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  1. As our good friend Aqil says: "Life without darkness is also life without appreciating how bright the light is"
  2. I ended my relationship with my girlfriend because she doesn't love herself, and I can't be in a relationship with someone who doesn't love themself. I will always love her but i want her to love herself first. It caused me immense pain and that's why i ended it. My feelings won't change and I will wait for her to love herself as long as i have to.
  3. hahahaha you've got a good head on your shoulders!! I'm very confident you're gonna kick butt out there. ^^
  4. That's a lot of stress! I'd have breakdowns too for real, goodness! The only comforting words I can say are what I tell my roommate whenever she starts a new job. And that's, at the very least, you'll get the hang of it in time. Most jobs will hang in there with you for about a month while you get used to the job. They understand you are new and won't be perfect right off the bat. Even the really hard jobs, eventually you'll get that autopilot of the process. The system requirements seem tricky! Hopefully they understand that while during Covid, the shipment and delivery of them might be stalled. Sometimes non essentials are stalled for higher priority on essentials. I hope they can find the understanding, but I suppose corporates aren't always forgiving. ^^; It's okay to cry! It's okay to feel "weak"! As long as you stand up again and move forward. Best of wishes and love to you
  5. We are all not equipped to handle other people's luggage. We have the ability to control how much luggage we let other people bring, but we shouldn't let them dump it all in our own luggage. It's a grey area, but you are not at fault for how you choose to defend yourself. In this case from a worsening mental state. You hurting with the weight of your own luggage only makes you even more ill equipped to handle someone else's. I'm sorry you seem to be in pain from how you handled someone, or that's how it sounds anyways. As I've mentioned before, I have three people in my life who push a lot onto me. One in particular. It's not technically their fault, because I let them. But in return yes, they became dependant. And you end up hurting someone as much as you hurt yourself by letting that happen. And leaving them will be like ripping off a bandage. But as Ryan said, it's not your fault. You were involved in the story, but nothing was your fault in particular. Much love Aqil.
  6. I think this video will be very informational on this topic! If you've watched it before with an entertainment mind set please watch through it more like... DWW is talking to you lol It's something that might take a bit to digest, but i encourage you to really look into it, and reflect on it.
  7. I think this could circle back to just How to take care of your mental health? All and all if you can sleep enough, eat well enough if possible, maybe do some small exercises or at least stretching in the morning, Generally this will help keep your mind clear and be good for your health. But also, maybe when you say or do something you regret/feel bad about Reflect on it and ask yourself, "How could I have handled that better" And try to do better next time o/ Try not to beat yourself up, because that will only affect you negatively further and increase the feeling that makes you snippy. All and all, please do take care of yourself Sorry if I wasn't much help
  8. the basics of this seem to beg the question "How do I even start to love myself" And I can feel this, self loathing is a very difficult mountain to climb. But think of this, you know your faults, you acknowledge mistakes You might be hypersensitive to them because we human beings tend to see each others and ourselves differently But what I'm getting at is A "bad" person (for lack of better wording) wont see themselves AS a bad person I think sometimes these emotions and self loathing mix into this mess and we reach a boiling point. And when the boiling over flows out of the pot, we spill over When spilling over we lose control, we lose hope, we loose a sense of ourselves When that boiling calms down, that is the time to really reflect. Try not to reach that panic induced over thinking I'm sorry I don't have that much advice to give on what you typed out Hope you pull through to the best of your abilities, a lot of us are here for you And sorry if I misunderstood the intentions of the post
  9. Sometimes it's even fine to coexist together. Sometimes I'm drawing while my boyfriend reads a manga or scrolls through the internet. It doesn't feel any less lonely or distant despite being 5000 miles apart. I show my drawing progress, if he laughs I ask what he's giggling at. Coexistence is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you just enjoy the company at all. ^^
  10. Is it that you feel numb perhaps? Do you still feel emotions on a normal spectrum or does it all feel fleeting? I ask because I have a friend going through that kind of things, and for better context on how you feel.
  11. Sena

    Kitsu Squad

    yall inspired me to update stuff i was too lazy to on my kitsu lol
  12. Seaweed is warning of Bad News
  13. Sena

    Kitsu Squad

    I keep hearing about banana fish I should look into that
  14. Sena

    Sena Draws

    You're fine! I'd upload the drawings of the bagels here but im labeled as fanart So I'll drop a couple links https://www.deviantart.com/sena4k4/art/Zander-740805849 https://www.deviantart.com/sena4k4/art/Kitten-735081360 The current one I'm working on: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/428371810606645248/494793609447735301/kitty.png?width=379&height=559
  15. Sena

    Sena Draws

    I've got a sketch of Cole I want to do a digital version of, and I of course, draw Aka-sensei a lot but need to do something digital too I got backed up because I accepted requests from a lot of bagels >x>;;;
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