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  1. Hi! My name's Ocean and im from Hawaii. Last year I was diagnosed with major depression. Thankfully my parents took me to therapy and after a while, I was "cured." Now I'm living life happier than ever and I have a higher self esteem than I've had in a while. Though I've only been through two years of high-school, I think I've been through a lot. I've had a difficult past, but now I have a different outlook on life. I live every day like it might be my last. However, that way if thinking comes with one problem. I live very recklessly because I never know when I could die. I don't have any crippling illnesses or anything, but I've had friends died suddenly or have been paralyzed. I don't necessarily fear death because I know that it is natural, but I know that we don't get to decide what kills us, or when. I've adopted a lifestyle that isn't necessarily considered safe, and I have crazy plans for the future. My hobbies include hiking/ backpacking, climbing buildings, cliff jumping, and surfing (so basically anything that gets the blood pumping). I only do what I know I can do and don't push myself if I am not confident (slipping off a building is not in my interests). In the future I want to live a job that isn't normal. Something that isn't 9-5 and doesn't necessarily have to be legal. Not long ago did I dream of living as a nomad in some random country, just surviving. I'm not a realist by any means. I want my life to be a story. Things on my bucket list include skydiving, protesting in a foreign country, and being involved in some kind of international conflict. So my question is "simple." Is my lifestyle healthy or not? Thanks for all the help guys. I love this community and I see a lot of my old self in many of these people, and I'm glad someone is helping them out.
  2. I see a lot of people saying that DD is the bomber. It makes sense, I kind of suspect him as well. One question that I cannot answer is: what is the motive?
  3. No, the sand would get into the holes in the sandwich. lmao
  4. Can't wait to listen to this on the stream. I'm interested to see what they say about this subject.
  5. Hey WanderingSoul, I'd like to start by saying that you shouldn't give up on people yet. I believe I've felt how you are feeling a long time ago. What I felt the might not be exactly the same feeling, but similar. I have no idea what you have been through or what you are currently going through, so my advice will be very limited. Daydreaming and making up impossible fantasies is a familiar feeling to me. At times where I have felt nothing but anger, sadness, and regret, reading stories in my head has kept me sane. However, it will not work forever. I'm sure you've had times that you are thinking of nothing and everything at the same time. Times where you kept quiet and times where you have just screamed or wanted to. It may feel like the pressure of everything is too much. I've been there. That being said, it is important to think of the future. I know you wrote about the "one" that would set it all right. The person in the future that would send you're troubles somewhere far away. But you are giving up on that person. You believe that that person couldn't possibly exist because you don't love yourself. I'm here to tell you that only you have the power to change that. Right now you feel empty. You feel like nothing matters because, as you said, "It’s just the same old inevitable end, like it always has been." That mentality is known as fatalism. Fatalism is the feeling that nothing matters because death comes for us all. I'd say that it is quite the opposite. We will all die, and that's why everything matters. While it is important to think of the future, Thinking of today is much more important for you. With the current situation that you are in, thinking too much on the future will often lead to procrastination. Not only in work/school (whichever you do), but in more important decisions. Procrastination in your relations with people and in your personal health will lead you down the wrong path. Thinking about the task at hand is more important as of right now. Everyday, waking up with the mentality that you will do something every day will get you on the right track. It doesn't have to be much. It should just be something that changes your schedule. To be completely honest, the first step is quite simple. I know I might sound like a dad when I say this, but sleep is very important. Sleep isn't just for healing your body. Sleep makes your brain clean, not just metaphorically. Sleep clears your body of unnecessary information. Cleaning the mailbox that is a brain will allow your mind to flow much more feely. I'm no doctor, but getting your eight hours is critical. Sleeping much more or less than the recommended eight will cause you to "wake up on the wrong side of the bed." A great sleep schedule will make your day much better. I know that I've really only talked about you, and not other people. That's because you need to heal yourself, so that you would have the strength and courage to fix your situation with others. But why should you listen to me? I'm pretty sure I'm younger than you. You don't know who I am, and I don't know who you are. All you have to know is that I'm a person who has been through a lot. More than a lot have people have ever been through, and that isn't me just being an egomaniac. I know how you are feeling, and I've survived through it. Good luck with the journey ahead, -Ocean (A.K.A. WaveSlayer) P.S. If you have questions lmk.
  6. If you do end up going to Japan and teaching, then you will be able to do both. At first it would probably be hard because of the drastic changes that moving countries involves. However, I believe that as you start settling into your new lifestyle, you will have more time to yourself. Making use of this time could allow you to continue to make music. Also, going to Japan would be hella cool.
  7. WaveSlayer


  8. Nothing awkward about it.
  9. Oh. I forgot about that. If there were to people watching him while he sleep, then he could take one shoe each. He would be in both of their shoes, and they would still have at least one. Ig that first drawing makes more sense.
  10. I think that the single shoe is correct. Even if he says that he puts himself in your shoes (plural), if he took both of the shoes, then you would have any shoes left. Therefore, they wouldn't be your shoes anymore. This kind of deletes the purpose. DD with one shoe looks better lmao.
  11. It's Morime. She wants to help her group. To do that, she bombed her older idols. She saw that the Star Blush Girls were get more popular. The bombing would have killed two birds with one stone. You can see her flashing her ring with Hareka in "Your Eyes." Hareka however, seems to have an offsetting look on her face. We later find out in "Stay Calm" that Hareka was hiding her past experience with Nori. This could show a connection between Nori and Morime. If Hareka knew that Morime has some kind of connection to Nori, then it would explain the strange look she has in the ring picture. I do not think that Hareka acted alone. We can see that she is standing outside when the bomb goes off, but she is the only one that didn't turn around to look. It was almost as if she was expecting it. I believe that her partner in crime was the Star Blush Girls' teacher, Kanesaki Hyudou. Aside from the detective, he was the only one at the bombing. Cole wasn't in the group yet and Nori was in jail. Aka Sensei was not teaching yet. In "I'm Sorry!" Kanesaki Hyudo brought the two idol groups together on purpose. It is highly unlikely that he would forget that they gave the detective his keys to the lake house. Bringing the groups together could have been a way for him and Morime to be less suspicious. If he could create a friendship between the two groups, it could create a false sense of trust. This could cloud the detective's vision. In "Your Eyes" she is seen with an older man (whose face is not shown). That could be Nori. This part is just speculation though.
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