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  1. (WJHSJSBDB accidentally have this second message thing to so I guess I’ll add something here) I also think it’s just as dangerous to make friends in real life as it is online. Like everything someone could do to you online you can have happen to you in real life too. If someone stole your credit card number online, someone could also just steal your credit card in real life. Situations vary but you get my point, talking to anyone you don’t know is pretty dangerous but having the confidence to go try to make long lasting relationships is something really special in my eyes and something I couldn’t even think of doing for the longest time. Now I have a lot of friends, a lot of ex-friends, and 2 best friends!
  2. I'm super sorry for this, youtube was not working-- I tired but it's not cooperating-- I also realized that other people can see that video too and then I started to feel really uncomfortable but here's my gmail though if you want to talk to me: little.miss.fancy.15@gmail.com (this isn't a personal email it's just a backup one and in case anyone else tries to email me--). I'll try to summarize what I said here: As someone who hasn't had much experience with having/making friends,I kinda see making friends online like making friends in real life. At first you're just strangers and then over time you slowly get to know each other better. I feel like a friend is someone you feel comfortable talking to about anything and someone you don't feel super weird around. I guess that's why I see you guys as friends because I can just act how I normally act and no one really has a problem with it, and if I ever did mess up I know you'd guys forgive me. Though besides that the internet is a scary place and to be honest I probably shouldn't even be talking to you guys (stranger danger and such) but I feel like I can somewhat trust you guys.. I mean people who want to steal my information or kidnap me probably wouldn't come to DWW and vent about their issues too.. maybe? I don't know? Guess I won't know until I get to know them, huh? I'm also that kind of person where if someone says "Hey, I don't want to be your friend anymore." I'd totally be fine with it, I get overly attached to people but also can let go of people easily too. Not as in, I just stop caring about you but if you give me a really, really good reason to dislike you I'd probably stop being your friend. I feel like if you're going to make a friend, whatever type of friend, it should be someone you feel comfortable around and if you don't feel comfortable anymore you have all rights to leave. That's kind of what I think a friend is and if you want, you can call me Alexis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfMCZYtbSs&t=6620s (I had a topic where I said that conversations were hard and how do I talk to people without coming off as weird and stuff, the time stamp for this one is 1:50:20 btw)
  3. I whole heartedly agree! And even if the forecast doesn't allow the sun to shine, doesn't mean it's not trying it's best to still come through
  4. Hey! This topic is kind of rushed but it's been bothering me for months so here it is, A couple months ago I went to pick up my little sister from school I found my mom in the office talking to the principal and she told me my younger sister had been acting weirdly. Apparently she been telling her friends about suicidal thoughts she was having and having weird drawings of dead people in her sketch book. On top of that she'd been talking to us less, her grades have been going down, and she hardly ever smiled.. The principle was the one that called my mom over and my sister didn't know so we had to pretend we just came together to pick her up. I remember when we walked out of the office my mom was on the verge of tears and in the car I carried the conversation so my sister wouldn't pay to much attention to my mom. After we got home my sister went to take a bath and that's when I broke down a bit, I remember panicking and writing a topic for it but then only to delete it after because I realized I shouldn't freak out about it until we got confirmation from a doctor (which we did later, she has depression.) I guess my question is, how do I take care of my little sister..? I've been trying to help her get her grades up, and getting her to clean her room but I end up doing them instead.. I've also tried to get her into more healthy habits but she keeps avoiding them.. I feel like I'm doing everything for her now and I don't know how to help her mentally (?) and physically (?).. (My grandmother also has depression so it's not like I'm not used to treating people it's just I want her to get better but I don't know what I can do..)
  5. Thank you for this Sena! It was a nice video, My problem was more “Trying it help people deal with things I’m not equipped/experienced on DWW (?) ” and when she talked about how you should try to get them help from a professional is good advice but it’s not like I could just call the local therapist in their area lol. I guess when I read DWW topics I feel bad when I can’t say anything to help but I get where this video is coming from. I don’t necessarily need to be so worried, it’s not my problem, it’s nice to be nice and all but I shouldn’t force myself to help when I can’t. Besides I shouldn’t be forcing myself in that position because it might just make things worse— Honestly this is a really great video, thank you for sharing it with me!
  6. Hello, it's been a while since I made a topic but this is something that's been bothering me for a while. I really want to help others but I'm extremely under-experienced in a lot of things. Ever since I was little I've always wanted to help others however I could, and I'm constantly helping people everyday. I feel like it's a necessity almost, that I should be doing something, anything, to help people who aren't feeling okay and that sometimes leads me to bite off more than I can chew. You see, I'm not a very intelligent person, I'm not a very wise person, or have much experience in life, so of course there's going to be things that I barely know about but I still feel horrible when I can't do anything. Almost every time we go through a topic on DWW or DCJ I always try to say something, I try to give my opinion and I try to help even if it's just some words of encouragement, but there are times when I don't know what to say, then I just sit there with a thought and I wish time would stop to let me think but by the time I have a grasp of an idea we're moving on to the next topic. There are also times where I do say something but instantly regret it after because I'm just so inexperienced with the topic I feel like my opinion shouldn't count as something people should care about. Normally when I do slip up like this I apologize that I couldn't say anything, I couldn't do anything. I know I'm not obligated to give an opinion on people's topics and I don't need to always have the answer, but I still feel like I should try but should I? Even though I don't know much..? Even if what I say won't do much anyways, should I be so worried about people?
  7. Introducing Mini Miss Fancy! Aka me in animal crossing lol
  8. I don’t want to put words in Ryan’s/Joe’s/Jesse’s mouth but I bet they could do that! And maybe thumbnails it could be like split into three photos with Don’t Worry Wednesday or Friday or whatever in the middle
  9. I love this idea! Though then we'd have to categorize submissions for topics. They normally go in order of who said their topic to help give advice to whoever needs it currently. Categorizing the DWW stream for a curtain topic would mean we'd need at least 3 submissions of the same idea and I'm not sure about the types of topics that are more rare. Would we just have a smaller DWW for them or just group the odd ones into a misalanecellanous stream? Or would it just be how we do it now and just add what we dive into each stream in the thumbnail and title? Like I said I love the idea of grouping them. People who have similar problems could than easily navigate and find their answer, and as you said this could gather more attention. And if we can help more people out the better! Though how do you suppose they go about grouping them? I'd love to know! This is a very good idea.
  10. Oh boy do I relate a lot to this, I totally get where you're coming from. Thinking about beyond the grave and what might happen in the future is very scary to think about. Thinking about how you'll lose everything you have at some point and everything you'll miss out on after you die is really sad. I used to have a similar mindset where I the thought of losing what I have and the people I knew broke me. Though over the years I've learnt that you should focus on what's currently happening because arguably what's going on in your life now is more important than an unpredictable future. Being afraid to let go is scary but it's sadly inevitable and you should enjoy the moment while it lasts. I have this mindset where I try to do what I can the best I can so when I eventually die, I can die happy knowing I did my best. Live likes there's no tomorrow and do the best you can, so when you do die you'll be happy knowing you lived life to it's fullest. You don't have to do anything crazy it's just if you try to be the best you can be sometimes that's enough. Live in a way where you won't regret (too much) is all I'm saying. Also, focusing about what you want to accomplish in life should be a bigger priority. When you die those accomplishments might not mean anything years later but that doesn't make them less of an accomplishment. I believe people should be satisfied when they die, because regardless of how little they did when they were alive in the grand scheme of things they made an impact none the less. They mattered, and so do you, and so does what you do. About missing out on society and family/friends who live on longer than you, helping, supporting them now and hoping they'll be okay in the future is all you can really do. Society will go on regardless of whether or not we're in it, and that's the sad truth. There'll be so many new break throughs in technological development and even if we don't get to see it all and that's okay. You should have faith in that whatever happens while you're gone, earth and everyone on it, will be okay. Yes you'll miss out on a bunch of new things but you should be happy with what you have already. Be more humble, I guess. Death is a really tricky topic and I still don't have a concreate answer on how to overcome the inevitable but at least I could give you some food for thought so you could come to your own conclusions about it. I'm also sorry I'm horrible at giving advice, I write from my heart and how I feel about things currently so this might not be the best way to go about it but it's how I feel. I'm a religious person so thinking about death isn't as scary as it might be for you but I tried to put my thoughts into words the best I could without being bias. Though you should get help if it is bothering you a lot, I'm not that good at giving advice but I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd love to help you out even in times like these. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you're doing well. - Little Miss Fancy (Ps. I'm sorry this is so long, most if it I'm just repeating myself. If you can’t tell I wrote this at 2 am after Friday’s stream, now you know. Also I realized after writing this is for a stream topic and not a “Help wanted topic” but I wanted to put my thoughts here in case it helps, I also deal with thoughts like this and felt like I wanted to say something.)
  11. But if he only wore one shoe he'd only be one step ahead, but I do agree the second DD I drew a lot better than the first lol
  12. Yes I did use checkered patterned slides, don’t ask me why— I don’t have an answer for that—
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