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Vision, hearing, speaking, and life in general, is all a gift in my mind.
None of it is guaranteed.
Birth doesn't guarantee a working heart, nor does it guarantee the gift of sight, vision, taste, hearing, speaking, or anything.
You don't need eyesight to live, nor do you need hearing or voice. People live without them, so they are not "required" to live, they're gifts.

I've been so grateful for all of these gifts except for voice. I've never liked my voice.
I've been told it's deep, which is why I often don't like to sing songs that are in the lower part of my voice.
Even if it strains my voice, I try to go as high as I can with my voice, no matter how hard it is to hit certain notes.
Recently, I've been finding ways to switch to my low falsetto whenever it reaches a certain point where I physically can't go up anymore.
But this forceful exertion is probably what has led me to the issue of this post:
I'm losing my voice.
It's been gone for over a week now, but has only left the deep part of my voice.
Ironically, this is the very reason I hated my voice. It was too deep.
Why even pursue music when there are so many much more talented people than me?
It seems as though everyone I know has a better voice than me, or at least that's what I see.
When I sing, no one appears impressed, yet someone else will sing and everyone acts blown away.
Why try, then, if everything I do is overlooked?
Sure, it's fun to make music and fun to sing, I'd love to be able to sing to my music.
I even want to make hard rock music because I seem to impress people with my screaming.
But whenever you're an artist and you put all of your love into making something, only for it to be overlooked, it can be quite uninspiring.

Of course, there are bands (current and old) that have lead singers with deep voices, but for the most part it seems like they're a thing of the past.
Now people are more impressed with higher voices, and the higher your voice is the more impressive it is.

How can I learn to be grateful for what my voice is?
Is there anything I can do for my voice now that I'm losing it?
I should definitely take a break and rest my vocals, but I can't seem to do that.
I'm obsessed with singing and I don't think that's helping.

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