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  1. the VST is really good but there a lot of clipping and there is a random emptiness but still really good loopier Changed the VST because this one is better (edit)
  2. Hello, This may be a rant but I don't know. Recently I been thinking about my mindset towards creative meta. (music and game development) One of them is the mindset of just make it and make more of it you know feel your way around it. The other is a little bit different it's more negative. It's has to be amazing and it has to be good it can not be bad everything needs to be perfect. I say that's negative when the words are positive. This mindset starting to go away but still things that it brings, like being overwhelm and non motivation to do things, are coming back. I would like to find a good balanced mindset with both things and think I'm getting there. its a slow process, but I'm just gonna take it one code line at a time. I just wanted to know your thoughts and opinions Thank you ~Hyrule P.S. this VST is amazing there is a little learning curve but still its so good https://www.bigfishaudio.com/momentum.html
  3. Hyrule

    Hehe it was my b day

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  4. to be honest i thought it was going to be this:
  5. hello, yes i am making a Criminal Idol base game in the visual novel engine called renpy (REN.PIE) some reasons why i picked it: 1. its fun and has a lot of documentation 2. visual novel base game just fits Criminal Idol 3. i like python more then C# C++ and Java 4. it takes me less time to code in python and i don't have to think much on syntax and logic so i can focus on the story more now moving on to what is Criminal Idol The Game it will be you and Detective Detective trying to find the Bomber ... sorry would i like to say more but i don't want to promise something that i cant deliver but what i can say is it will have have all characters from Criminal Idol and maybe some new ones i really don't know we will have to see moving on, Galaga so my main issue is that my bullet is not being tracked to my player but my bullet does know where my player is i just don't know whats wrong also my game lags a lot after a while i will reply to this post with the code its written Godot Links: Renpy: https://www.renpy.org/ Godot: https://godotengine.org/ Thank You for reading Hyrule
  6. sorry about the title i could not think of one. so i told the girl i like i loved her but she does not love me in the same way but really, i don't care. we are good Friends and i really enjoy her company and kindness. with me knowing this im trying to work on myself. more positive, self resect, and love others. my question is, is this a good and healthy for me? i think it is but it's been on my mind for a while P.S wobble dobble toppile chopple (I wanted to hear princess say that XD)
  7. yo rocket is on my island
  8. hello, my life is going really good. I been trying to think more positively, quit soda and try to love myself. I think i will be good for a while now but anyway, thank you for what you all do Ryan and Joe, for making amazing music and building this community for all of us, Sena, for being a really good friend and having my back,and finally, Princess, for helping me in my lowest hour and showing me that i can be myself around people., now for the topic Topic: When do you know when confidence turns into ego because i been struggling with this for the longest time. Thank You P.S. Pickle Favor Tacos
  9. Hello its me again, i'm going to make this is short and sweet. I been liking this girl for a while now and we talk regularly and I think we are good friends. So my question is how do you know when tell someone that you love them, because everyday I think about her and it hurts me that she does not know my feelings about her. But what I do know is that I want to very close to her and I want to support her and comfort her. Thank you for your time - Hyrule P.S two friends are telling me to wait while the other is saying go for it
  10. @slightlyaboveaveragejoe sorry for responding so late i dont know what to call it but i do try to keep the original of song but some of the stuff is original (like every back beat that i made)
  11. The Channel: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501 THIS IS THE LIST OF MY TOP 5 FAVORITE SONGS THAT I MADE: NUMBER 5: so this song it is good and i do like but i have made better stuff later but it is monster Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/moster Fun Fact: the song that used is monster by meg and dia witch if you ever used flipnote it will take you down memory lane NUMBER 4: this song OH MY GOSH it is so good and it is from sao and it is Goodnight little Goron Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/goodnight-little-goron Fun Fact: every time this song plays i think of kirito and asuna talking to a little goron also this comes from a thing on my youtube witch is called IDK NUMBER 3: This song is every close to my heart because it's from my fav amine witch is JB's Sax-a-boom cover toradora-ending 2 (true ending) link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/jbs-sax-a-boom-cover-toradora-ending-2true-ending Fun Fact: the song randomly cuts out i do not know why but i think i like it even more because of that NUMBER 2: this song is a really good mashup and it is Lucid Snow Cursed Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/lucid-snow-cursed Fun Fact: this was already done but the other way NUMBER 1: this song started my soundcloud SSBU Theme Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/ssbu-theme Fun fact: this song has 3,349 plays and 53 likes and i still dont think its that good but yeah that is my top 5 songs and thank you for your time -Hyrule
  12. https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501
  13. hello this is a little weird for me but i will be ok. I"m at a crossroad In my life at the time of me posting this. i have been in college for almost 3 years learning programming. i really do enjoy it . College on the other hand, no. but i stuck threw it to hopefully to get my degree. My main problem is that i don't really want a programming job but i want what I"m working for although i have not been happy for a while. i could just drop out and regret my decision or just get the piece of paper. (LOL) Thank you for your time, -Hyrule p.s. thank you both to give me and other people a platform to express (ourselfs) also thank you for the final push to upload my music that i make to soundcloud
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