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  1. Hey Sparrow, thought i would drop in to give you my two cents. Yes, name brand guitars do tend to be expensive, but you can get non name brand guitars that still sound good. I wanted to post a couple of links here of affordable good quality guitars that you (and anyone else interested in) should feel free to browse through: Any of those would be great places to start looking for beginners. They're cheap (as far as guitars go) and most of them sound decent. If you find that guitar is something you want to stick with, you could either upgrade one you have with better parts (I would g
  2. There is a belief that in order to find God we must see first how everyone else sees him, and what they think on the matter. We must search the key to it all in the bible, but wait, that doesn't quite give the whole picture, hmmm.... Perhaps King Georges? Oh, no that isn't quite right either. So it must be the old testament, wait no the new testament...The Quran? UGH none of this even makes any sense! And so, we go in circles around and around and around trying to find the right answer, trying to find what feel right in our heart, the piece of the puzzle that will fill that missing space perfe
  3. It okay Bug, I think most everyone here is at least a little shy, so you should blend in just fine!
  4. Welcome to the club Bugs! Like my friend Joe here said, feel free to ask for help and/or just chat, all of us here are indeed quite friendly, so don't be shy!
  5. WOOHOO! I want to give a congratulation to all of the winners, and a big thank you to all participants, it takes a lot of courage to put your heart out like that. Let's make next year even better!
  6. It is easy for us to put a hold on the things we want to do because of fear. Fear that we might get hurt, we might get rejected, it might not be perfect, and so on. The monkey mind is an expert at creating excuses, at stopping you from taking a risk. Your Ego has been doing it to you for as long as you've been alive. The chatter and excuses can be constant, and hard to ignore, but you can't let them stop you.
  7. You know, I once heard this story about a King. Now, this King wasn't a very wise King, kind to his subjects, yes, intelligent and fair? Most certainly. Wise however...not so much. However, he was wise enough to know that among his many advisors, he had one in particular that was very wise indeed. So wise was this advisor, in fact, that the King brought him everywhere he went and constantly asked for his ver wise opinion. Now, come one morning and the very plump king gave a great big stretch and yawn as he got out of bed and slid on his Royal slippers so he could walk on the cold Roy
  8. How to heal. Well I'll tell you right off the back, it's not easy. Avoiding actions that require trusting others is quite literally the opposite of what you should be doing. You know the saying about how a few rotten apples spoils the whole bunch? Well that doesn't apply here. Doing that will only further reinforce the pain and fear. Instead, you should seek out actions that require trust (they don't have to be big ones, simple things like the breakfast at the cafeteria will do just fine), because becoming the type of person that never asks for help isn't easy, and no man is an island (trust m
  9. There is an idea that I follow, and it is called 'Investing in yourself'. The premise is that knowledge and skill is something which could never be taken away from you, whereas a fancy computer, job, home or food can be. Even if you were to lose literally every single possession of yours, all the way down to the clothes on your back, you would still have you knowledge. Some advice, instead of paying for something that will 'give you an edge on job hunting', instead, look for something that is a job in and of itself - that is, something which requires no employer. Examples of this would b
  10. I had a somewhat similar experience to the two of you in High School. I would easily ace anything I put a modicum of effort into (and didn't just leave blank because I didn't care enough to write an answer), never bothered to study, and finished my homework before class ended. While I never had the experience you've had, Hailey, of friends criticizing me for being gifted (That's because I didn't have any friends to share my grades with) and I never had the experience of not raising my hand because the other students would get upset (I didn't raise my hand because I was too shy to and afr
  11. Hey, @VEGΛ, I agree with ScienceRocks here. That is an absolutely amazing goal to have, and props to you for having the guts to pursue your dream, as most people don't. I won't lie to you and say that it will be easy, or that you'll blow past all of the obstacles in your way (the biggest being yourself), because it won't be. However, following your passion and accomplishing your goals will be the most satisfying thing that you will ever do in your life. Never forget your dreams and hold them always in your heart. My advice for you would be to start with yourself. Never stop stri
  12. Well I think that the answer to your question really depends on the exact situation. Legally, it's perfectly acceptable to stop supporting your child after they become of age, period. Morally/socially is a bit different. However, from my point of view, all that really determines whether this should be done or not, is the personality between the two people (just as an example, I'm not saying anything about you by using it, I think it would be acceptable for a parent to do that to their child if said child was, say, a narcissist, or a terrible criminal), as well as the relationship between the
  13. I believe that the main difference between destructive and constructive criticism is almost entirely based in wording. Constructive criticism will be long, well thought out ideas that focus on improving the idea, rather than degrading it. Destructive criticism tends to be more along the lines of how to fix a problem, whereas constructive is more towards what the problems are. I'm finding it difficult to explain, so here's an example: Say you are part of a writing group, and someone asks you to read their story. Destructive criticism would say: "What you wrote there was really stupid
  14. The dark night of the soul. Something I'm quite familiar with, as I have been suffering through it as well. I've been going through difficult times since May, and have been suicidal since late September, so trust me when I say that I know the pain you're going through. It can be terribly difficult to stay strong through the pain, but stay strong you must, because, as I like to say, the night is always darkest before dawn. Free will is our power, free will is our might, the ability to make free choice is one of the defining characteristics of us as humans. The choice to end things because 'well
  15. I agree with Karma as far as a course of action goes, so I'll try to help you ease your worry. First off, do not be afraid of your own fear, for denying it will not make it go away, it will only compound until you become paralyzed by it. Accept the fear, and thank the fear. It is your body and mind warning you of potential danger, but it should not cause your stride to falter, because that would defeat it's purpose of protecting you. Allow the fear to be and act with rational thought and calm mind in spite of it. If you feel it taking control of you, then sit and practice a few square bre
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