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SlightlyAboveAverageJoe - Helping Those in Need

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Hey Joe Joe! 

I kinda wanted to offer a little something with this. When those that don't want help resist those that like to offer it, best thing to do is to change your approach. Sometimes, just talking to them as a friend can actually be enough. Speaking about your own problems can also give them a sense of ease. Like, hey this person obviously has been through things too...maybe I can open up a little more to them. Often times those reaching out don't even want advice. They long for a connection. Someone to walk through their problems with them. The best thing that can happen through that journey is when they decide to reach out instead. They will feel like you aren't their to just help and run. They can feel that you want to just be there. Helping or not. Being there is one of the most important things for those that are struggling. When they open that door to you is when you can finally begin helping them heal. It can't be forced. It has to be on their own terms or nothing good will come from it. Tough love can go a long way when used correctly, but you have to get them to see WHY they need it first. Walking the line with them, not dragging them through it. Working with them, not pushing them to the end. It is a dance of sorts. One step forward, one step back. Two steps forward, one step back. A pace must be set and soon the answers will fall around you both. 

Much love! I hope this might help them in the future ❤️


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