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  1. you should send a screen shot of gross 2.0 i kinda wan't to know what it looks like XD also both the new themes are awesome. i love the Logo Cwilk!
  2. i was watching "sail on" and " a message to pop culture" on you-tube and i was thinking. what should i do to help in the war/revolution against destructive and toxic media?
  3. what to do when you fall asleep for 5 hours durring the day and then wake up and it is when you would normaly go to bed (cant sleep anymore) ^^'
  4. oh is there a limit to the amount of entries @joebohan ?
  5. it is hard to say i have any evidence *sigh* cause i was not there but according to the songs there are things we can infer or deduce to narrow down the possibilities. in truth i am not a detective, and have no experience in deducing the truth from little to no evidence. however the two i would take into the questioning room first would be Furuto, and Bee. little to nothing is said yet about these two but in Bee's character description is that she is only there to help her friends. (how her mind thinks she is helping them is what i am worried about). and Furuto is not a leader of the othe
  6. i like dream on, because life is tough. it really likes to let people know that it wont give up making it hard. but i can still dream on and stand and fight for something more than me.
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