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  1. Hiya, SevLev here.....again. My biggest hobbies are writing, music, and drawing. I love all these things dearly but I often end up in a state where I lose inspiration and/or creativity. I often look towards these activities for joy whenever I need a little. After doing this a lot I've found myself sometimes where I simply lose a source of inspiration or can't think of anything creative to implement and overall fail at doing any of these things. Do you have any tips on getting into a creative or inspired mindset or anything else that may help me in these scenarios. Thank you
  2. Hiya, SevLev here. I was just wondering if you had any tips on how to confess to someone. I've been becoming infatuated with this one girl for about 3 years now. For a little background I moved to a new state and had absolutely no friends for about a year until she approached me and invited me to join her friend group. She helped me out of a state where I hadn't talked to anyone besides family for almost a full year. She just simply did so much for me and truly changed my life. She's become the closest friend I have and has been for years now but as we became friends and I got to know her I slowly started to fall for every single part of her personality and habits. I know that I've fallen deeply but I don't know how to confess. I'm really scared that she'll reject me and think of me as less of a friend. I'm very bad at picking up on signals and talking in general still and don't know how to handle this situation. Thank you for any help you could lend
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