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  1. hello, my life is going really good. I been trying to think more positively, quit soda and try to love myself. I think i will be good for a while now but anyway, thank you for what you all do Ryan and Joe, for making amazing music and building this community for all of us, Sena, for being a really good friend and having my back,and finally, Princess, for helping me in my lowest hour and showing me that i can be myself around people., now for the topic Topic: When do you know when confidence turns into ego because i been struggling with this for the longest time. Thank You P.S. Pickle Favor Tacos
  2. Hello its me again, i'm going to make this is short and sweet. I been liking this girl for a while now and we talk regularly and I think we are good friends. So my question is how do you know when tell someone that you love them, because everyday I think about her and it hurts me that she does not know my feelings about her. But what I do know is that I want to very close to her and I want to support her and comfort her. Thank you for your time - Hyrule P.S two friends are telling me to wait while the other is saying go for it
  3. @slightlyaboveaveragejoe sorry for responding so late i dont know what to call it but i do try to keep the original of song but some of the stuff is original (like every back beat that i made)
  4. The Channel: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501 THIS IS THE LIST OF MY TOP 5 FAVORITE SONGS THAT I MADE: NUMBER 5: so this song it is good and i do like but i have made better stuff later but it is monster Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/moster Fun Fact: the song that used is monster by meg and dia witch if you ever used flipnote it will take you down memory lane NUMBER 4: this song OH MY GOSH it is so good and it is from sao and it is Goodnight little Goron Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/goodnight-little-goron Fun Fact: every time this song plays i think of kirito and asuna talking to a little goron also this comes from a thing on my youtube witch is called IDK NUMBER 3: This song is every close to my heart because it's from my fav amine witch is JB's Sax-a-boom cover toradora-ending 2 (true ending) link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/jbs-sax-a-boom-cover-toradora-ending-2true-ending Fun Fact: the song randomly cuts out i do not know why but i think i like it even more because of that NUMBER 2: this song is a really good mashup and it is Lucid Snow Cursed Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/lucid-snow-cursed Fun Fact: this was already done but the other way NUMBER 1: this song started my soundcloud SSBU Theme Link: https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501/ssbu-theme Fun fact: this song has 3,349 plays and 53 likes and i still dont think its that good but yeah that is my top 5 songs and thank you for your time -Hyrule
  5. https://soundcloud.com/billy-tilly-621662501
  6. hello this is a little weird for me but i will be ok. I"m at a crossroad In my life at the time of me posting this. i have been in college for almost 3 years learning programming. i really do enjoy it . College on the other hand, no. but i stuck threw it to hopefully to get my degree. My main problem is that i don't really want a programming job but i want what I"m working for although i have not been happy for a while. i could just drop out and regret my decision or just get the piece of paper. (LOL) Thank you for your time, -Hyrule p.s. thank you both to give me and other people a platform to express (ourselfs) also thank you for the final push to upload my music that i make to soundcloud
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