I presume to be the two main protagonist dudes. They make a good-lookin duo


Next up, I wanted to choose a random scene from one of the songs to make an anime mock-up of. You can see which scene I ended up choosing here.


And here's some more fan art from the same episode! (Can you tell I really like this one)


So that's it for all the recent drawings... but for those of you who remember them, I actually posted a whole lot of drawings in 2017 before the website reset! I... forgot to repost them until now.


And that concludes this giant Criminal Idol art dump thing. Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll hopefully get to making more Criminal Idol goodness in the future! Look forward to it! >:D

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A bit late to the party, but I'm really happy to see you all enjoyed these so much haha! Hopefully in the midst of studies I'll get to more art makin' in the future. Thank you guys so much! :D

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On 10/19/2019 at 3:47 PM, Monkerstar said:

Hero... Awesome art ^^ Is it okay if I use one of these in a Detective document?

Thank you kindly, and sure thing! As long as you show who you got it from that's completely fine, and I'd love to see it myself whenever you finish it! :D

On 10/21/2019 at 11:33 AM, Sumner Kagen said:

Great work Hero!

You should contribute to the Inktober contest here on the forums, with talent like yours I'm sure you could win something!

Ooooh, looks like I saw this 3 days too late... But thanks! I'll try to be more active on here for the next art contest thingy that's hosted >:D

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Thanks Hero! I posted the link to it on the "Can you guess the Detective?" thread and I think there's not much left for me to add... Given how close the end of Criminal Idol S1 is, I've lost a bit of motivation on it but I'm still proud of it ^^

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