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  1. I have been on the Don't Worry Discord server for a while, but there are soo many people, not that they wouldn't be nice, but it makes me feel a bit tiny... do you understand what I mean?
  2. How do they always get cake... and popcorn... don't have any of those, guess I'll just eat the guidelines
  3. Hello to anyone reading this post, I've been following Static-P for quite a while now, probably been over a year already and as much as I love him and his music, I also love his community. Most of the time I tend not to be active in larger communities, just because it's hard for me to remember everyone I meet and I don't want anyone to feel like they do not get the attention they deserve as the amazing human beings that they are. At the moment I am 16 years old and spend most of my time, reading, playing games or writing short stories. I like discussions, especially if I get to know another point of view, that I could not see before, so feel free to talk to me about what ever topics you like ^^ And to the people that actually read all the above, I would be pleased to meet you and have a nice day
    90% funny + 10% just can't take it serious = 100% Love it!
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