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Wandering Soul - From Brain to Word Document

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Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

This topic isn’t quite as heavy as my previous ones (whoo hoo, I have something positive to discuss) or at least, it isn’t heavy in the same way. Allow me to explain.

With how chaotic the world is becoming, and the large gap of time at my disposal, I have decided to have another try at writing the story I’ve developed. I’ve thought up and wrote a lot of smaller projects, but this is THE story. Came to me in a dream as a child, mentally walked through the environments countless times, developed the characters to their potential; it’s become cathartic for me to think about this story and developing the world that’s been trapped in my head for nearly half my life.

And in the spirit of this, I got a couple “writing ideals” books with the goal of helping refine and polish my mental image before I lay my fingers to the keyboard. Things are definitely looking up.

—Plus it’s a great way to ensure I don’t spend the entirety of this time period on video games—

So what exactly do I ask from you all? I want to know your inspirations. What drives your creative works, what is it that pulls you to completing your vision? I’m already pretty motivated right now, but I’d like to hear others’ processes that might differ from my own. Let me pick your brain for a bit!

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