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  1. Oh yes!! Earlier today I was thinking about posting Troll Me!! to the discord to see how they would react, but I ended up forgetting about it. But we all know it's about Epic Origami Giraffe Honestly though, Back Where I Belong, and Main Character are so good. Troll me too, it has Mizar <3 If you want to go even further back, we can go to TetsukenZ's channel and listen to Psycho Scat Boxer
  2. Whoah, I didn't even think about Cole. I quite like this theory too! That would be such a cool component to the story if Cole was the ring bearer.
  3. Now that the animation is out for this song, there have been a few slight things that I noticed that I wanted to discuss. Time to go full detective detective First is Meteor's Morime. I believe that Morime is the Ring Bearer, and here's why: Symbol of Friendship: During the end of the song, where they find out that Ring is the code, Morime already has a ring. She didn't take one from the briefcase, as it didn't seem like much time had passed because everyone was staring at the rings. The reason Morime gave Hareka the ring is a symbol of friendship between the two girls, or possibly
  4. Hey Hey, welcome! We're happy to have you here I look forwards to your next posts!
  5. Hey, It's nice to meet you too! That meat pun was very "cleaver"!
  6. Oh, you got me there! I will make great posts then
  7. You guys are wonderful! I forgot just how lovely this community is. I'll gladly share my art, soon. Thanks for all the nice comments guys!
  8. Hey guys, I'm Varianth. I've been around for a long time, but never really spoke. I mostly just watch what goes on. I did the same thing on the discord, except I later started being more active in it, like I plan to do now here I do art things, but I'm only okay. I am also trying to get good at skullgirls Hi to all my friends who were on discord, I look forwards do being a more active part of the community! (Never posts again)
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