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  2. Can you all please help me discern who is a fool? Before I begin I want to go over what I believe makes a fool. A fool, in the way I want to talk about it, isn't necessarily someone who does foolish things frequently, (heh that sounds fun to say five times fast) because we all do foolish things in varying frequencies which to some are numerous and to others are rare. Nor do I consider those who calls themselves fools to be foolish as a fool because then the word fool would lose much of its meaning. No. What is foolish is those who seem to spew out infinite love and kindness to others and give to them all their valuable wisdom as well as the time that they themselves need to invest on themselves, to everyone else in the world but to themselves. Upon themselves they instead give little or no love for who they are nor their value to others. I've seen many friends be extremely determined to help out and support each other they wave away all the nitpicks that the other friends would have about themselves and assure them that hey are great and that their value as a person isn't in anyway deteriorated by them, But then when left on their own devices and not being there to support others they unabashedly bash themselves over their shortcomings, they torture themselves and believe themselves to be failures for not being the best they could be. Are my friends fools for wanting to be better for others but also believe others to be great just the way they are, or am I the fool for looking to much into things and for questioning what everyone else appears to be doing whilst also doing the same that my friends are
  3. Today's DWW is interesting as i had quite literally finished writing this before i had joined the stream today Distinctions Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Doodle, dance, dinosaur, destroy Distract When I set myself to do something, I find myself suddenly fascinated with everything. I find myself to be more social, I find myself to want to work on goals long abandoned or make new ones. And when I begin those tasks, I find myself distracted by another thing once again. And the task i originally started goes ignored. Goes undone. This writing, this scripture of mine. These words of mine are a cry for help. My silent cry. This cry for help, that will remain secret. sOmE cRy! RiGhT? I really am a fool. I don't even have the dedication to focus for a stretched period of time. I need to be more dedicated, more disciplined. I need strength that is not yet my own. I need help and yet I go to suffer my trials on my own. I ask none for help. No! I ask myself to help. I am the only one I ask and I always ignore myself. I shall remain my prisoner for now.
  4. super late but this is great amazing and all compliments I can give!!!!
  5. Inktober 21 For once it isn't my handwriting just my words Honestly I feel hurt whenever I hear stuff like that. How could I be the first person to point out your greatness. How could no one else see this treasure of a person. I am not just saying things. I just can't believe that some people can go there entire lives without seeing the greatness in at least themselves. I would have turned in something written but I feel as though this line I had while conversing with a friend is stronger than anything I would have written
  6. Same old same old I'm sorry for my handwriting.
  7. Well I fell of my mood swing and it took me a while to get back up but here is my inktober submission. Again as always sorry for the bad handwriting
  8. Inktober 8 Again I will say I would like to apologise for my words being messy. Even more so than usual this time.
  9. As per usual I will apologize for my handwriting I know it's a mess. It's just like my life
  10. Inktober 6 sorry if its messy, i lost my pen T_T
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