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What Animes Would You Guys Recommend?

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Violet Evergarden for days. It's a fun adventure/storytelling type anime. I'm a little biased on that though. Which ones have you seen? 


On 10/20/2018 at 11:23 AM, Sunnilybright said:

Cells at Work! is a fun anime that also teaches us about cells and their functions. I recommend that.

I concur Dr. 

What's your preferred Genre? I'm more of a slice of life ( or ones that blur that line) kind of guy, Stein's Gate, Your Lie in April, Your Name, Erased (this one has some dark themes but is a great story).

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Sorry I'm late to this post, but Re:Zero is really good and the first half of its second season just finished airing. Erased is a short but good one. Higurashi is probably good (I've only read the light novel version, not watched the anime)


Edit: Wait WHAT this is a two year old post what the heck okay maybe i'm a lot late

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