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  1. We know who now, but why? Looks like a job for Detective Rosi!
  2. I have two things on this! #1: I’ve thought of the characters in episode 0 as suspects too. I’ve always thought that it was more than one person. Based on what I believe, what if the suspects given in episode 0 were all involved in the bombing? At least the majority of them. #2: You have just given me another piece of info that I can use to SUSPECT DD AS THE BOMBER! If our theories are correct about episode 0 being the suspect list, then that means DD would be a suspect. It goes to show how much I think too deeply. Oh, and @slightlyaboveaveragejoe... I most likely know what your going to say about this. I’ve seen you taking everyone’s ideas into mind, but I want to know who you believe did it and why.
  3. Hey! How’s everyone doin? I’ve been working on a Criminal Idol series in Gacha Life. I’m using the music and story plot. But I plan on adding in some scenes without music. Thing is, I’ve been super busy lately. It also takes really long to make and edit. I was wondering if I could get any helpers! I do plan on giving volunteers credit, whether I accept their help or not. I would also love some suggestions to help me with the story plot. And I’ll also give shoutouts to the people that suggested. If you have a YouTube channel, DeviantArt, SmackJeeves, or something along the lines of that let me know! So far, I’ve got the first episode down. I just need to finish editing and publish it. I’ve been taking a break from videos, so I haven’t finished it. The trailer is finished however. If you want to check it out, I uploaded it on my channel. My channel is RositheCat. A big thank you to my sister, Snow Lily! She helped me build my channel and has suggested some awesome things to me. Go check out her channel. Her channel is Snow Lily. Also, PrincessFox the Fox, I noticed you subscribed! I’m sorry for not giving you a shoutout sooner . I was working really hard to get the video done so I could welcome you to the channel! So please give a warm welcome to @PrincessFox the Fox, a new subscriber. Welcome to the channel! With that out of the way, I want to discuss something else. I’m planning on doing a collab. Currently, it’s just me and my sister, Snow Lily. I know what I’m going to do for the end, but I don’t know what music to use for the rest! If I could get some song suggestions and possibly more people for the collab, that’d be really helpful ! What it sounds like so far (I just put in a random photo): IMG_5295.MOV ~ Keep Rocking that Detective Spirit!
  4. GASP! I see something hiding here! “Their light,” ”lighting a match”, the bomb! DO YOU SEE THE CONNECTION?! Their light to light a match?! ! I find that interesting that they chose the words “light” when discussing who lit the bomb I still find them innocent though. I explained why in my bomber theory
  5. Things me and other people have recognized: The bomber’s silhouette has a red eye color just like Kanesaki Hyudou Nori’s inmate number is 40121 Before Static actually starts singing the song “When The Darkness Comes”, there are exactly 8 footprints that aren’t the detective’s. 4 are faded and 4 are solid. We are told that there were 8 members of the SBG and 4 left, which represents the 4 faded footprints, leaving SBG with 4 members, which represent the 4 solid footprints. The footprint design matches the character’s personality in “When the Darkness Comes” In “Detective Detective”, DD woke up and couldn’t see or move, and the vehicle is later described as a limo. Towards the end of the video, DD says that the limo was his. In “Idol Bombing” after we hear “sounded like someone lighting a match”, a ticking noise can be heard before the stage blew up. The Meteor group shown in “When the Darkness Comes” is not the original Meteor. The SBG’s ages are all 17 years old. In “Stay Calm” when Hareka calls the police, we can see the police station’s name as “Sakurugawa Police”. At the end of CTAPMB, Morime and Hareka can be seen exchanging a ring The letters in CTAPMB were collected in an order that spelled GRIN. In “Dream On”, Hareka is sitting up against a door, which is probably where Cole and DD are having their conversation. When the chorus starts in “No One’s in this Alone”, there’s a man standing upside down somewhere in the line of people.
  6. I can explain the hair clip! If you look at the lyrics in the description of the song “Life Might Take Us” and scroll down to where one of the girls say “wait!”, you’ll see that it was “Hareka with the flower hair-clip” who said that. So it is possible that this could be a hint of some sort. I can see it as this: Nori is one of the criminals. According to the song, Detective Detective says “one culprit is amongst us, the rest, at that bank”. That single culprit is Nori. In the song “Stay Calm”, it shows us that Nori has Hareka hostage and Hareka has the flower hair clip in her hair at the time. And we also know that Nori is in jail. I feel like it’s also important to note that Nori is inmate 40121. Can’t leave a stone unturned!
  7. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to a few suspects... The first, Detective Detective. At first, It was based on “maybe he did this trying to catch someone?” As said in Idol Bombing, they couldn’t find anything else other than the dynamite and its original place. We know they checked cameras, so there was recording footage but without any evidence. I could only think of two people skilled enough to clean up almost all of their tracks. The teacher and Detective Detective. In your earliest video, Stay Calm, Nori had pointed out something when he was speaking to Detective Detective. He asked the detective why he needed to ask him if he already knew who did it. I knew Detective Detective was hiding something when his expression was shown. Suspect number 2, the teacher. I already pointed out that he could clean up his tracks too, but someone commented on the video, Idol Bombing, about the bomber’s eye color being the same as the teacher’s and the teacher having access to baggage:Also, in Idol Bombing, Detective Detective said “If someone slipped them the bomb”. As far as we know, the closest one to the Star Blush Girls are themselves and their teacher. Maybe he slipped them the bomb? Another piece of crucial evidence in that video is when the teacher said “I was there when it happened, no one saw it get planted.” Interesting choice of words, right? He was there when what happened? Does he mean he saw who the bomber was? Did he not tell anyone because he was either threatened or no one would believe him? In the video I’m Sorry, the teacher let the Star Blush Girls and Detective Detective take a vacation at some sort of sea side house. He then came in later with the idol group Meteor and their teacher. Detective Detective told the Star Blush Girls that Meteor “gave their alibi”. I know that the teacher wants to help out Aka Sensei, Meteor’s teacher, probably because she’s new. If Kanesaki Hyudou, the Star Blush Girl’s teacher, actually knew they were coming here, (yes, I know he says “sorry, I forgot you were coming here. I guess it slipped my mind”), and he knows that Meteor “gave their alibi”, why’d he bring Meteor here? Is he trying to stir up trouble? And on top of all of that, Kanesaki Hyudou is great friends with Detective Detective. So did Detective Detective tell the Star Blush Girls about Meteor on purpose? Did Kanesaki bring both idol groups here on purpose as well? Was this all planned out from the start? Suspect number three and four, Nori and Hareka. According to the information we were given in When the Darkness Comes, Nori likes the underdog to win. He’s also the event manager. That means he also had access to backstage. We know he’s in jail because it shows him there in Stay Calm. We know that he was holding Hareka hostage, but for what purpose? I would say that Hareka is the Star Blush Girl’s leader or team captain. Was Nori trying to get Hareka to drop out of the Idol Competition? Was he unsuccessful? I’m pretty sure Nori was unsuccessful if he did want Hareka to drop out. Is that the reason the bomb went off? Because someone was either threatened, desperate, or angry? Does that mean Hareka bombed the stage? I’m not positive, but it’s possible. In conclusion: I think that the teacher knows more than he’s letting on. I’m positive Detective Detective also knows more than he’s letting on. I’m also certain that Nori was the cause of the bombing, but probably not the bomber. There’s something odd about Nori that I can’t really put my finger on. The teacher is secretly trying to do something, but I don’t know what. Based on my information, I think there were three bombers. That would be Detective Detective, Kanesaki Hyudou, and Nori. The more I think about it, the more certain I become. Here’s how it could have gone: Kanesaki puts the bomb in one of his bags and places it with the rest of the group’s luggage, before the competition starts. The second to last event starts and Kanesaki heads backstage with the bomb when the Star Blush Girls are onstage. He is confronted with a security guard and tells him/her that he was going to drop this off. The guard lets him in and Kanesaki heads to the back. He sets the dynamite up and hides out of sight with the ignition. Before the Meteor group can head offstage, Kanesaki notices the guard heading his way and ignites the dynamite in a futile struggle. Detective Detective hears the blast and notices Kanesaki brushing off soot as he came back in a rush. Detective Detective confronts Kanesaki and the teacher tells him he had to set off the bomb because Nori threatened he’d hurt his sister. Detective Detective was doubtful, but decided to play along with Kanesaki. Later on, Nori threatens the two once more, telling them to not tell a soul. But this time, he threatens to endanger Meteor and the Star Blush Girls. So they decide to keep both groups together at a safe place. They decided to send them on vacation and have Kanesaki invite Meteor over. Detective Detective tells the girls about Meteor in hopes they would get along. Eventually, they finally manage to put Nori in jail. Detective Detective visits Nori later on because he’s trying to figure out why Nori wanted to bomb the stage. He hopes that Nori could tell him, but Nori doesn’t want to cooperate. I saw someone say “Nori has a sister named Aka”. So I can say that Nori bombed the stage because something happened between Nori and Aka. We know that Meteor’s new teacher is named Aka Sensei and we know Nori has a sister named Aka. I don’t think it was just coincidence that his sister has the same first name as Aka Sensei, that’s not how it works when making a movie or series. I know this because I’ve watched many shows on TV and some on YouTube that have characters with similar or the same names. It almost always ends up with them being the same character. Focusing back in, I believe that Nori’s sister is Aka Sensei. Case closed WAIT! I HAVE MORE INFO THAT’S MAKING ME CHANGE MY THOUGHTS ON DD!!! I proclaim DD guilty! First off... The bad guys with masks on kidnapped Detective Detective for a reason. But when Detective Detective escaped and the limo came back, the bad guys gave Detective Detective a ride back home. Why? Secondly... “He saw my limo. Yes that was my limo!” and “I saw the limo, coming back!” feels a little odd. We know that the bad guys drove the limo and we know that the limo is Detective Detective’s. So is Detective Detective good or evil? Was he the bad guys’ undercover teammate? Also... “One culprit is amongst us, the rest, at that bank...” Who’s the single culprit among the crowd? Could it be Detective Detective since he appears like he’s on the bad guys’ side? Or is it the person who gave Detective Detective the clue. The one who saw his limo. Was he the single culprit? And finally... What happened to the bad guys at the bank? Were they caught? Did they escape? Now, we know that DD has known who the bomber is according to Nori in “Stay Calm”, but DD is keeping his mouth shut. What exactly is he hiding? From my perspective, when DD came to talk to Nori in “Stay Calm” it looked like Nori was not happy to see DD again. Looking back at my original answer, I’m now doubting it was Nori since he’s been in jail. I’m most certain that the teacher DID make the bomb, but I don’t think he used it. As for DD... if you think about, he’s always “one step in front”. If he were to be the bomber, he’d be very well hidden since he’s the detective and is “On the case”. Now thinking about it, the scene in the video “Detective Detective” where he cackles and then says “yeah...” is really odd. Like everything, I’m looking too deep into this... I don’t know how to explain why I think the cackle sounds odd. Think about what an evil person’s laugh sounds like and compare that to DD’s cackle. You may get it, you might not. I have more evidence of DD being guilty than any of the other three. And if you want to know why I’ve left the idols and Cole (cause he’s not an idol) is because... ONE! I don’t wanna admit any of them guilty ;-; TWO! The idols wouldn’t want bomb the stage cause it would ruin their reputation if they did and they’ll be using it to sing for everyone. THREE! Cole is occupied with writing songs for the SBG so he would most likely not have enough time to set up and use the bomb. FOUR! Cole has asked DD three times in “Dream On” if he thought the SBG we’re guilty. “Do you think that they are guilty?” and “There is no way that they are guilty!” Are the two lines I can remember to give an example. FIVE! The SBG are being blamed and according to Aoke in “Reason For Suffering”, they have no idea how they became idolized so quickly. The reason they were was probably cause someone made a pact with the bomber(s) in exchange for idolization. So we know that they couldn’t have done it. It “Offered a gig that led to fame!” SIX! It would be pointless to make a whole series on trying to find the bomber(s) with the hands of SBG’s reputation on the line if the SBG were indeed the bombers in the end. im done now ;-;
  8. To Static-P: I’m usually not the type of person to post stuff, but because I saw a lot of similar things between what I do to send out my cry of help and the videos I’ve decided to ask you finally. Do you feel alone in this world? Like you have to force a smile so the pain you feel every day doesn’t show? Are you asking yourself “Do they truly understand me? Can I really trust them? Do they mean what they say?”. Do you doubt your friends are really your friends? Almost every time you try to do the right thing, do they blame you for fault? Do you not even trust your family? Can you only cry to yourself at night where no one can hear you? Does it hurt to know that other people act kind to you but try to stay away? Do you feel misunderstood? Like no one understands what you say? And when you try to explain it to them, and they try to understand it by giving an example of the explanation to you, do you say to them “Yeah, almost like that” when the example was never right in the first place? Every time one friend moves, does it feel like a piece of you has broken off and disappeared from sight? Do you, just like me, send out that cry of help in hopes that someone will answer that hidden call? If so, then I’m answering it. I’ve been calling out too. I can answer yes to the questions I have just asked you. I’m slowly being ripped apart. Music was my escape, but it’s been so tainted by hate comments that now I can’t seem to stop my tears from flowing at night or in the rain alone. I keep seeing the terrible past repeat every day. Make friends. Doubt loyalty. Lose some friends. Make some enemies. Feel lost. Doubt loyalty again. Feel alone. Almost let the tears drop. Feel outcasted at home. Look at old memories. Feel morose when looking at sad memories. Send out another call for help. Lose most of my friends. Realize the others were fake. Get punished for trying to do right. Feel alone again. Almost let the tears drop again. Let the tears drop. Release anger. Become the cause of fights and unhappiness. Build the wall back up. Break the wall the next day. Repeat... Do you feel the same way?
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