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  1. Aside from "hello"s, I have lots of extra time now to do some introspection and reflect and I find I have trouble being kind to my older sisters. I link this to how we grew up, since I wanted to rely on them but my oldest sister would blame me for everything and never trust me, and my other older sister would often judge and make fun of my looks. Years passed (obviously), and it's kind of faded. They grew up, I grew up, and we all matured. However, they only toned it down; they haven't changed. My oldest sister refuses to support me and tells me to fix myself, the other one constantly judges p
  2. The situation is like this: I like this guy because he shares my level of faith and enjoys singing for God like I do (wholesome Catholic tingz). At that point, he's someone I want to be close friends with. But then it gets complex because as a person, he cares a lot for people's wellbeing and doesn't give up on them. He would even ask me for my help, which I like because it shows how he's not too proud to ask for help. He's silly but serious when needed, funny in his own way, and a long-time friend. After all this time, I feel an attraction to his personality/soul. Some days it's really strong
  3. My ex-bff and I parted on bad terms a while ago. She didn't want to be friends with me, and though I usually still try to fix things, her words finally hurt me past my limit. These days, we're in contact and are friendly. I try my best to make up for the past by being there for her, but I can't open up to her anymore. It was my belief that our friendship was mutually desired, and hearing that she wished she wasn't my friend for a long time made me think I was not wanted in her life. That was why I gave up; it was not because I hated her (I truly couldn't), but because I believed her and decide
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