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  1. I have no idea if there's a proper format for these things but anyway... Hi! It's HelmarocHERO (or Hero, or Helmaroc for short. Take your pick!) Funnily enough I've never actually made super formal post introducing myself on here despite being on the forum for so long... To introduce myself without going on a Super Tangent, I'm a guy who tries a lot, fails a lot, and is much too stubborn to give up haha. A lot of the time I struggle with falling into the cycle of bad habits, whether it be failing to manage my time or priorities, or actually maintaining a good sleep schedule, among other personal dilemmas. While I've definitely made progress on myself over the years, I feel that as I am, I'm not going about my life "smart" enough so to speak. Sure, it's natural to fall and fail eventually, but a lot of the time it's situations that I know I'm capable of learning to overcome, or at least handle better than I already do. There's just an inherent laziness or lack of stamina in me that's a hard boss to fight... I guess this topic is to just pick anyone's brain on how exactly you deal with your own bad habits or things you want to change in yourself. Joe mentioned mentally checking in on oneself and getting a feel for how the course of your day is going constantly. This is such wonderful advice, and applies to me especially as being someone religious, but maintaining a good habit like that proves difficult for me when I only keep it up for a few days before I end up forgetting or losing my grip on it. I don't know if it's that the method I try isn't for me and I need to try another approach, or if it's just that I'm not trying hard enough, and often it's hard to come to consensus on which is the case. This leads me to being stuck in the in-between state of not making a solid decision that tends to make failure even easier and the cycle repeats... To try and explain better, I've tried things like making schedules for myself or journaling daily, and while effective for the time I use it, I think on one hand I tend to put way too much structure to it, and things that are overly structured wear me out super easily. On the other hand, if I make it more free form and loose, it makes it a lot easier to forget it and give it up altogether. I... don't really know what kind of exact advice I'm asking for exactly, but I guess the gist of it is, what is a way to commit yourself to making an important change in your life while making it practical enough that it's something you're actually capable of handling long term? Sorry for the rambles, and thanks for the help!
  2. Thank you kindly, and sure thing! As long as you show who you got it from that's completely fine, and I'd love to see it myself whenever you finish it! Ooooh, looks like I saw this 3 days too late... But thanks! I'll try to be more active on here for the next art contest thingy that's hosted >:D
  3. A bit late to the party, but I'm really happy to see you all enjoyed these so much haha! Hopefully in the midst of studies I'll get to more art makin' in the future. Thank you guys so much!
  4. Greetings, fellow earthlings and internet-goers. I've been meaning for the longest to both post some fan art for one of my favorite things in this world... so here I am! I apologize in advance for the spam of my brain's inner machinations in two dimensional form. First up! Here's a doodle oh what I presume to be the two main protagonist dudes. They make a good-lookin duo Next up, I wanted to choose a random scene from one of the songs to make an anime mock-up of. You can see which scene I ended up choosing here. And here's some more fan art from the same episode! (Can you tell I really like this one) So that's it for all the recent drawings... but for those of you who remember them, I actually posted a whole lot of drawings in 2017 before the website reset! I... forgot to repost them until now. And that concludes this giant Criminal Idol art dump thing. Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll hopefully get to making more Criminal Idol goodness in the future! Look forward to it! >:D
  5. HERO

    Shirt Contest!

    Dang, would have loved to participate in this but I don't have the time to make my entries before deadline passes. I hope there'll be another chance one day, because I think I got some pretty cool ideas Good luck peeps, the submissions so far all look awesome in their own right!
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