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  1. For a positivity stream I’m intrigued by the accusations of being a troll. Truly, truly heartwarming, I’m so proud of you all. But despite the appearance of my soul, I do not make my home under a bridge. My values and lack thereof aren’t a masquerade. I will admit I am mildly humored. You needn’t worry about being “curt” or the like. I don’t beat around the bush and neither should anyone wanting to make banter with me. What I will continue with, however, is some additions. It is clear you two are theistic. You needn’t read much farther than my second rebuttal to hear my point of view on that. People are free to make Pascal’s wager if they desire, but I’m not one to subscribe to any power beyond my own. Which is already a no. What I find most intriguing is the notion of moving forward. A truth moving people forward? I disagree. It is not truth or improvement that moves people forward. Neither is it ignorance or degradation. Time is what moves people. The ticking down to the swan song. You may believe what you will about improvement. But nobody leaves a legacy that lasts long enough or is worthwhile to continue. Though reproduction we continue our pestilence. Monuments, civilizations, even the texts that gods are recorded on turn to ash and fade away. The progress of time is unforgiving. I see that some onlookers are themselves close to grasping similar truths to my own. As I said before. They can if they desire to. It they won’t. Ironic that a person who scoffs at the idea of gods believes in the sea of fire? To be fair, it is a more personal belief of mine. A place where sentient life goes to receive punishment for an innumerable amount of time?? It is a perfect place for humanity to belong. You, me, and everyone. And those of you who think I’m doing this to search for a truth, this is not a rebellion of the futility of it. This humors me. Nothing more.
  2. Grasp onto the truth. Grow your horns, sharpen your claws, and bare your fangs.
  3. You can discard the notion that I think myself inferior. Just because I’m aware of the futility does not make me weak. It strengthens me, knowing the world does not care about me. Making something grand is a bit to materialistic for my tastes. I’d rather not indulge my already large pride in making something worthy of others’ praise. The vibrations from someone else’s throat aren’t my idea of fulfillment. You can see it as ups and downs. But I take the average. And it’s a low line. Faith is a tool the weak of heart use to justify hope. They should believe in their own merit before they bow their heads to some deity.
  4. You cling to the fantasy. Here’s my rebuttal: It is because of those worthless emotions that these struggles happen. Caring for yourself, others, it leads to destruction and demise. The thought that everyone desires peace is a cute, but nonetheless incorrect thought. What everyone wants is to be satisfied. And many, many people never attain such satisfaction. I do not care about people, that much I’m sure you can see. I would rather not waste my breath on pointless endeavors and eventual betrayal. The same goes for kindness. When deserved, it is necessary. But let me ask you, how often do you think it is deserved? The number of occurrences is lower than you imagine. The world does not simply “get bored”. People might. But new will replace the old sooner or later. Life will continue until the only thing you can do to make it stop is the finality. You’re smart enough to know what that is. You seem to misunderstand. I act neither of light, nor darkness. I do not view myself as a holy saint preaching to a following, and I am neither an overlord boasting to his subjects. I am a dab of grey paint. I dance between the gaps of a second, free from the constraints of one particular lifestyle or another. Apathy is what is etched into my heart, not compassion or malevolence. You see, I don’t need others to pick me up to begin with. Again, no one has the capacity to. I pick myself up off the pavement and brush off the gravel. Requiring someone else to do so is a weakness. Friendship, companionship, love? All worthless and a sign of weakness. And people would do better if they shed such desires and emotions. You speak of real truth as though you hold the key to its gate. Laughable. Truth is as subjective as any other abstract concept. Your truth will inevitably differ from my truth, because you do not know me. You do not know the experiences, victories, defeats, any of the things that I’ve done while the clock ticks onward. I simply do not care enough to hear another truth that will be inapplicable to the remainder of my life. Your notion of truth is comical to me, just as my notion of truth is comical to you.
  5. I’m not going to be watching your stream. So just read this when you desire to. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I have seen, done, heard, or have experienced. So don’t tote around your advice to this like it’s anything more than words, no difference in importance to what I am writing now. Humans are disgraceful creatures. We slaughter our kind, we toss abuse to each other as fast as the wind can howl, we taint what we come into contact with, the list can go for eons. Naïveté, greed, arrogance, pride, the only thing we truly succeed in is finding new vices to indulge in. How anyone can view themselves or those around them as worth anything higher than the meat they are piloting is an affront to logic and reason. What’s more, we indulge ourselves in sadness and other worthless emotions, begging for the hand to reach out and save us. The hand doesn’t exist. The world and everyone living in it does not have the capacity to care. You want to get better? Stop caring. About, everything. Stop showing kindness to a world that will crush your soul without a glimpse of sympathy. Stop caring about people who will only thrust knives deep into your back once they grow bored of you. Stop caring about your sense of morality, in a world that does not respect your ideals and certainly will not follow them. The world can push, push, push you to the edge, but the minute you lash out, it screams back “MONSTER”. Well, grow your horns, sharpen your claws, and bare your fangs. This world isn’t worth impressing. The notion itself is idiotic. I am nobody important. I’m another human, in another place, counting down to a different time. But I have shredded my worthless emotions and saw fit to embrace the only truths that this world has. Some will embrace it in their way. Some will continue living in a fantasy. We walk towards the end credits regardless. I’ll see you all in Hades.
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