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Sorry about that we're not actually hiring... yet. 

But we do have an objective, a goal if you will, that we need help with. The global culture is changing and being influenced  by a million different things and not always in a good way. But that's where we come in. (That's the collective we, meaning you and us.) 

We can be a change for the culture, a positive change. You may be thinking that I just said their were a number large number of other influences, and you'd be right but that doesn't matter.

We want to be a light to the culture. In a sea of a million dark influences. A tiny light beats back the darkness. It shines no matter how much  darkness is added. 

So, where do you come in? 

Well two lights are better than one. And we want to help you be a light in the darkness. We want to encourage you to be a change in the world. Whether you can sing, dance, draw, speak, move, dream, edit, play, or anything else you could possibly think of, we want to help you to make that a reality, by teaming up with us to change the culture. 

Help is wanted, and we wanted to help you, by you helping us. If you have anything you want to try, if you there is anywhere you wanted to contribute message me, or reply in this thread. And let's do something amazing. 

"Don't change your creations to exploit the culture. Exploit your creations to change the culture." Static P 

TL:DR> message me if you want to get involved. 

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Positivity is infectious, BSS has an impact on me of wanting to be the best I can to spark the same reaction in others. Like the butterfly effect, changing the world a person at a time, by interacting positively with others.

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Posted (edited)

Well with practice of course, and reflection. Every interaction we share with others allows us to act in that kind of manner, whether it be in person, or over the internet. The goal is to show the best version of yourself to the other person, so that they may in turn be inspired to strive to be the best person they can be. This isn't a sort of singularity event where I will go out and simply do these things once and be complete, this is a continual chain of dominoes. Like the butterfly effect I mentioned in my first comment, finding importance in every interaction you have. I could detail specific ways and scenarios or situations in which it can be accomplished, but the list is endless. In creative pursuits, in occupational pursuits, in friendship and love, in profession, hobbies, and in faith. We do that, I do that, by being focused and engaged in my interactions, as well as in my time by myself, keeping my own mind and spirit on track.


It's not always easy, but many things worthwhile in life aren't. Sometimes I find myself not living up to what I want to be, and that's where the reflection comes in to reground myself in my beliefs and what I think is right. I believe the more time I spend "trying to be my best" will result in a positive trend over the course of my life.

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Hi @slightlyaboveaveragejoe

I know we haven't talked much before but I'd like to introduce myself as a composer. I would be in my finals in school (studying music, drama and maths) if not for the pandemic at the moment, and I will be going on to study composition at university. I specialise in orchestral composition, especially that which evokes emotion, but I have dabbled in rock, metal and electronica. I have a grade 8 musical theatre qualification and have sung in choirs, as well as have been playing piano for a long time. I hope that we get the chance to work on something together ! ❤️

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