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  1. This is absolutely fantastic!
  2. This is awesome. The only reason the site is so bland is because we haven't had time to mess with it, and I am not that good with aesthetics. How did you put that together?
  3. So my friend had a friend that he had a crush on. She turned him down, but they became loke the best friends (even bigger than me and him). She meet a friend of him, that cheated on a girl before He told her because he found out she had a crush on the friend, just so she knows. They became a pair and deleted all contact to my friend. Over some mutual friends he heard that they broke up They came back together and insulted him for asking out the mutual friends even though he just found out of coincidence Now they also broke the contact with the mutual friends and insult him and his friends all the time It's hard to explain without people knowing the persons ^^'
  4. Kyle

    Count to 1000!

    Nice job @Sunnilybright !!! I knew if anyone found it, it would be you! hahaha Now to find some other obscure thing...
  5. You may never know! If nobody figures it out before we hit the goal I will let you know how it works.
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