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Could use some help! Collab + Gacha Criminal Idol

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Hey! How’s everyone doin? I’ve been working on a Criminal Idol series in Gacha Life. I’m using the music and story plot. But I plan on adding in some scenes without music. Thing is, I’ve been super busy lately. It also takes really long to make and edit. I was wondering if I could get any helpers! I do plan on giving volunteers credit, whether I accept their help or not. I would also love some suggestions to help me with the story plot. And I’ll also give shoutouts to the people that suggested. If you have a YouTube channel, DeviantArt, SmackJeeves, or something along the lines of that let me know!

So far, I’ve got the first episode down. I just need to finish editing and publish it. I’ve been taking a break from videos, so I haven’t finished it. The trailer is finished however. If you want to check it out, I uploaded it on my channel. My channel is RositheCat. A big thank you to my sister, Snow Lily! She helped me build my channel and has suggested some awesome things to me. Go check out her channel. Her channel is Snow Lily.

Also, PrincessFox the Fox, I noticed you subscribed! I’m sorry for not giving you a shoutout sooner 😔. I was working really hard to get the video done so I could welcome you to the channel! So please give a warm welcome to @PrincessFox the Fox, a new subscriber. Welcome to the channel!

With that out of the way, I want to discuss something else. I’m planning on doing a collab. Currently, it’s just me and my sister, Snow Lily. I know what I’m going to do for the end, but I don’t know what music to use for the rest! If I could get some song suggestions and possibly more people for the collab, that’d be really helpful 😊!

What it sounds like so far (I just put in a random photo): 

~ Keep Rocking that Detective Spirit!

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