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Found 7 results

  1. I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across my usual dose of anime-styled art and was inspired to draw the Star Blush Girls in an anime style to try my hand at it! Unfortunately, as it is Pinterest, I couldn't find the specific artists that I gained inspiration from and used as references. I don't know why but I've always wanted to avoid an anime-y art style (large eyes, small face, noses and mouth) but.... here we are now. And I gotta say, I had a LOT of fun doing it. The end results were adorable, and I was proud to try something new. I really liked how Aoke and Hareka turned out (they were my last two so it does makes sense for them to be better after previous practice) and want to make them into stickers or keychains to carry a part of Criminal Idol with me. :) What do you say, BSS? Now without further ado... here it is! ...Unless this posts my picture before my long story. Then... there it was. I'm not great at using forums, whoops sorry!
  2. Cwilk

    Pixel Hareka

    Here's a cutesy Hareka from Star Blush Girls! I'll probably eventually make one for all members of SBG. Since Hareka is my favorite, I started with her Matt/Cwilk
  3. Cwilk

    Pixel Aoke

    Here's pixel Aoke! I hope you like it~ Matt/Cwilk
  4. (Based on "Life Might Take Us") Cole had a dejected expression as he sat alone in the cafeteria, eating his lunch as he looked around at the surrounding area. With the school having an open lunch period for its students, many people went about getting out of school for the time being and hanging out with their friends. Cole, for varying reasons, was an exception to this rule. Granted, it could be attributed to his general lacking of friends that he sat alone then. But it wasn't his fault he was like he was. Not entirely at least. People were just variably weirded out by a dude who could start singing to himself at any moment. It just sucked for him that said variability was anywhere between 95-98% for when people just stopped hanging around him. That's what Cole assumed the reason was at least. It was also probably linked to him trying to show people the songs he made all the time. While people had the general reactions that could be expected from song lyrics in their pure form, this was probably the only thing he found interesting about himself, and so he tried flaunting that for all it was worth. He soon came to learn that not everyone enjoyed seeing lyrics for song or verses for poems all the time, regardless of how good they actually were. Tuning back in with reality, Cole glanced around him, seeing many groups of people inside the somewhat filled cafeteria, all of them talking to their friends, some pointing out the sign that someone put up to join an idol group in the school (Cole didn't feel confident in joining a group meant for girls, being a guy himself), or just having a good old time. Cole eventually sighed, him quickly eating the Lunch of Solitude in an attempt to bury his jealousy of others, only for him to notice the sight of a girl who sat in a group of two. She stared down at her food with a glare for a moment, then got up and dumped it into the trash can, sighing dejectedly. Cole tilted his head. Was that girl on a diet or something? he wondered. If she was, it was weird she got something she'd just throw away. Returning to the Lunch of Solitude, Cole ate the rest of his food, downed it with a drink, then tried going about his day. Despite everything, he still wanted to have some friends, of some kind. How exactly could he go about it though? He didn't really have much about him that seemed to interest people all that much, and he wasn't really sure what the bandwagon of things were, as he'd just moved here. He could almost hear his mother telling him not to be close to jumping on the bandwagon as his mind briefly wondered what fads could help him adjust to the school more. Despite this, he sighed. It'd probably only delay the inevitable if he got friends that way though. How exactly was he supposed to act for people to like him, weirdness and all? The answer eluded him until he happened across a duo of girls who seemed to be slightly older than him, him glancing their way as they put up a poster. "I don't know how much longer I can do this," one of the girls muttered sadly, the other girl, one with blue hair, sighing. "We can't just let our club get dissolved like this," she said, putting up the same Idol Group poster Cole had seen in the cafeteria, "we might not be the most popular group, but I'm sure SOMEONE will be willing to join to keep us afloat." Her friend didn't reply, nodding tiredly. Cole, while mentally hoping no one would join (given what usually happened to idols in this country when they became too old), thought about the fact that people were a part of the club. "... That could work," he said to himself, "people make friends in clubs all the time." Thus began his hunt for the club registration office, with him taking a registration form from a black haired male who looked to be a student, who had a bored look on his face. Upon him getting it, Cole immediately noticed that he needed a club description, and after a moment of thought of the sort of people he'd want in his club, he finished the form and brought it over to the male to try asking what he needed to do next. "... A club where all you do is sing and write songs all day long?" He asked, red eyes glancing up to Cole. "Uh... Yeah." Cole replied, realizing how weird it sounded the way he'd written it down. "Well, I can't exactly guarantee the "all day long" part," he said, propping the back of his right elbow on the back of his chair, "but we already have a club that basically fits that description." "... Really? Which one?" Cole asked. "I'd rather not say," was all Cole got as a reply. "Okay...?" Cole asked. "You'll have to go to this room at the end of the school day," he handed Cole a slip of paper with a number written on it, "they'll probably be happy to hear they have a new recruit." "Why though? What club are they?" Cole asked. "You'll figure it out soon enough," he waved him off, but in a manner that was like dismissing someone, though he was nonchalant and bored about it Cole wondered if he meant to act that way, "they need a club member, or it'll disband. You'll be that club member. Problem solved." Cole was about to retort something, only for the bell signalling for students to go back to class to ring. "There's the bell," the boy said, "try to get to class for now." "What about you?" Cole asked. "Teachers have more leeway than students," he replied, nonchalant voice still there, "so we can get there a little while later." Cole looked at him in confusion. "You're a teacher?" He asked him. "Yeah," the young man, no older than 18 said, "some people are just born gifted. You should get moving though, seriously. The hall monitors here aren't exactly the nicest people around." Cole seemed to want to say something, but sighed, nodding before leaving, telling himself it'd be all fine and normal. How wrong he would be.
  5. Cole: (enters club room) Hey guys. Everyone doing okay? (Notices that the Box of Protection is gone) Are Keiko and Hareka not coming today? Aoke: (not meeting his eyes, sipping tea as she looks away) Bee: They're around. (Shrugs shoulders) Cole: (gets inside the room, lets the door close by itself) Did something come up? (doesn't notice that Keiko and Hareka are behind him in the Box of Protection) Aoke: (trying to keep up the act, lowers tea down) Yeah... But now that you're here, there's something we forgot to tell you yesterday. Cole: What? Aoke: There's an... Initiation process for joining this club. Kind of like an oath. Cole: Uh... (Tilts head) Okay...? What exactly do I need to do then...? Aoke: (rises from her seat) Keep still. Cole: ? (About to say something, only for him to get wrestled to the ground from behind) !!! Aoke: Hold him! Cole: What the heck are you doing?! (Pinned down to the floor) Hareka: (sitting on his left arm) Stop struggling, we have to do this! (Applying make-up to Cole's face) Cole: How do you expect to NOT complain? (Gives a grunt of pain as a waist strap is put around his stomach, then tightened harshly) Keiko: (sitting on his right arm, tightening the waist strap) This is just part of the initiation! We -- need -- to make -- you -- an Idol! (Forcibly tightens strap with every pause) Cole: Who the heck would join a club with this kind of "initiation"?! Aoke: (sitting on his waist, straddling Cole while holding his stomach down) We had a vote. Three fourths majority decided on this! Cole: What did Bee say?! Bee: (not helping restraining him, doesn't seem particularly interested) I just said "eh" and decided to let them be. It's not like it's hurting anyone. Cole: It's hurting my masculinity! Bee: Eh. Masculinity's overrated and outdated anyways. Cole: You're just going to sit there and watch?! Bee: It's out of my hands Cole. This is democracy at work. Cole: Why can't I get a vote?! Bee: It wouldn't matter anyway. Three-fifths majority is still a majority. Cole: (gives a wail of despair) -- Several Minutes Later -- Star Blush Girls: (standing outside, waiting for Cole to get dressed) Bee: He's not going to come out you know. Aoke: He'll have to face the music eventually. The only other way out is the window. Bee: Maybe, but what's stopping him from -- (everyone blinks as they hear a loud yell of triumph from beyond the room) -- Cole? Cole: (no response) Keiko: You feeling good in that dress...? Cole: (still no answer) Hareka: We're coming in! (Grasps doorknob) If you need more time, say so! (Opens door when there's no answer, only for everyone but Bee to show shocked looks when they see Cole tied curtains to the windowsill, the window open, Cole no longer in the room) Aoke: (runs to the windowsill, looks down) He DIDN'T... Hareka: (moves behind her with Keiko) I guess we'll have to look for him. Keiko: Where could he be now? Aoke: (enters Passion Mode) Search the grounds! He can't have gotten - Cole: (bursts out of the closet with the Box of Protection in hand, bolting for the door) Hook line and sinker! (Dashes past Bee, who doesn't stop him, Aoke and the others running after him) Bee: (gazing at the room) ... Someone has to keep them from going overboard. (Walks after them) Keiko: (chasing Cole) Unhand the Box of Protection! Cole: (dolled up with extended eyelashes, red lipstick, blue eyeliner, and blushed cheeks) No way! (reaches the staircase, leaps down half the way, then does it again to reach the bottom floor) Keiko: (gives a dramatic leap in pursuit of him) Aoke & Hareka: (noping the way down like normal people) Cole: (bursts out the double door exit, goes out, then does a spinning back kick to speed up the door closing, it slamming shut as he ran away) Keiko: (bursts out in the same manner, Idol Singer outfit in hand) YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE! Cole: (runs into the cafeteria, picks up a metal fork about to be washed in the kitchens, then turns around, aiming it at the side of the Box of Protection) Keiko: (stops, eyes widen) Hareka: (running up behind her) Keiko, what's wrong? Did he...! (gasps in horror at the sight of Cole holding the Box of Protection at fork point) Aoke: (runs up behind them) Why did you stop running after him? (out of breath) Cole: You're GOING to let me go. (presses the metal fork against the Box of Protection) Or else, the box gets it! Hareka: C-Cole, calm down, let's not get too hasty here... we don't want you to make too big a mistake here. Cole: You're telling ME not to get hasty? I'm sorry, but desperate times call for desperate measures. No matter what I need to do, I will do it, no matter how crazy it sounds. Even if I have to hold a BOX hostage, I will do it! Keiko: You're a madman Cole! This is taking it too far! Cole: I don't NEED to take it this far! (aims fork at the Idol Singer outfit in Keiko's hands) Drop the dress! Then we can forget this ever happened! Hareka: How do we know you won't just hurt the Box of Protection anyways? Cole: (moves fork to the Box of Protection) The choice is yours. But if I'm going to stripped of my honor and dignity as a man, then screw the consequences, I'm stripping someone of SOMETHING before I let that happen! Hareka: (closes eyes, sighs) It was only a matter of time. You are a guy after all. (opens eyes, serious) Very well. If those are the terms... then I will GLADLY strip for you, if it means putting you in this Idol SInger outfit! Cole: (eyes widen) WHAT?!?! (heroic music begins to play) Hareka: Just let the box go! The Box is innocent! If you need to strip something in order to be comfortable with the initiation process... (places hand over her chest) Then I will bare EVERYTHING to you! Cole: Stop saying that! (trying to keep his mind from getting an imagine spot) That's not what I meant! Author: It's what you want though. Keiko: I see. So even the seductive approach won't defeat him. It is no wonder he kidnapped the Box of Protection. A very determined villain indeed. Was this his plan from the very beginning...?! Cole: (points fork at them accusingly) I'M NOT THE ONE WHO FORCED MYSELF TO JOIN THIS IDOL GROUP! (points behind the three, at Bee) AND WHY IS SHE SINGING?! Bee: (stops humming the heroic music) Oh. Sorry. It just felt appropriate. I needed to practice my vocals anyways. Cole: (points to Idol Outfit again) Now, are you going to drop the dress? Keiko: Can't we do a handoff? You give us the box, we give you the outfit? Cole: You guys would just tackle me and force me into it! Aoke: (clicks teeth) ***, he saw through the trap! Cole: We'll just drop it at the count of three. One... (sees Keiko moving her feet into a running position, scowls) ...two... (holds the Box of Protection with both hands now, feet preparing to turn tail and run) ... Three! Keiko: (bursts towards him without dropping the Idol Outfit) Cole: (curses, then throws the Box of Protection into Keiko's face, turns as she yells in surprise, him about to bolt down the aisle of lunch tables to the cafeteria exit, only for Hareka to skid in front of him after taking another route to cut off his escape route) Crap. (turns sharply, runs the other way as he tries running to the exit furthest back, thundering footsteps behind him) How are you so FAST?! Keiko: (running behind him) Starry Blush Powers -- Activate! Super Box KICK! (throws the box at the back of Cole's head, hits and makes him stumble forward, slowing down enough for Hareka and Aoke to catch up to him, watches as they tackle him down to the ground, then looks to her fist, blows it like blowing steam from a gun that just shot a bullet) Bee: (stares blankly for a moment, then looks to the readers) And that was how the Star Blush Girls defeated the Blonde Stranger, and saved both the Box of Protection, and the entire space-time continuum, from utter destruction. -- One Public Kidnapping Later -- Bee: You're really doing this again? Aoke: Just because Hareka's willing to strip doesn't mean we want to strip him. Cole: (from inside club room) This will NEVER leave this room. Can you agree to that much? Aoke: Maybe. (waves to Keiko and Hareka) Hareka: (pouts, puts her phone's camera away) Aoke: Yeah. Cole: (sighs loudly) Fine, I guess that's the best I can hope for. (opens the door) Hareka: (gasps) ... oh my God... he's BEAUTIFUL! Cole: (crying anime tears as he stands in the Idol Outfit) There, It's done. Bee: No. There's something missing still. Cole: (looks up to her with teary Moe eyes) What else...? Bee: (enters room, gets out a box of stickers, comes back and puts one under his eye like an eye mole) There. (smiles) Even if you don't think so, I think you look cute in this. Cole: (blushes faintly, then hides face in his hand) Th-Thanks... Keiko: And now the initiation's over! Hareka: Power of HUGS! Cole: (suddenly swamped with hugs by two girls, sees Bee smiling and joining in, then Aoke joining in and hugging him) ... (blushes faintly) ... thanks for having me.
  6. Upon the school day being over, Cole stretched his arms in the air, joints straightening with a crack as he took up his song book, him trying to psyche himself up for the club he'd been politely forced into joining. "Hopefully this place isn't too hard to find," he said. Still being new to the school however, Cole eventually lost his way inside the campus anyways. As time passed, Cole gave up on finding it through luck alone, yet when he found a club manager for a different club to inquire about where the room was, they grew quite cagey in seconds. "You're going to join this club?" The manager for one of the sports teams asked, shocked. Cole had somehow found his way outside. "Yeah." Cole nodded with a mental sigh. He felt foolish for not dropping his pride and just asking for directions sooner, but the damage was done. "Why?" The manager questioned. Cole blinked at the shocked look the person had, before running his hand down his long blonde locks. "Someone said this club had all the things I was looking for." Cole explained. Not that said someone would let him pull out of the club, he mentally added bitterly. When he'd confronted the 18 year old teacher, he tried a myriad of ways to try figuring out what the club was, yet despite his doing everything to get him to talk, Cole only managed to let the man lead him to the parking lot of the school, leaving Cole to walk the Walk of Irritation as the impossibly young teacher drove off, claiming he had to meet his friend somewhere. In the present moment, the manager read between the lines. "You don't know what you got signed up for, do you?" They asked. "Nope." Cole shrugged without shame. "Well..." The manager pointed down to the building, "it's on the second floor. It'll have a window at the back of the room. It should be the last door on the left after you leave the staircase." "Thanks." Cole said. "Be careful with that lot," the manager told him as he handed the paper slip back to Cole, "I've heard strange rumors about them." "I'll be careful." Cole said while walking off, him muttering to himself, "they won't be as weird as I am though." Fate would challenge that sentiment in less than five minutes. As he approached the door, he saw a sign in there that caught his attention. "'Knock Before Entering'?" He muttered curiously. He gently knocked on the door then, expression unsure. "Hareka, Keiko, why are you two still getting in the box?" A girl's voice said, her voice hushed. "We have to make sure that the newbie knows about the Box of Protection!" Another female voice said with a shushed voice. "Yeah!" A third female voice yelled. "Don't encourage each other!" "Just let them be," a fourth voice said, "they're excited for this after all." Before any response could come, the fourth voice called to him. "Come in!" Cole grasped the doorknob, then opened the door up as he peered inside. A moment of stunned silence followed as he took in the club he'd been forced into, and the members of said club took it in that he was their fifth. Cole peered to the closet at the side of the room, sets of outfits placed there, with a stack of posters for the school's idol group being placed there. Quickly, the dots connected in his mind, and Cole looked back to the four girls who gazed at him, two of them sitting inside of a box labelled "Box". "Sorry," he said as calmly as he could, "I didn't mean to bother you. I believe I'm in the wrong room." He then moved to close the door, one of the girls inside the box trying to move hurriedly, Cole pausing in surprise as she fell out of the box as it tipped over with her weight, him and the other girls instinctively looking over as the two in the box fell over, one landing on top of the other. "I'm okay," the brown haired girl who fell against the floor first said, the girl on top of her, who had brownish-blonde hair with a flower in her hair, giving a pained apology. "It's okay Hareka," the brown haired girl said to the girl on top of her, now known as Hareka, "it's my fault for using the Box of Protection for the wrong purpose." Hareka laughed faintly, then got off of the girl and helping her up. "Let's try not to get into the Box of Protection anymore." A girl with very short cut hair said. "I know you guys liked the idea, but you'll give the newbie a bad impression." "The newbie will probably know how things are Bee," Hareka replied, hugging the girl she'd helped up, "we need to help them know there's a safe place in this school for us." "You can't just hide from your problems forever." A blue haired girl said flatly to Hareka. "Nonsense Aoke!" The brown haired girl Hareka hugged from behind raised her hands up into the air. "The Sacred Box of Protection keeps all bad people out! All things within are good!" "Plus, we can't always rely on your... "methods" to dealing with undesirable people." Hareka chuckled. The blue haired girl crossed her arms defensively. Cole gazed at the scene before him in contrast. Fate had proven him wrong in the end; they WERE as weird as he was. The short haired girl, Bee, looked to Cole then, and she smiled in a friendly manner. "Sorry if this comes as a surprise to you." She said to him, and Cole felt himself nodding in an almost robotic manner. "It's... fine. I was just going." Cole said. "Wait," the blue haired girl, Aoke, rose up from her seat, walking towards the door, "where exactly are you trying to go?" Anywhere but this club, Cole thought to himself. "I just realized I went to the wrong room." Cole said as an excuse -- it seemed like a reasonable enough explanation -- before he tried closing the door, only for Aoke, who had walked to the door, to grasp the other side of the doorknob to stop him from closing the door. "Are you sure about that?" Aoke asked, a placid sort of skepticism filling her voice then as she smiled his way, as though she saw through his lie. He decided to put up a final defense to keep himself from joining however. "Very sure." Cole said firmly, forcing a smile onto his face. Cole subconsciously kept trying to pull the door closed, but Aoke held on tightly, the door itself shaking faintly from the conflicting forces pulling it in opposite directions. "Interesting," Aoke said, tugging harder while keeping her feet planted on the floor, "forgive me, but most of everyone knows that most of the rooms here are locked this time of day." "I didn't get the memo," Cole replied, adding strength to his own pull as he tried closing the door, "I must be in the wrong BUILDING then." The word with emphasis carried strain, as the conflicting forces became difficult to uphold between them, teeth gritting themselves behind his false smile.. "I think you did," Aoke said, strain in her voice as both tried to feign civility behind their nicely violent competitive match of tug-of-door, but with only one hand at their disposals, "because no one comes here unless they want to pull a prank on us, or if they have something they need to do here." "I'm neither one of those things," Cole said, both now glaring at one another behind their forced smiles, before the bars were taken out, both of them taking a strong stance as they grasped the doorknobs with both hands, the tug of door becoming more heated as both struggled to have their side winning, him yelling then, "so just let me get to where I need to go!" "I'm not letting you get away!" Aoke exclaimed in turn. "I am NOT letting another one go!" Meanwhile, Hareka began writing a tally to see who they thought would break the doorknob fastest. All three girls voted for Aoke to win the tug of door match. Power of Friendship for the Win, Hareka justified. "Why are you acting like this?!" Cole asked Aoke, both of them unaware of the bet taking place then. "I am a future choreographer who doesn't know when to give up!" Aoke yelled. Cole gave a yell in turn, before a thought came to his brain. Why didn't he just let the doorknob go? It wasn't like he was in the room yet... Without thinking of the consequences, Cole let go of the doorknob, only to see Aoke give a yell of surprise as she fell back, landing flat on her butt as she did this, the boy's eyes widening. "S-Sorry!" Cole said, walking around the door after Aoke let go it, getting inside the room to see if she was okay. "I didn't mean to do that." Aoke grumbled, looking up at him as he walked in front of her, offering his hand, and she took it, him pulling her up to her feet. "... thank you." She said softly, lowering her gaze to the ground. "It's no problem," Cole said, "you aren't hurt are you?" "No," Aoke stepped past him, moving closer to the door, "but you misunderstand. That's not what I'm thanking you for." She then slammed the door shut, turning and pressing her back against it, spreading her hands over the edges of the door frame as she gazed at him in triumphant victory. "It's dressing time~!" The brown haired girl said excitedly, the brown haired girl slipping from under Hareka's arms, about to get to the closet, only for Bee to catch her wrist, watching the entire exchange calmly, her catching the brown haired girl's wrist without needing to look at her. "We should at least hear him out first Keiko," Bee said to the girl as she held her wrist. "He deserves a chance too." "Awwwww," Keiko pouted, "I love dressing time." "We can't force every guy who comes in here to wear an idol outfit." Hareka chuckled. "But we must act as the protectors of the Box of Protection!" Keiko said. "Isn't that sort of redundant?" Bee questioned. "Why would the Box of Protection need protection?" "We do not question the truth of Box of Protection!" Keiko said. "We must simply obey what's necessary for its survival!" Bee laughed faintly, yet when it became clear that "dressing time" wasn't going to be happening, Keiko readjusted the Box of Protection, then plopped down inside of it, Hareka sitting inside of it seconds later as they all looked to Cole. "... nice day today." He tried to say softly, too many things happening at once for him to react accordingly. "Yeah." Bee nodded. "But please, be honest with us, did you really come here by accident? We're -- or rather, I'm -- asking because we were told our idol group would get a new member today. The teacher said it was supposed to be a long haired blonde guy, so... you sort of fit that description, yeah?" Cole inwardly cursed. That darn impossibly young teacher that the author couldn't remember the name of at the time of this writing! It was all HIS fault he was in this situation at that point. Cole sighed outwardly, then nodded. "I'll be honest," Bee said, "you can probably tell this isn't a really unisex sort of club, when it comes to its activities. But... you can probably help us by being a song writer. Or... you can be our manager, if you're not comfortable with writing songs." Cole looked to her, then crossed his arms in thought as he decided to at least consider it. "He could be an Idol Singer though." Keiko said, having calmed down from her playful mode. "It's not uncommon for boys to be chosen like girls. It's just been stereotyped for girls for a while." "Ah," Bee nodded, "sorry, but do you want to be an Idol Singer then? Or..." "I'm not really sure if I want to be an Idol Singer." Cole said. "I... honestly just wanted to have a club where I could write songs all I wanted." "Alright, then you'll be our manager and song writer." Aoke said, holding her hips after releasing the door. "I didn't say I wanted to be manager though." Cole said to her. "Well, we need one," Hareka shrugged, "and you're sort of helping us fill in the things we need." Cole nodded simply after a moment. He was already being forced into this against his will, he might as well ride the wave to its end. "Alright," Cole looked to Bee, as she seemed like the most reasonable of the group, "what exactly does a club manager do?" Once she'd explained it to him, Cole would begin his life as a manager to a group of high school Idol Singers, who were named the "Star Blush Girls". (Reading the name made him self-conscious about his being the only male.) Who knew, it could be a fun little endeavor, if his first five minutes were of any indication. Fate had chosen for him to know how weird these people were in that time frame after all.
  7. (A/N: This is a fanfic crossover between the characters of Criminal Idol and the animation series produced by YouTuber Daria Cohen, the latter of which usually follows the exploits of a young girl named Missi who comes to a seemingly empty mansion that happens to be the living quarters of a vampire with a magical staff. It goes downhill from there for Missi, but this takes place some time after the first animation by Daria Cohen, and during the whole camping trip during the "I'm Sorry" video of Criminal Idol.) Cole had never been a part of the normal crowd, this was a fact he understood very well. Many pegged him as being rather quirky, and this fact turned many off from befriending him over the years of his life. It was perhaps fate that he ended up befriending a group of girls who were equally large social outcasts, though for reasons he later realized weren't things they could shrug off easily. Between his being forced into a dwindling idol group, learning said group was the subject of a frame-up for a stage bombing, getting usurped in his managerial role by a detective with a weird name, Cole figured nothing could faze him anymore. So, of course, reality decided to take the express route to prove him wrong. Cole's eyes darted to and fro in the illuminated hallway, him wrapped up in a long, sturdy thread, him searching for something to free himself. He lay tied on his side, a ghostly pale girl staring down at him silently, red eyes spearing him with her gaze. She looked as though she did not know quite what to think of him, and Cole struggled against the binds of the thing binding him in place, him pulling himself back into a sitting position. "I'm... Sorry for coming in unannounced." He said, nervousness showing through, like any normal person would if they walked into a lit mansion in a forest hoping for help, only to get nabbed and suddenly tied up. She didn't respond immediately, raising an eyebrow silently. "My friends and I are on a camping trip," Cole explained, "and... We got bored and played hide and seek. But we couldn't find one of them, so I came looking in the forest, to be safe. But I... I got lost." He hung his head in shame as he admitted this to her. She hummed lowly, then looked away from him, down the mansion hall, and Cole realized that he found the capacity to breathe again. "That's unfortunate. Your friends must be worried by now." She said, giving a small sigh to herself. "Yeah... It sucks." Cole said, before looking up at her hopefully. "Could you uh... Let me go?" She seemed reluctant, but looked to him and swiped her cane at him swiftly, and like a switch going off, the threads binding him dissipated, Cole blinking as he felt his arms returning to normal. "Oh, thank you!" He said, rising to his feet. She crossed her arms at him, then looked away. "Don't thank me. It's not like I really had the purest intentions for you." "What do you mean?" Cole asked slowly. Her red eyes found his again, and he instinctively froze. "Never you mind." She said, yet though her eyes strayed from his, her eyes trailed lower, aimed at Cole's neck, her irises slowly taking on a dark glow. She then Immediately snapped her gaze away from him, walking away swiftly. "Don't return here again." She said without looking back at him. "Wait," Cole said, and she paused, "correct me if I'm wrong, but... Have we met before?" "Where could we?" She replied. "I just... I feel like I've seen you somewhere before." "You know a girl with chalk white skin, purple hair and red eyes?" She asked. "Well, no, but still... You remind me of someone from my class." "Who?" "I didn't know her personally," Cole crossed his arms, "but a girl from my school, she disappeared a while ago, and no one really knew where she went. I just think... You resemble her." She didn't respond for a long moment, and Cole was beginning to wonder if she'd heard him or not when she did. "What was her name?" "People called her Missi." Cole answered. "I see. I hope you find everyone you're looking for." "Uh... Yeah. You wouldn't happen to know if anyone else is around here, would you?" She sighed. "Come with me. But keep your distance." She said. "I'll help you find your hide and seek friend." "Thank you." Cole said, trying to follow directions as best as he could.
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