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Friends! The time has come to do something extraordinary.

We are going to create new found adventures and wonderful worlds. That's where you come in. You have a story that needs to be told. A story of good triumphing over evil, love over hate. Starting on Friday at 12am EST and running through 12 am EST on Monday we will have a 72 hour challenge. That's 72 hours of effort and enthusiasm to create the best story you can think of. 

Objective: Write a short story revolving around one of the seven virtues. Purity, Self-Control, Charity, Perseverance, Patience/Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility. It can be as long or as short as you like.

Reward: The greatest of these short stories will be selected by BSS to be turned into a video. We want to bring your ideas to life. Whether through music, or story telling. 

Show us what you've got. You will have 72 hours. Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with on the other side. 



Joseph Bohan 

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Here's my short story thing. I don't know if it really fits a theme in particular, but I hope you all enjoy it. :wow:

A young girl faced the sea. Inky black t'was it's cold, restless waters. Ever changing was it's tides.There she waited and waited, from dusk to dawn, day after day. Holding a single lantern which light washed over the inky blackness. Humming softly across the ocean breeze as the stars twinkled and danced upon a cloudy canvas. 

"Papa! Papa! Won't you come back soon?" A little girl snuggles closely with her father in a wooden ship cabin. "I'll weather any storm, knowing that you'll be waiting here for me." The father replies giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. "Sweetie, come topside. It's time to go." A tender voice calls from above the cabin. The girl faces her father once last time, taking in his features. His neat, flowing beard. His vibrant eyes and wide smile. With a snapshot in her head, she turned to return to the world above, back to the her mother and the life she was accustomed too. 

She then prayed every night for the heavens and the sea to watch her dad safely. However, after months, the ship didn't returned. This is not stop her prayers, nor her hope. After a year, the harbor town dwindled with hope. Succumbing to the darkness of defeat, the town stopped believing. "Never will we see that ship upon the sandy shores." they cried in grief. Yet, the little girl stayed hopeful. She didn't blame the town for their downtrodden state, she too grieved. Those who were lost out upon the uncertain waters were brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, family and friends. Yet, she wouldn't allow for hope to extinguish like a lanterns light at dawn. She vowed to go each night, to light the way home.

As another year passed, the towns folk rumored and mocked her hope. "That girl is throwing her life away. Can't she just move on and accept that they are lost?" Some would say. "Hahaha, as if, I've heard she hears voices in her head telling her that they are still wondering the open blue." Other would proclaim. She simply shook her head and smiled. "They are good people, they just don't understand. The hope in their hearts have faded, yet I believe. Even mother has turned her back."

A sensation of leaning forward jolts her to attention. T'was a night like every other, murky ink splashing upon the blank beige canvas. Waiting and waiting, humming the familiar tune. When out of the dark blue, a light comes shinning through. Dimly at first, blinking in and out, like the murky blackness was swallowing the light. When it faded for a while, she nearly lost hope. The darkness was teasing her, baiting her as a fisherman tempts fish. But she held fast to the light as the ache grew in her arms. Then, again, the light floated into sight. This time, it surged forth becoming brighter and brighter. And as it did, so too did a silhouette. A ship came breaking into view with the darkness falling away into the dawn. The sun glittered gloriously across the waves illuminating the battered vessel. As it rained from her eyes, a rainbow shone within her heart as she raced to the harbor docks.

Within the harbor, she awoke the marina manager. "A ship! A ship! Sir, they might be home at last!" She cried to the man. Groggy, the skeptic man attempted to shoo her away, only to be taken by the hand out into the harbor. Low and behold, a shabby vessel entered into the marina. At last docked, the captain came to the dock. "I don't believe it. How are you all still alive?" The man called up. "On our way, our ship was caught up in a storm. We luckily were stranded in a harbor town, however, it took us a while to earn the money for a vessel. Thanks for lighting our way home, we thought you'd all have lost hope by now." The man piped up, "We did, it was her who lit your way home." gesturing to the girl, the captain saluted her. "Thank you child, without your light and the hope you have carried, we wouldn't have gotten the chance to make it home." She saluted back with the biggest grin. 

However, that familiarity that she had hoped for was nowhere to be found within the crowd of families and friends. She was overjoyed that they were home safe, yet her heart grew heavier and heavier. A man approached her from behind and tapped her shoulder. As she turned around, she cried. "Papa! Papa!" He scooped her up into his arms. "I've weathered the storm. I knew that you'd be waiting here for me. I've missed you so." As they hugged, the town awoke to the return of those they thought they'd lost. It was the dawn of a new day, rising with a new hope. And forever more, there is a lantern upon the beach held up and lit from dusk to dawn. So any lost soul on the sea, has hope to find their way home.

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Here's the link to mine!
Had insane fun writing this down and breaking through any artblocks that came among the way! Thank You for the challenge!

P.S.: If You find any grammar mistakes or anything that isn't English, please let me know. I might've dun goofed and skipped over something while checking 😄

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Thank you everyone for your submission to this first 3DC, Three Day Challenge.
From what I understand the projects are being read over and evaluated.

Continued best of luck, and you are all appreciated by BSS.studio, the team here at Black Static & Swerve.


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Wrath stared at the smaller bleeding girl standing before her. The hot wind in this desert giving her own body a small break from the near unbearable heat. Any human would have turned back, given up by now.

However she was Wrath, and Wrath was no quitter. Quite the contrary, she'd dare say she was the strongest woman walking the planet! Even with sweat dripping down her body, she wouldn't yield. She had a battle to win, her sisters were counting on her and more importantly...she was angry, more so then usual. She hated loosing and being made to look like a fool. One could say she even despised that position with her whole being.

Especially not after putting in all this work.

Despite her many attempts to take over this area and make it her territory, it wouldn't work. Weather disasters? A wash. Regular human armies that had sworn allegiance to her and her sisters? They fell easily. Even her best and strongest army from hell couldn't make this accursed little town fall.

After looking into it she finally found out why...or rather who was blocking her path.

Of all the places for her virtue counterpart to be, Patience had decided to set up shop here. Some dirty little town in the middle of the desert where there was nothing to even do. Other then kick tumbleweeds and poke burned up lizards with sticks of course. She snickered at that, her fangs showing through her smile.

Pushing her wild red hair back, her crimson eyes glowed as she knocked her arrow back again, the metal tips gleaming in the unforgiving sun. Not even a cloud of sand blowing directly at her forced her to stumble back.

She wanted to bring Patience down and that was final. Nothing would stop her now that she finally found the annoying thorn in her side.

The air whipped her hair up as she released her arrows. They soared across the distance quickly hitting Patience another 3 times, each hitting their target. The smaller cried out a bit in pain bending over. Blood spewed out from her fresh wounds and were soaked into the sand.

Yet again, she refused to move. Wrath almost SCREAMED.

“Why wont you just DIE already!?” She snarled and yelled out in an almost incoherent combination. She had shot so much at Patience she lost count. Yet it seemed to barely have an effect. Blood would spurt out of the fresh injuries but then the arrow would either fall out or simply stay lodged. She just stood there taking every hit and yet showed no signs of finally succumbing to any wound!

She huffed a bit closing her eyes using her ability to summon more weapons. Though before she could complete her spell...


Wrath's eyes widened and she looked up. The girl hadn't spoken since she arrived. Everything about her was in direct contrast with Wrath herself. She was short, petite and doll like, even down to her deadpan expression and voice. Her hair was white and her eyes were a Grey hue. She was looking at Wrath with an expression that Wrath couldn't read and frankly that made her uncomfortable.

A sinking feeling filled her whole being and she took a step back trying to hide the trembling running through her like an electric pulse.

“What shrimp? So now you're finally deciding to chat? Tch!” She tried to smile but it was a bit shaky. “I'll annihilate you!”

Patience just stared. She stood up a bit straighter and moved one leg out a bit, almost like a martial arts pose. Her eyes glowed a bit.

“You're wide open, Wrath.”

With that she raised a finger pointing directly at her. Magical circles appeared behind the smaller deity looking like watery pools. Wrath squinted and before she could even grasp what it was.

All the arrows she had been shooting came sailing at her, the ones that were lodged into Patience disappearing in a small puff of magical dust. Wrath didn't even have the chance to dodge.

Everything she had been gradually subjecting Patience to came upon her like an avalanche. Her body simply twitched and seizuring as she was hit from all sides.

The final arrow was the largest striking her straight in the chest.

The sin reached her arm out in Patience's direction, her body cracking as she gasped out.

“You...no...I can't be defeated....I won't...I'll...never-”

Wrath never got the chance to finish as her body finally surrendered to the attack, crumbling to sand that got blown away in the desert wind. Patience quietly watched as her counterpart was blown away out of sight, but not out of mind.

She watched the horizon line, expression not changing.

“..You'll be back...when you get a new body...” She mumbled to herself, voice quiet but assured.

“I'll be here to stop you from hurting more people when you do...”

With that Patience quietly turned back and walked slowly back to the village. Dinner was probably ready by now and she didn't want to keep her newfound family and friends waiting for too long.

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