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Welcome to our forums!  If you were here for our last website, welcome back. :)

It has been quite the journey to get to this point, and we have some awesome things planned for the community over the next year and beyond!

  • Faster release schedule: We all know the current wait for new songs is super long. That will be getting much better.
  • More music on Spotify, iTunes, etc.: We will be uploading music to these services regularly. Yes, this includes Criminal Idol!
  • Higher quality music: Is this even possible? You better believe it! Upgraded equipment has arrived and a new dedicated recording studio is in the works!
  • Finish the first Criminal Idol Album: The current plan is for the first album to have 12 episodes. You read that correctly, this is only the first arc! We will hopefully be with the characters for a long time. :)
  • More artists: Welcome CDVNL and possibly others! We are committed to our vision to change the world, for the better, through quality music.
  • Official Chat: Join our official chat room by clicking the chat on the right hand side of the window!
  • More content: We will be pushing more awesome content than before. I can't go into a lot of detail, but expect some more great episodic content.
  • Merchandise: We are planning all kinds of cool and unique collectibles.

So, how are we going to do all this?

  • First and foremost, we have a great community. You all drive us to do more, and get better. Your support is invaluable.
  • @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】 is working full time to create awesome content
  • @Kyle is now also going to be working full time to support the community, keep our finances in line, and help complete projects.
  • @Joe 【CDVNL】 is dedicated to providing fresh and awesome content on a regular basis.
  • @J.Curtis Is committed to engaging our community
  • @Jesse V. Is our Technology Guru. His knowledge and experience with servers will enable us to complete our tasks efficiently and on time. He also heads up our new streaming division.

We are so excited to see you back!

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