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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, here' where I'll be posting all of the links for the songs as they get released, mainly so that I can pin it everytime there's a new release. Its oldest to newest so go to the last part of the last page to see the newest video if you havent already.
  2. Hey everyone! Anyone that knows me well will know that I really love music, and that I have a very wide range of different artists that I enjoy. So with that said, I thought that I'd start a thread where every day I will post a different song and/or artist. Hopefully some of you will discover something you love! This will also give me a reason to do some research into the artists and songs that I love so much, which is something I've always wanted to do, but never found the time. To start this off, I've picked out the song, 'A Reason To Fight' by Disturbed. The song is sending a positive message about addiction, of all kinds. It says that nobody should be ashamed of their addiction to something, because it is a disease and virus rather than a choice. The frontman of the band, David Draiman was sent the idea of the song by the guitarist Dan Donegan, who said: "I know people who've battled addiction and have seen it in their face - the shame they have - feeling they've let themselves and others down. We wanted to write a song with a positive message for people in that situation to stay hopeful and not give up in the fight, as challenging as it may be. It's an everyday struggle, but there can also be a light at the end of the tunnel." Addiction is something that I'm suffering with personally, and that people that are close to me are suffering from as well. So, I know how defeated and ashamed one can feel after relapsing. But, I also know that those feelings are the last thing that you want to have, as they only make things worse. Instead, be proud of yourself for trying at all, and be proud of yourself for continuing to try. The only mistake is when you don't learn from one.
  3. Hey Everyone! I've been following static for several years but have never felt like sharing anything until now. Please let me know your thoughts! Still mixing and mastering it I'd love to collaborate eventually. (My brother was like "Have you been listening to static or owl city recently?! LOL) (Made in Logic Pro x with serum and in-house plugins) -Mord Follow_Me.mp3
  4. Hey guys this is the thread where you can discuss your favorite Criminal Idol Song and why.
  5. Hey, here's a forum to discuss all of CDVNL's songs. Because they are good songs with a message too. Sail On is fantastic, if you haven't listened to it yet, you should, because you should and its amazing.
  6. Music production isn't exactly a simple task, in fact it often takes the work of at least 2 people or more. So I want to encourage you to work together to create something amazing. Whatever your talents, songwriting, music playing, or singing. Bring it together with others to make something exciting.
  7. Now on a topic that Joe literally knows nothing about. It's Inktober!!!!!! Which I guess is just a series of prompts for art, but which since I can't draw, I consider stories and pictures and music (I mean why not) applicable. If you have to put pen to paper to come up with a work. Go for it. And because I want people to try and what not. Let's sweeten the deal. Every day for the month of October submit an entry, here, or in the written area, or the music topic. And at the end of the month I'll pick my favorites from each category; art, writing, and music. I'll get the winners a month of Silver membership here on the website, which includes free downloads of all StaticP and CDVNL songs to-date, early access to music, as streaming content before the music hits full release, access to an exclusive chat (maybe, it's listed as coming soon), and lots of other stuff. Also, bragging rights. so anyway, hop to it friends. I can't wait for the wonderful things you will create. Keep being awesome. Also, before I forget, here are the prompts. You can back date for the one on the First, but going forward try to have them done the day that is listed
  8. I'm posting this under a different topic than my other songs, partially because the style is extremly different between them, and partially because I feel like it would get buried under all the other stuff. I'm releasing a fantasy/cinematic music styled EP over the next few weeks. I'm really proud of it so I thought I would share it with you guys . The full tracks will be released soon. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/austinjscott
  9. Hello! I've been listening to Static's music for a while now, and I also write my own music. I'm really proud of this piece so I thought I would share it with you guys!
  10. How does one access the downloads/new releases?
  11. I play the piano and I used to play the trumpet... maybe I'll join band again just to play it again.. Umm what else.. I have a recorder.. does my mouth count? I can sing a little..
  12. Listen on SoundCloud Listen on Bandcamp Howdy y'all! This is my first post here, and I thought I should start off with a bang. Over the past year I've created an electronic album. I'm not a musical master, so it's probably not the best thing to soothe your ears, but I'm really proud of what I've created. You can listen and download for free on SoundCloud, or buy me a pizza on Bandcamp. While creating the album, I had a loose story in my mind about a young boy who was transported to an alternate world for seemingly no reason. Even so, he tries his best to survive and prosper. In his journey he meets many strangers but overall must forge his own path alone. Anyway, enjoy! I hope this was the right category to put this in.
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