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  1. okay, so, in april I got broken up with and had my heart broken in the process and my ex had just acted like nothing happened and I didn't exist anymore after that. about a month later I thought I started to like one of my friends who was helping me through it and found out he liked me too. So, we both said we'd date but a couple weeks later I realized that I was diagnosing my feelings wrong and I didn't like this person romantically and I also wasn't ready to let anyone in to that degree yet. So, I broke up with him and felt really bad about it and apologized time after time but he still wouldn't let it go and was just trying to be friends but I could tell he was still upset with me. (he complained to all my other friends about me too) then he stopped regularly texting me so I assumed he was cutting me out. So, I didn't reach out either. Then later on through a mutual friend I heard he was still complaining about me so I texted him and he said he didn't wanna be friends with me anymore because I didn't reach out when he didn't text me and I wasn't treating him special (special as in treating him as someone I revolve around and think about all the time). Which I was fine with cause it's his choice to do so. But then the next day his best friend texted me and totally berated me for breaking his heart and made me totally break down. it's been about a week since that happened and I'm still having a hard time figuring out what to do about it. Should I just let the friendship end and move on or should I treat him special at the cost of depriving my daily life of my attention? Sorry it's kinda long, just a complicated story so it needs the info explained. lol
  2. Could the next FFAF be for Pluto Gang? PLUTO IS A PLANET AND IT IS THE GREATEST PLANET!
  3. Could you discuss Depression as a topic?
  4. "Talk about the science of light." (from the chat)
  5. Why do hot dogs come in packages of 8 and buns come in 6? I don't know how to cope with that.
  6. Hey so I am unable to get onto bss.studio because my computer isn't working right now. So here is my question/vent thing. I had a mental breakdown/panic attack 4 days ago. I texted my mom to come downstairs to my room and comfort me. I had written out how I felt on the paper and gave it to her after hugging her and breaking down crying. Once I calmed down a bit my youngest brother came into my room and hugged me and told me "It's okay Kendra your little brother is here. You're the best big sister ever! Everything is going to be okay." As he was saying this he is trying not to cry as well. My mom the had him go to be and then my mom recommended we gather the rest of the family in my room to talk. When they all gathered in my room I finally told them everything I was feeling, how I felt like I wasn't being listened to, how I felt that my dad would down play what I say and make me feel useless. My dad didn't understand and got frustrated saying I shouldn't have to feel that way because I am loved. That made me start to hyperventilate when I tried explaining that it wasn't something I could control. My mom stepped in and explained the best she could for me. My mom told me after everyone left that my dad is one that has to be able to fix things right away and do everything himself. And he can't fix depression and anxiety. After all that my mom told me that I will have to get into a Doctor and get a check up and tell them what has been going on with me, so that I can get some profession help. After talking to everyone they now stop and listen to me a bit, I brought up how they all are able to talk to many people and friends nearby about what they like. But I don't have friends that are near me like they do. SO all the things I like to talk about like anime and what not is hard. I also listen back and I am trying not to take things to personally. It's hard because the tone of someone's voice can set off my anxiety and then I feel like I did something wrong or makes me feel like I am not good enough. It's hard but I am trying.
  7. So many people seem to be able to get ahead much faster than you. They seem to learn faster. They seem to get and use experience faster and better.
  8. These are GREAT ideas!! I wanna get @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】, @Jesse V. @Princess_Yellow, and @J.Curtis in on this conversation too... But I absolutely love where you're heading with this! I think you're right, that it would help people find the topics they're looking for. We used to divide them up and release a new video for each topic, but we simply didn't have time to do those edits anymore. This would be a wonderful and simple way to address the issue. You're amazing!!!
  9. I’ve said this a couple times during the streams but I have a hard time talking to people. When I’m talking to people I’ll tell them something and then think to myself “I could have rephrased that better.” Then I excuse myself and rephrase my words. Sometimes I’ll say something during a conversation then late and night I’ll think to myself “I could have said it a different way” or lI shouldn’t have said that at all.” I’m always worried about how people interpret my words, I don’t mean to offend or upset anyone so I try to pick my words carefully still I always have a hard time expressing what I want to say. I’m getting better at talking, actually the whole reason I started to communicate with chat was me accidentally typing something then me being me just not watching to ditch and make things awkward I stayed, now I tune in every Wednesday and talk with you guys. It’s relieving to talk about my dumb worries and I’ve been gaining a bit of confidence in what I say and coming to the conclusion “Welp, if I mess up I can just apologize, nothing to worry about.” But talking with you all really helps me, thank you for listening.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Grow, a single by A Single Duel


  11. Have you ever thought about your thoughts? I know, that's a weird question... "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, I'm just thinking about what I've been thinking." At first glance it appears to dodge the question, but when you look deeper, it can be quite profound. What I'm talking about here are those times when you step outside yourself for a moment, and examine the kinds of thoughts you have going through your head. Are you thinking things that are uplifting and forward looking? Are you thinking thoughts that defeat you before you even get started? I'm sure we've all experienced both... Those times when we feel invincible, on top of the world and nothing could ever bring us down. Then, like 5 minutes later, we're down in the dumps in a pit of despair. I know I certainly have experienced that. This is when It can be good to stop and take a look at your thoughts. Because, truly, we all get to choose the thoughts we think. It's one thing that separates us from other animals - the ability to rationalize. It's been said that with our thoughts, we can make a hell out of heaven, or a heaven out of hell... Meaning that the perspective we assume will make all the difference in our attitude toward a situation. Did you just succeed at something? Well, just zero in on some detail of why it isn't perfect, and you can be sure to feel bad about it. Have you hit rock bottom? Great!! Now there's no other direction but up! I've heard (and experienced) that rock bottom is the perfect place to get started again. Tuck this little nugget in the back of your mind somewhere... and when life seems to be a challenge, you can flip a switch instantly by changing your thoughts. It may just make all the difference in the world...
  12. Today, as I'm reflecting on all the wonderful things happening here at BSS, I can't help but be a bit overwhelmed... There seems to be an unending list of things to be done, and sometimes it's difficult to choose which one is the best to do next. Sorting and prioritizing are not always my strongest attributes, but I know I can be grateful for the fact that I'm certainly not going to be bored anytime soon! So, how do you get yourself centered and focused on what needs to be done next? As I've said before on Don't Worry Wednesday, one thing that always clears my mental fog is physical exercise. I had a theory a while ago, that if I back off on my workout regimen, I would have more time to accomplish the things on my to do list, and thereby get more done in less time. Interestingly, I found the opposite to be true! As my physical activity went down, so did my energy levels... As my energy levels went down, so did my productivity... As my productivity went down, well, obviously less was getting done. Another aspect that I noticed was my level of confidence. It also began to wane as my physical activity decreased. But then, IMMEDIATELY after my first workout, my mood was better, my confidence skyrocketed, and I was able to blast through my to do list with a vigor that I had not felt in a long time! AND, even the tedious tasks were FUN!! This was such an important discovery for me, that I knew I HAD to share it with you all. The lesson: Don't skimp out on physical activity. Get up and do something! Even if it's just some stretching or walking around the room. (*Disclaimer: Talk to a doctor before starting any exercise regimen, especially if you haven't exercised in a long time.*) You will be amazed at the results you feel -- Happiness, confidence, contentment, just to name a few. Comment below and share your experiences! Love you all!!!
  13. Hey @Felrein002, Many times, I've had my path change to something I didn't really want to do... While I generally would resist it in my mind at the time it happened, I found out later how valuable the experience was. There is much you will be able to learn on your upcoming journey - skills, training, new people to meet, and maybe you will come face to face with yourself and have some truly defining moments. You may find out that you are capable of so much more than you imagined! Here's to you, @Felrein002... You're in our thoughts and prayers!
  14. Yeah, I know how you feel, @Kiran... Sometimes even those of us on staff don't really know what to do either...
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