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To my pen pal, Cinnamon

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Dear Cinnamon, 
my imaginary friend, 

I've got a fair share of stories to tell,
poems to write and coat in caramel. 
This, to an extent, another one. 
Another globe, another telescope. 
But, Cinn, truly, I wish you well, 
with a stamp and "signed by" pressed on envelopes. 

When you're sitting in a train
behind the graphite notepad plains, 
driving towards something, perhaps reality, 
I hope you don't depend on me. 
But when you're stuck within your snowy lodge, 
I'll keep the night watch, 
and keep you warm, enough. 

Dear whoever opened this, 
carrier pigeons in aerospace;
dear my letter messengers:
truly, I wish you all the best,
just find this note a fitting nest.
But if you don't know where to take it, please, 
just leave it by the fireplace. 

Cinnamon, I hope you know, 
the snow melts my heart till it's 
and though it's not yet snowed in here, 
I don't want January to come this year. 
Still, I look up at the stars, 
and miss those canary yellow scarves. 

I find myself driving a train. 
Was I just daydreaming again? 
Life's a double-sided coin, 
one side real, the other fiction. 
Really, they both go just as deep, 
although they drive on different rails. 
But between flashes of microsleep, 
mine always seems to land on tails. 

I look out of my light-up cove, 
and see a vibrant waterfall. 
The bioluminescent glow, 
is above all, enchanting at nightfall. 
And though snow sure is magical, 
the reflecting, bouncing lightrays
turns the night into the day. 
Is that then why, and how, 
outside my window now, 
is not a snowfall, instead a waterfall? 

In my bedroom I awoke. 
I see star stickers up on my wall. 
I turn on the fairy lights
and write myself a telescope. 
I fold up all the blacks and whites
and put it in an envelope. 

I await to hand on this letter. 
To the reader, to the messenger. 
I dream of my pen pal, Cinnamon, 
and wait for the next chapter to begin. 

Signed and now delivered, 
With a "to you"
in the middle. 




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