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For a positivity stream I’m intrigued by the accusations of being a troll. Truly, truly heartwarming, I’m so proud of you all. But despite the appearance of my soul, I do not make my home under a bridge. My values and lack thereof aren’t a masquerade.

I will admit I am mildly humored. You needn’t worry about being “curt” or the like. I don’t beat around the bush and neither should anyone wanting to make banter with me.

What I will continue with, however, is some additions. It is clear you two are theistic. You needn’t read much farther than my second rebuttal to hear my point of view on that. People are free to make Pascal’s wager if they desire, but I’m not one to subscribe to any power beyond my own. Which is already a no.

What I find most intriguing is the notion of moving forward. A truth moving people forward? I disagree. It is not truth or improvement that moves people forward. Neither is it ignorance or degradation. Time is what moves people. The ticking down to the swan song.

You may believe what you will about improvement. But nobody leaves a legacy that lasts long enough or is worthwhile to continue. Though reproduction we continue our pestilence. Monuments, civilizations, even the texts that gods are recorded on turn to ash and fade away. The progress of time is unforgiving.

I see that some onlookers are themselves close to grasping similar truths to my own. As I said before. They can if they desire to. It they won’t.

Ironic that a person who scoffs at the idea of gods believes in the sea of fire? To be fair, it is a more personal belief of mine. A place where sentient life goes to receive punishment for an innumerable amount of time?? It is a perfect place for humanity to belong. You, me, and everyone.

And those of you who think I’m doing this to search for a truth, this is not a rebellion of the futility of it. This humors me. Nothing more.

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I don't think we'll be reading this one in the stream due to it not really being a concern/worry that you have. We hope to do a stream in the future where we can talk about things of this nature but DWW was not designed to be a debating platform.

Love you, either way - And I'm glad that you stopped by to listen to our show! 😃

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Is your point to have onlookers grasp on to your truths? Though, this seems contrary to your point, you've indicated "truths do not move people forward" and that time is a truth you ascribe to, but also that you are not looking for truth. 

Indeed, your words say that you are not looking, but what they suggest is quite the opposite. 

As Ryan has indicated DWW is not a forum for debate, but that does not mean you should not consider these forums a place for debate. Healthy discussion helps many people. Anyway, thanks for stopping by Somebody Important.  

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