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This will be a discourse on facing your future. A life ahead of you that isn't always what you expect, but in it's own right can be exciting, worthwhile, and important. 

So if we look out, away at the future, we often see so many things ahead of us. Things to see, things to do, things to learn. Life is just the path you choose through an infinite list of options. And when you take a look at those options. It can can seem like an incrediblly long path. One without an end. And you ask yourself how you could ever make it to the end of such a path. 

The answer is simply the way that you go down any path, one little step at a time. And before you know it you'll be living a life that you never dreamed of. A life that only seemed to be in your imagination. It's seemed to be so far away from your grasp, but in truth it is just before you. It's an open door and you're on the doorstep to the rest of your life. And all you've got to do is walk through. 

So why haven't you taken that step? Perhaps it's because you have a lot of time and energy invested in what you've been doing. Perhaps you have a lot of your current goals planned to go through these straits. 

My friend you are going to have to leave that behind you. The man or the woman you were before is nothing in comparison to the person you are becoming.

It's not easy. You've probably been through your share of storms. And you're going to face plenty more before you are through. But once you're through the storms. You know how much your ship can take. You know which waters are a safe path and where the dangerous ones are. 

That's a part of the growth of life; plearning through experience. 

So while your journey is unique, different, and wonderful. It is up to you to determine where that journey goes. Are you going to sail where no one has ever been? Are you going to protect other ships from pirates, and people who want to hurt them? Are you going to ship goods to far off lands for trade? 

It's time for you to start that journey. It's a journey like no other. And it will last you whole life long, but whatever journey it is. 

Sail On! 


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