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  1. DWW Topic: Humility, Pride and Self Esteem I will start this with a series of statements that begin with “I” to emphasize my problem. I am self centered. I struggle to be kind. I attempt to be smart. I know that the Double Cuppa Joe Show live streams take about 330gb of data on Joe B’s computer. Apparently… I said I attempt to be smart. I focus on other people. I just disproved my above statement. I struggle with self esteem. Okay, that was a lot. Now let’s make this a bit more clear. I have struggled with Pride, Humility and Self Esteem. Well, the Humility p
  2. okay, so, in april I got broken up with and had my heart broken in the process and my ex had just acted like nothing happened and I didn't exist anymore after that. about a month later I thought I started to like one of my friends who was helping me through it and found out he liked me too. So, we both said we'd date but a couple weeks later I realized that I was diagnosing my feelings wrong and I didn't like this person romantically and I also wasn't ready to let anyone in to that degree yet. So, I broke up with him and felt really bad about it and apologized time after time but he still
  3. Could the next FFAF be for Pluto Gang? PLUTO IS A PLANET AND IT IS THE GREATEST PLANET!
  4. Could you discuss Depression as a topic?
  5. "Talk about the science of light." (from the chat)
  6. Why do hot dogs come in packages of 8 and buns come in 6? I don't know how to cope with that.
  7. Hey so I am unable to get onto bss.studio because my computer isn't working right now. So here is my question/vent thing. I had a mental breakdown/panic attack 4 days ago. I texted my mom to come downstairs to my room and comfort me. I had written out how I felt on the paper and gave it to her after hugging her and breaking down crying. Once I calmed down a bit my youngest brother came into my room and hugged me and told me "It's okay Kendra your little brother is here. You're the best big sister ever! Everything is going to be okay." As he was saying this he is trying not to cry as well. My m
  8. So many people seem to be able to get ahead much faster than you. They seem to learn faster. They seem to get and use experience faster and better.
  9. These are GREAT ideas!! I wanna get @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】, @Jesse V. @Princess_Yellow, and @J.Curtis in on this conversation too... But I absolutely love where you're heading with this! I think you're right, that it would help people find the topics they're looking for. We used to divide them up and release a new video for each topic, but we simply didn't have time to do those edits anymore. This would be a wonderful and simple way to address the issue. You're amazing!!!
  10. I’ve said this a couple times during the streams but I have a hard time talking to people. When I’m talking to people I’ll tell them something and then think to myself “I could have rephrased that better.” Then I excuse myself and rephrase my words. Sometimes I’ll say something during a conversation then late and night I’ll think to myself “I could have said it a different way” or lI shouldn’t have said that at all.” I’m always worried about how people interpret my words, I don’t mean to offend or upset anyone so I try to pick my words carefully still I always have a hard time expressing what
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Grow, a single by A Single Duel
  12. Have you ever thought about your thoughts? I know, that's a weird question... "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, I'm just thinking about what I've been thinking." At first glance it appears to dodge the question, but when you look deeper, it can be quite profound. What I'm talking about here are those times when you step outside yourself for a moment, and examine the kinds of thoughts you have going through your head. Are you thinking things that are uplifting and forward looking? Are you thinking thoughts that defeat you before you even get started? I'm sure we've all experi
  13. Today, as I'm reflecting on all the wonderful things happening here at BSS, I can't help but be a bit overwhelmed... There seems to be an unending list of things to be done, and sometimes it's difficult to choose which one is the best to do next. Sorting and prioritizing are not always my strongest attributes, but I know I can be grateful for the fact that I'm certainly not going to be bored anytime soon! So, how do you get yourself centered and focused on what needs to be done next? As I've said before on Don't Worry Wednesday, one thing that always clears my mental fog is physical e
  14. Hey @Felrein002, Many times, I've had my path change to something I didn't really want to do... While I generally would resist it in my mind at the time it happened, I found out later how valuable the experience was. There is much you will be able to learn on your upcoming journey - skills, training, new people to meet, and maybe you will come face to face with yourself and have some truly defining moments. You may find out that you are capable of so much more than you imagined! Here's to you, @Felrein002... You're in our thoughts and prayers!
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