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Welcome back everyone!

As you know, we were offline for a while. If you want the story, open up the spoiler below.

TLDR: The old web-server was deleted. Everything (almost) is unrecoverable.

We have imported as much information as we could about your accounts, but there are some things you should be aware of.

  1. If you had an active subscription, the information did not carry over into the new forums. However, you still may be in a renewal agreement according to PayPal. Please log into your PayPal and cancel the recurring payment. If you still want to be a premium member, you will have to sign up again.
  2. if you have previously paid for a membership, but were shorted due to the server outage, please send me a PM so we can rectify the situation (refund, free membership account credit, etc.)

Here is the story:

In November, we decided to update and reorganize some of our servers/virtual machines. We upgraded to a new cloud file-server as well as consolidated into an entirely Linux environment.

Once we completed the migration, it was time to clean up old files, and this is where things got crazy. We had an old virtual machine or two, that would no longer be used, and so we deleted them. We also noticed some older backups of the forums that were not needed so we got rid of those also. Unfortunately, one wrong file got into the mix, and we could no longer boot up the server.

After a lot of work, and many hours later, we decided to find some professionals to help. Unfortunately, because we used VMWare, everything was proprietary and I believe the initial quote to recover the data was $12,000.00.

That is just a little out of our budget! So, we thought, "If they can do it, so can I." Then we bought some expensive(several hundred dollar) recovery software. Well, as you can probably guess, that took many more hours and didn't work out.

What did we do?

  1. Rebuilt everything.
  2. Bought another server and 24TB for proper backups and designed a proper backup plan.
  3. Converted our virtualization environment to XenServer.

What did we learn?

  1. Don't use VMWare for virtualization unless you have truckloads of money
  2. backup your backups before you delete your backups
  3. backup more often and to more locations


Thank you again for all your support. You are a truly awesome group of people and none of us would be here without you.

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