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Fort Mans Walls( 9/16/15)

Sometimes I wish I was someone else

Sometimes I feel like a drag

Some days I feel something else

Tossed away like a rusty old rag

But I still hold hope

And I still won’t fall

No matter how much I mope

I still will keep up my wall

And if it ever should brake

If my wall cannot hold

I will never make the same mistake

No not even when I’m old

Not till my bones turn to dust

My pride be burned by my fate

And are scattered by the winds gust.

I must never hate

I must never let go

And if I ever feel like someone else

How will I ever know?

If I became something else

If I lose myself

If my wall were to fall

Could I ever forgive myself?

Could I be forgiven by all?

If I should ever fall

Would you come if I called?

Will you be down the hall?

Would you leave me to be mauled?

Could I ever be relieved of the guilt that I hold?

Could be guilt be forgot?

Could me sins be let go?

I could only think not

But until I know which way I must go

I stand in these walls

Fixing the leaks as they call

As I wish I could be someone else

Someone who was not such a drag

Someone who feels something else,

That is not a rusty old rag.

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Beginning's End (5/14/15)

Every beginning starts with an end.

Draw a circle and that’s the world.

Draw it for others to comprehend.

Make it so big and bold,

Something, tangible but never to hold.

Make it real and make it fake.

Make it to stay still and make it to be hurled.

Make it never a big mistake.

Male it loud yet make it soft.

Make it unique and make it plain.

Male it grounded and make it aloft.

Make it gently but give it pain.

Make it start and make it end.

Make it for others to comprehend.

Make it for one and make it for none.

Make it about you and never about me.

That is what this world was meant to be.

Make life only for one,

And let others be at peace.

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The universe tied rocks to my feet,
and initially i would weep.
But you see... I needed these rocks --I needed to sink.
For with them, I formed a ladder so steep.
I turned dead weights into stepping stones,
and with them the sky was finally in reach.

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The learning of a child... (Apologizes for the length) [2/2/18]


As a child you learn,

what's right and what's wrong.

As a child you learn,

how to be strong.


As a child you learn,

about how to write.

As a child you learn,

you need to be right.


As a child you learn,

the importance of friendship.

As a child you learn,

that you can be friendless.


As child you learn,

that you should be kind.

As a child you learn,

that loved ones are blind.


As a child you learn,

hurt can still heal.

As a child you learn,

that healing takes years.


As a child you learn,

you need to grow up.

As a child you learn,

your best is not enough.


As a child you learn,

this world can be cruel.

As a child you learn,

the cruelness of school.


As a child you learn,

independence is key.

As a child you learn,

you're not allowed to dream.


As a child you learn,

that you only lie

As a child you learn,

that you are a crime.


As a child you learn,

that you've been wronged.

As a child you learn,

comforts from songs.


As a child you grow,

to decipher what's true.

As a child you grow,

to become you.


As a child you grow,

from what you know,

As a child you grow,

from all that woe.


As a child you see,

the future is bleak.

As a child you see,

that you seem weak.


As a child you feel,

hope start to fade.

As a child you feel,

someone comes to your aid.


As a child you turn,

to a safe place.

As a child you turn,

to hear a trace.


As a child you trace,

to maybe find hope.

As a child you trace,

for a song to cope.


As a child you find,

the strength to believe.

As a child you find,

you're allowed to grieve.


As a child you find,

someone who inspires.

As a child you find,

they help when it's dire.


As a child you reach,

to finally belong,

As a child you reach,

and find you're strong.


As a child you search,

and grasp hope.

As a child you search,

to find resolve.


As a child you are shown,

that you're not alone.

As a child you are shown,

you're not on your own.


As a child you are shown,

friends come from afar.

As a child you are shown.

they also have scars.


As a child you learn,

that if you hold on.

As a child you learn,

your friends bring a new dawn.

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Lost Interests (2/10/18)

Sparring thoughts cross swords with sparks flying
Undying flames stoked by winds of time
Contained by none yet still resides
In deep recesses of the mind.

Crossed feelings with each so endearing
Sequestered in capsules, unwittingly chained
Left lonely they rot, unbeknownst is their cost
Wise choices on which are nurtured or lost

Yet when passions flare, truth is exposed
Leaving one to ponder the choices they chose
Is truth found in fleeting moments
When emotions are strong and desires are burning?
Or does one dig for truth in underground chambers 
Locked away and discarded, forced into timeless slumber
Pounded into submission through dominant suppression?

Two sides or more, forever at war.
Unceasingly, conflict drives confusion,
And paths diverge where ideally its union
A complex being we stand, yet in strict molds we find constriction
And so on we press, eternal conflict with our convictions.

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Describing Her


Glowing like a fire describes her incompletely

Sweeter than a candy describes her imperfectly

Stunning as the ocean is only barely true

The best words to describe her takes only just a few


The words are as certain as the ebb and flow of time

Often do you find these words are set to rhyme

The best words you can hear when you start to doubt your life

They can heal the deepest wounds and help the harshest strife


Brighter than mid-day is the smile she does hold

The warmth she gives your heart will keep you from the cold

You see her face when you have used up all your will

You know that you will find you have endurance still


Pretty as a sunset describes her faultily

Purer than an angel describes her irreverently

When describing such a gem three simple words will do

She’s best described with the phrase: “I love you”


(Little love poem I wrote for my best friend. [Almost girlfriend but circumstance prevented that])

Edited by ManaBlood (frog fox)
missed a parenthisis
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Here is one that I wrote during a particularly gloomy day, also for others who were going through a rough time during then too.


One time you try and let them know,

Subtly, but still intelligible

Maybe things just get harder when youre all alone

Gridlocked in a battle of sorts,

With your wits and your mind,

Youre slowly growing blind,

The future you can’t see and the past is behind

And the signs that youre seeing, they all seem to coincide

With the signs holding depression up on the limelight

Or you’re desperate

Looking for some love that you can nestle in,

Someone, anyone that you could share your thoughts with

Cuz company aint two,

And right now, its just your inner thoughts and you

Crashing waves against your consciousness

The rain it looks so ominous

The dark skies, implying your alone and it is obvious

Made cognizant, your blocked in,

Like a jail cell lifes got you locked in,

And nobody coming though your knock-ing!

A desolated graveyard before you, is that so.

How fitting we end on this scenario.

Rows of dark old stones full of cold dead bones

And something catches your eye written on a tombstone:

“Lived a life full of regrets

Purged my mind of the people who cared, I let them slip

Through my fingertips, and now I lie alone and omnipotent

I realize the simple act of reaching out a hand, when I needed it

Could have saved me this end.” You can’t even pretend

The last thoughts of this person didn’t resonate

You collapse, crying, lying on top of their slate

And whisper, “you’re not alone, here in this space

And this earth alone, there are others feeling the same,

And all of the people playing the same game,

They hear us, see us, we’re all alive and

The only person looking for our downfall’s inside

The wild conjurings and doubt we have nestled’n our minds.”

As you stand, clothes soaked and mud on your hands

The rain it cleanses, cool on your skin but calming the senses

Who knew the dark rain could be so cold and refreshing

And you turn up to the sky, the clouds hiding the sun from view

But you knew, with passing time the sun will shine another time

It will shine another time. It will shine

You will shine.

Go and shine.

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OHHH! This looks fun. I want try. I can't promise it's good though. I'm just going to wing it. I guess this will be about me or something :) IDK 

Ever since I could remember I had an addiction

Not only to fiction but to our family picture

"Why is ours different then the others, does ours even belong"

Steven had six people in his.

Jeff had eight in his.

and Jessica had ten in hers

But ours, ours only has two

but why, was it me?

Everyone has at least three.

Why me?

Why couldn't I be like the rest.

Even when all I ever gave was my best.

"Just because we don't have much doesnt mean were not Strong"

Since that day the picture remains the same

A reminder of the pain.


It's so bad, I hate it...... but I'm going to leave it here ;) . Is this even considered Poetry xD ? Well maybe someone will like it. I would also LOVE FEEDBACK!

Edited by Angel Blue
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This looks like fun, I need to practice writing every day since I want to be a writer/singer/ songwriter/comic artist/ guy with no free time/ starving artist.

I was young once...

I'm not referring to physical aging 


as I write this I'm still physically 18

I'm referring to when my heart didn't understand why anyone would lie.

When I didn't understand that there are people who don't care if you die.

When a dream was a hope and nothing could stop it

When I might find Narnia in the back of my closet

Back before the cancer that tried to kill me at sixteen

Or to that friends could leave you, before I stopped trusting.

When I had love instead of fear in my relationships.

But I can be young again, 

I'm growing up gradually

And everyday I wake up I can see what God has for me

I don't have to be

living in a tragedy

I can relearn to to trust

without bowing to naivety

Leave behind my chains 

I'll change and learn to be more free

I'll keep moving forward

Instead of looking at the past of me


Not perfect, but it's good to write anyway. 😀

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